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Forced Labour!

No Respect for Human Rights!’ Didn't improve conditions! Everything rob! Steal… Totally unfair and biased!

“Singapore Government 逢场作戏 can't solve problems! No protection measures for Employees abused by Employers! ‘Forced Labour!’ Cheat your money! Can't bear for a day!”

'History will repeat itself again' 历史, 再次重演! Target poor, hopeless, sick, old… and weak! 让坏人逍遥法外! Villains Unpunished! No difference! Slavery! Forced prostitution! (逼良为娼!) Simply cheating! “Hope them sentence to death!”
Truth Caring not exist in reality! Singapore Spirits! “Your Problem! Not Ours!” Don’t care your pains! Put you to death!

Post by Bad In Everything.

Growing Pains!

Evil Management will send big Gifts ‘Bad for the heart!’ (送你结婚的! 老的! 很虚伪的! 懦弱的! 送你变态的! 胖…的! 脾气很火爆的! 爱讲闲话多… 嘴巴带刺的! 等等...) No more… Gentlemen, Angels comfort souls!

“Can’t turn back Clock! Healing lost…” Ever missed someone not by your side, spend the rest of your life with the person in your dreams… whether it dead, or alive!

“I lost the feel many… years! Missed someone special, deeply impressed me… ” 都是你... 害我动了‘凡心’ 得了‘思念病!’ 对我真心特别好的人!

“I miss my ‘Mammoth!’ Its voice, smell! Everything!”
‘思念病!’  Dedicated to all ‘Idiot’ Managements caused many… Unmarried! Unhappiness! Always play important role of ‘Separation!’ Playing ‘Transferring!’ Ended my journey! Not protect! But, get rid! Wonder many became Gays! Abused, killed by irresponsible animals! May, I next!

In Singapore, don’t learn hard… Remember hard! Everything will ‘Change!

Post by Bad In Everything.

Evils Flourished Without Deal!

Every times, I look at mirror I saw Devil! I hate him so much, abused destroyed others! Caused countless… Crazy!

I not belonged, theirs kind! 他的类种! Hope all… species like him, Die! Extinct!!!

I want be ‘Killer!’ Evils flourished without deal! – Our Government didn't do jobs!

Singapore is ‘hypocritical’ city! 没有好人, 都是演出来的! Just for show!
Post by Bad In Everything.

Somebody Must Die!

“I went through countless… Cruelty Experiment! Climbed hard! Fell real… hard!” Tell those enjoyed, don’t abuse me! We linked! “我们命数, 相连! Lots in Common! Except, I the only ‘Artistic Thinker!’ 感受人生! 苦…”

“In school, teachers pushing me up! But in reality at work, animals pushing me down… Negatives always pouring into me!”

‘Grant me quick death!’ Feeling feeble... vulnerable and weak! Lost my motivation with bad leader, weakened me… If possible, I'm willing give my life (命数) to you! At least, you in your ‘Comfort’ nest! I don’t!

You should venture out from your shell, see the world now! 是多莫得丑! ‘Force Incapable Do!’ Can’t Fly! Can’t Dive! Triggered our Sensitive Nerves… Motivate us move forward! Die! Not depend on our abilities! – “What to do? They the ones leading us! Else, we'll be alone... Not follow!”

Bad leader left team, dying! 装模作样, 没个像样正点领导者! Their Strength & Success ‘Put you away! Get rid you!’ 把你, 宰了! – “Every time, I blog my deeper meaning of my adventures!”

Too fe…