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Our Lessons For Your Future!

Singapore turned bad! Humans dishonest and insincere indeed these days… Last year, my mum bought a new washing machine to replace an old one that had lasted for 8 years… But, the new wasn’t smelled new! Missing a part and got scratches! Trouble me pressing a lot of numbers, directed to customer service operator to complain! Blogging so damn good… Just said a magic word, “I blog you!” Animal will behave properly exchanged a new one for me! It really works for famous companies who care about their images! I till trusted the company because it provided good and ‘quick’ service! Though, they hired ‘black sheep’ to con people, especially old folks!
Same thing happened, re-contract SingNet BroadBand! Received a faulty Wireless Modem, and a SIM card expired in April this year! Called service, expected change a new one. But, they did ‘swapping’ with a few Modems! – Mainly used or old batch! (Got dust/scratches/dull colors and old serial numbers!) The technician didn’t label the errors on the f…

Sacrificed Your Life!

My PAP loved one, obsessed religionist follower, new comer, wonder they’re impersonating locals, belonged to ‘Arrogant’ FTs! – Lack of depth and sympathy feel my souls, talk bad of me on other side not here wo! You idiots cannot digest, expect me to digest! Glad you can’t digestreading me! Show that you deeply affected by my blog! You should glad I kind enough blurred my enemies, cos it can be happened to anybody! (Somebody very rich looked like him! May get sued wo..!) Better than those pervert FTs like shooting at people in FCC!
Again, I can promote Sin! Our idiots in Singapore truly lack of depth, unfriendly! Do you think I’m able do that in the small FCC with their buddies around giggled watching at me? Then, something went terribly wrong with their security! Please visit! Back door… strangers can get in without screening, and then go to the shortcut lift! All under controlled by FTs! – I guess my enemies going to kill me revealed too much of their bad sides! Thanks to you idiot…