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Hello, world. This's my bio. I’m a lonely Moon on earth! Born in moon season, born be solo always learn things my own. Feeling pretty bored on some levels. Bored of my life, bored to death! Living in Uncaring 'Sickening' Discriminations environment 气死人! No Love… Qing 情! Searching for happy thoughts & achievements! No one block!

Singapore environment dull suffocated me! 闷死...人 Never made me feel like home. (Hot and stuffy made me discomfort, restless and hard to focus!) No puzzling how I died, I caused by Ill-willed animals left me behind (自生自灭!), no improve my life!

World of Troubles made my life miserable. I'm the most unfortunate suffered many causes and emotional pains, than your Gods! 魔界人士帮助我很穷, 流失岁月. 离社会远一点. 留下我, 让我等死... - 魔界很大, 难生存.
No one saves me from Hell!
Devil World Too Great! No one saves me from Hell!

Singapore is sinister island. “None professional! Any direct!” Foreign Talents Despicable misleading me, 魔界人士 guided me the wrong way, and robbed me more! Without seeing a doctor yet! Referred me to IMH with a referral letter! (Isolated Mansion for Hopeless... Sufferers stayed) Victims of Society! Killing my rights! Singapore talented ruined lives! (Destroy Talents With Passions) ‘Everywhere businesses!’ Feel like $Fine! Aiyo... More than S$1000 gone resting in air-con, having Depression!!! (Time Can Return: Seek For Better Doctors!) - Singapore corrupted in many ways! Devils Everywhere (魔界人士到处有).

Who am I? Why am I here? I came here to pass my crisis! Drugged with sadness without power, be Earthling 地球人. Cannot Be Myself! (The Body Isn’t Mine!) Having Illness Is A Sin! Nobody accepts me. Treated me Alien, mutant! Sinister animals never comfort souls, always drilling Holes In My Heart! Serious impacted my life! - Encountered too many wrong people not good for health! 

My life in bad shape! Very sad (Living With Idiots) No career advancements! Broken home, no dreams, no future! Be sponger No Space For Everybody!
Nuts Place To Live!
Stay indoors (室内) for too long... will become crazy!
Please Me! Get away from Depression! (Bad Period>I Need A Boost! I Feeling Down!)
Learn appreciate ‘Nice Arts!
Create ‘Combination of Arts Therapy!’ keep my mind, body & soul more fully engaged with the world. Just can’t talk facing animals (So-called humans) made my life miserable!

Dedicated to All… Somebody Special! Those hurt me. My discontent, lessons learned around the world! (Help idiots be Thinkers!) The reality on Earth I'm living in, classified as ‘Devil World’ ruled by awful monsters! (Opposite of Good World of mine!) - My sadness can kill… My muse creative power gives rise to incredible ideas until your heart sink.... you Cry!

“No need be shy hiding your true feeling! You should try it, you’ll feel better!” - Singapore cruel... in every place I'd been! It provided much-needed lessons for those who hurt!

I decided to write a memoir prove of my existence! Could be the worst turning point in my life on earth!

I don't like to fight, I like the peace that's the really good side of me. Don’t let the evils out locked in me, it will cause disasters searching for weaker links!

No guidance disconnected from society. Please don't judge my language! Blame the software can't teach good languages, created by humans! No Choices Make For Me!

Please don’t be another (Programmed!) malfunctioned me! Please be my good listeners, advisers! Judgers criticizers, provokers, arrogant, cocky hypocritical animals cannot be my friend! They didn't live my life, experienced all the things I'd gone through! 吃草吧! NI! The world is mine!
吃草吧! NI!
Even not appealing to your eyes! I won’t change my name! (I have Name!) I want U remember, Moon forever!!! Whenever you look up the sky!

I born special, can read devil's thoughts of your souls! Analyzing animals' feelings behavior & their genes... my favorite pastimes on Mother Earth! 愉乐我! & transmit to other Aliens’ World! (Predictions: How It Work!) Humans’ Sin too many... & lame totally! Everything Rubbish… Nonsense! Never get better!


  1. I can't tell if this is a joke blog or you are serious about you bio.

    1. Everything is joke in Singapore. Hypocritical animals everywhere, giving me bad health.

      Devil World Too Great! Singapore no Human rights, they helped their citizens idle for very long… without giving proper assistant, wasted theirs and mine lifetime too. Everything Unnatural to me! Fake news everywhere! 新加坡美德, 都没有!

      Die of shame be Singaporeans.


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