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Love Someone As Your Own!

It would be better to establish a law no poor should give birth! Educate the people to give birth wisely and with responsibilities! Because most parents have animal mind’s sex and with selfish motive acts always use their children as a good useful tools for their future needs regardless of their children’s happiness, their future and their needs! Nothing proud to be a poor, no dreams, no happiness, and had been tried so hard to make a change, with no achievement, no success and no room for improvement! Just look at others people’s happiness and achievement only!

If people know their future generations will not be happy living in such a world. Who care the birth rate is low! Who care continue carrying your damn blood line and family name for your generation, I would rather left this damn body shell searching for another better shell if I could have the choice! Even members of the same family have different personalities, different mindsets, perhaps their souls came from other families…

Provide Service Put To Sleep!

Live don’t seem valued at all, only for the extinct and the important rich people! We’re just tools for them all! Too many people, people don’t appreciate anymore, we’re not extinct – too many people to choose, throw away like rubbish, like old toys! Simply kill us all if we’re threatening to them, the authorities! It seems to be true if everything become so high-technology, robotic. Humans will become insignificant in this world! There will be chaotic and protest everywhere. What will the authorities do? Kill! It seems no big deal to them to lose a life! Because life wasn’t matter to them at all, they didn’t treat us as their own!

What is the meaning of life? Suffering! Only the dead can get away from suffering and punishment! I shouldn’t be alive, should be aborted. Live like a zombie day after day without a dream. I feel like giving up – losing faith and hopes, depress no more happy thoughts! I’m not happy about life, I don’t have a good quality of living, a life I wish to be. Ever…

Vote For Nothing!

I don’t vote for any governments, nothing good impressed me. Nothing had improved in my life. They didn’t take a serious view of unreasonable employers who can deny/terminate employees who had recovered from their illness, that cruelty to me is a crime but they had taken so lightly! Government is totally useless to protect people like me. My dilemma, the bad ordeals I faced always bound to happen! And it also caused me fear to get jobs! They didn’t address the problems and loopholes in this society. Or they’re just hiding the problems playing filthy games, sabotaging my career and making me sick again!

I don’t care about any caring or kind campaigns, since no one cares about me and Singapore law lack of compassion taken someone life who made mistake! Always fine and jail things! They just create their own wealth and reputation. No one seems to be dedicated to their own professionals, always push balls to others. They don’t blend in to listen to those who suffered in silent. Think of t…

Pitchers For The Weak!

Perhaps, one day I might have no choice but to turn to crime, because I had abandoned by the society. Live like a zombie staying at home for long, soon be a lunatic lost and forgot everything. Who am I? Unable to take care of myself, my parent, I might kill her when she weak, useless and old. No one cares to step into my shoe, no one willing to give me support and help, often let me down so badly with indifference and contempt. Wait for days, months or year, our decomposed bodies to be found by neighbors or relatives. It happened in Singapore and it will happen again!

Or perhaps I might eat the children, cut off their limbs to satisfy my hunger pangs since they’re look so tender and fresh! Keep them alive; create other sufferers to live a misery life! Or just wanted to take revenge on their parents what they had done to me! In the end, what the so call normal people will said it is very normal for people from IMH, did such things because they’re all insane, but actually was the so ca…

Harsh Punishments Keep Us A Distant!

Strict and harsh punishment of the laws and rules, negligence can also lead to negative effects too. It doesn’t keep the world safer; it leads to unfortunate among us! It depends on individuals; every one of us has different personalities. People do crimes to solve their own problems – their fine charge, finance problems, or take revenge on others. Rob, vandalizing, or spread virus in the public when they’re sick or poor, or just revenge, do harm to others, who had hurt them lot!

Some people don’t have choices they knew they won’t be spare; they will sentenced in death penalty if they’re get caught! So they rather killed or revenged on someone or somebody! A way of passing miseries to someone who live!

Others did on purpose want death penalty just to be free – tired of living or a believe in gods will granted them their wishes if they will truly kill by others not by themselves, that debt owed to be pay and returned in their next life. Or either wanted to be fame in histories, or made…

Internet, Social Network Is My Culture, My Friend!

I’m feeling numb living in this city! No feeling about who die or who get hurt. Even someone got robbed in my neighbourhood at night, no one seems to bother and no one seems to care. I don’t bother even I was the witness, because I’m the neglected, isolated person in this society. No one seems to care about my life, my happiness, my dreams, and my future! No one give me hopes! Why should I care about others! Singapore is just a good place to easily kill someone who nobody will care and know. It really happened in Singapore, dead corpses are left for days or months, because people just don’t care enough!

Actually I do care and I do share, when indulged myself in social networking playing Facebook games with people all around the world. Though it’s not so perfect, always showing me a white blank page with slow loading at certain hour, running it programs! Its name should change to FaceWhite! Always spoil my mood, sometimes. Actually I don’t use or play Facebook at all, though I heard i…

Lifestyles In Singapore

I hate Singapore lifestyle just work long with no play, no free time with tired faces these days! Cause us having dark shadows under our eyes; make us looked ugly and weary. Make us work rotating shifts, long hours and days; sacrificed most of our time at work deprives our social circle, joy, hobbies and play. Can’t enjoy everything or have things we like. We have to learn to let it go if we want to achieve our goals. Employers want their employees be hardworking, their good work attitude mindset is to work OT (over time), be multi-tasking – a cleaner some more, or they will ask you to leave their companies! This is the real world I live! They just want to suck your blood to drain and your soul! Make you die in exhaustion! Everywhere is blood and sweat jobs among the low income groups! I understand why people commit suicide or turned to crimes. Bore and dull, stress, struggling, suffering in life, no time in our social life! Work without dignity, feel hopeless, communication breakdown…

Appointment With IMH: Wait Another 3 Weeks More!

A call from polyclinic to confirm the appointment with IMH; no prove of written just word of mouth, what if I’m deaf! Why have to wait for so long, wasted another 3 weeks more! That, how people work in Singapore keeps on dragging! Is there something wrong with their organizing skills or there’re too many problems coming in? If there is, don’t invite or create more roots of the problems, since you can’t handle and solve problems at a speed that sounded reasonable to me. Life only valued for people who had money, while those don’t have any value they have to wait since they had no profit!

Everything All About Money!

Ever saw security guards fall asleep when doing their duties; I did when I went for job interviews. Ever received calls that hanged up so quickly, had no idea what the person really wanted or from? Ever some telephone operators don’t assistant you to check on something, asked you to call back on another day? Later called back and known from another telephone operator that it can be checked. It was just people pretended to work for a living! Not doing his/her own duties! They just care about their job, the money, not truly care about the people who in need. Are all bosses idiots, don’t know what their employees doing? Just make them to handle or make calls. What made me sick, most people just pretended and acted to be somebody, not truly wanted be somebody. No more loyalty and sincerity to commitments and obligations; care only about their own interest a way of earning easy money!

Everything had become commercialized, even Educational. Most jobs need to be bond to learn new skills or …

No Sick Went To See Doctor

I went to polyclinic to get a referral letter from a doctor and pay a consultation fee of S$S9.50, just a piece of paper! But till had to wait for the call for the appointment to be confirmed. Ten years ago need not to pay and went straight forward directly to IMH without any appointment. I wonder if I didn’t pay the consultation fee since they didn’t ask just walk away. What will happen? Created another loophole for the public, fine is it!

Letters From IMH: Make Appointment Only! So Slow Response!

Aug 11, 2010 I called to make appointment at IMH, a gentle lady with good customer service told me have to pay for private consultation fee range from S$80-S$95 if without a doctor’s referral letter. She advised me go to polyclinic 1st and referred by a doctor so subsidized consultation fee will pay by S$27. Why didn’t mentioned in the letter? All about money! Making fool of me! Feel mad and sad, it’s raining!

Aug 10, 2010 2 weeks later after I met MP on July 26 – received a 2nd letter from IMH, advised me to make appointment with them for my mental state to be re-assessed, relating to my ability to work. This is how people work in Singapore keep dragging me just to make me sick! It seems time not precious to them at all! Take so long to deal with things! My instincts told me they just want to suck up my family hard earned money even left a few penny! Even the letter stated he did CC to MP, I don’t think MP will help me either, just pushed ball to others and let me to deal with my own pr…

Wealth And Reputation More Important Than life!

Honestly I feel bored about charities; tired of seeking helps from E2i, CDC and MP, I don’t see any good result; they weren’t truly kind to help. Unbelievable, they can drag me for months or even years without giving any assistant! Government lack initiative to help people find jobs, they just opened gates of job fairs, till we had to find jobs for ourselves in the big crowd! And I had been sat for many hours for many job interviews at E2i, and had observed a lot, many people mostly ended up with failures and disappointments. Life only valued for people who had money, while those don’t have any value they have to wait since they had no profit! If you’d read my journal you know.

They will only help when things get worst or turned ugly that alarmed the public – people who killed or hurt themselves or others in the public that will attract hot headlines or media! Else it will be totally hidden, be unknown to the public!

Everything cost, nothing is free even public library also charge on…

Wealth And Appearance More Important Than Health!

If Singapore government cares, they will ban people from smoking cigarettes in Singapore, fair for non-smoker! Unless humans are smart enough, so creative to invent cigarette that can emit fragrant and good for health! Then, I would bother! If government do cares, they will do green things using solar light at home that can help us save a lot of our electric bills. Punish the litterbugs who lived in high-rise flats, always littering, and the way they washed their clothing and their windows. So horrible you can’t imagine! It is so annoying and unhygienic! They just don’t care people who lived below! Singapore cleans? Only the idiots and non-experienced people will say that! Even I complained to National Environment Agency till the same thing happening, littering! Are they really doing their job, or they just fall on deaf ears! If Singapore government really cares they should to something, test the DNA of the rubbish threw by the litterbugs, such as hair which threw by my neighbor who l…

Never Celebrate National Day!

Singapore histories craps! In the end, they invited their enemies & spies takeover of the city-state, turned us outsider! (Unwanted Singaporeans stupid 'Retarded!')

They’ll help us jobless, became Nuts, handicapped staying home & lost our home! Singapore practiced genocide! Destroyed other lives! We need to accept, whether we like it or not! No more ‘Stable Rice Bowl!' No more “人人为我,我为人人!” Not even my neighbors in my neighborhood care my life! Not everyone happy living in this anxiety environments city! Only for well-fed, not neglected ones!

Unfortunately, I’m grown up here! Singapore 'Don’t Care Attitude' culture turned many be self-centered & inconsiderate! Singapore not one, united! - Total defend totally useless! One nuclear bomb enough to kill us all!

Anything does not matters them, they don't bother pretend nothing happen! They only talented Advertised themselves to lead them to better future! - All spies & enemies already knew! "Acti…

Hate To Be A Dodo! Is Theirs Life! Not My Life!

I don’t care carrying your bloodline or your family name if I’m born to be poor. I won’t produce offspring, cause them suffered what I had going through. I believed they don’t like to be born in such a place, such a world! Even I have to, I need planning. Because I’m not like most animals, just having sex, sex, sex for their life, carry on doing until they get weak or die, passing from one generation to another, that their own instinct, their own goal. Not mine! But I rather adopt abandoned children, spread love give them a better place to live, be educated, if I could afford.

Be a better person, “Give birth wisely and with responsibility, with no animal mind’s sex and no selfish motive acts, don't use children as tools for your future needs, regardless of their happiness and their needs.” Don’t be a dodo follows what others do, is theirs life! Not your life!

What is the different between animals and humans? I respected most. Most animals don’t ask for the returns from their offsp…

Test On Humanity For Low Income Group

In school time, no one approached me to apply for bursary; I need to approach to ask for it, just want to lighten the burden on my family income. Didn’t they have the details of my family; we’re belonged to the low income group! Feel like a beggar some more need to queue up in a ceremony, be named to received the award just enough to pay part of my school fee! I didn’t feel honor and proud of it at all. Who will remember me! I rather received the cheque through by mail or received from a department without any ceremony!

Many charities always created in Singapore. Because our government unable to care for all. Always the only selected ones will be helped, while the rest neglected, not for all needy. Just let the rich to boost about their own achievement act to be heroes and noble to save the poor, for their good reputation! While the poor stand aside and act humble!

I had called ComCare for financial assistant in 2009, on February. They referred me to CDC that my mum had been approac…

Curses From Hell: Will Happen Someday, You See!

When I feel miserable, feel emptiness and bored of my life. I will curse and imagine how everyone having bad days for all the rest of their life! Imagine and kill them all in my dreams; hope not killing the wrong person who looks alike. And hope that they will die in a slow horrible death, hoping that they will lose their love ones, their children will die in the accidents or ended up handicapped, leaving their parents, love ones in deep great pain with regret. Hope their children will born ugly! Hope those who enjoyed will be strucked by lighting! And always hope there will be planes clashed for all those rich and famous, and natural disasters will always happen and kill all humankind who had robbed others life! Hope I have the power to teach them a lesson, turning them to something else horrible or to be somebody so they will understand living in somebody’s shoe. Hope all people will be miserable just like me or even worst! Curse those who had robbed my happiness, my smile. Hate to …

Ugly Sights Of Singapore: Wars In Work Life!

Recalled from my bad memories for most jobs I had worked for, always worked with foreigners. I don’t feel like Singaporean at all, feel more like a foreigner in this city! No locals know about me, my existence! Employers don’t appreciate Singaporean anymore since they can hire cheaper foreigner workers to work for them in longer hours and days!

I do like talented foreigners from different countries who willing to share, help and show their skills and knowledge, teach us to solve problems. But mostly I encountered foreigners who were so talented to conceal their skills afraid locals might steal their rice bowls! Other even cunning taking credit for my work done! Doing their duties without knowing it for months! Made me feel like a fool, be another Singaporean Idiot!

Whenever they found out I had been in IMH, the employer or co-workers will try whatever means to abuse me, either made me quit or made me to work late without OT pay and benefits! Controlling me all the time to do things o…

Discrimination: Got Pains With No Gain!

In Singapore most companies don’t recruit staffs that are too old or less experience. People getting older are useless and harder to get jobs. They not only discriminate gender, age, experience, but also medical illness.

It’s hard to be true to myself and act within the bounds of my honesty working in Singapore. Because employers don’t like listen the true, they won’t hire anyone like me, and they treated me as a convict or disease of some kind! Even they do, they will demotion, degrade me, doing the less motivated, simple minded kind of cheap labor jobs because they treated depression as illness that can’t be cured. Threatened me to work long hours as a slave or they will just ask me to leave, because they knew no one will hire me. Or they just abused me to make me quit!

Most Job application agreement seems silly and show discrimination! If I don’t speak the truth, the employer had the right to terminate me right away. Other just made me to sign consent form to check on my medical h…

Bad Companies Play Evils: Take Notes!

Bad companies don’t care to see your damn Certificates. And no Appointment letter given, so that they can cut your pay, without any prove even reported your incidents to MOM! No proper training, the person in charge unwilling to share his/her experience to teach you, scared that you might steal his/her rice bowl, made you study yourself. Made you sit all days like a moron looking at their profile their computer screen, waiting for job assign. Feel like an idiot, always be controlled to do things, assisting in clearing for someone mess that kind of job – employers who wanted to cut cost always take advantage of new comers help them to move office to another location! Or even clean their toilets!

Or work in an unorganized environment with messy folders with funny names with no labels or files not in proper manner, not well organized. Just want to waste your time look through thoroughly all pages in the folder, confuse you to make you perform badly, don’t want you to understand how their…

Bad Companies Play Evils: Hate Job Interviews!

Job seeker like me always have trouble finding the right job, always failures and disappointments surrounding and difficulties ahead. Living in a city, people always give me hard times and nightmares!

Always encountered interviewers and employers who were not sincerely in hiring people, and were arrogant types and trying to play evils. Make me rushed for interviews without giving me details of the interview location! Resolve this problem I rather leave a day to find out the location, in case anything went wrong!

Other interviews also unprofessional and inconsiderate made me waited for an hour or more! Just because they were busy or having an urgent meeting! Or they were just testing my patience! That’s really made me mad for wasting my time sitting there like an idiot! I will leave the companies if the transportation network is free! It just wasted my time and energy to get there for job interviews only!

It will be great living in a world with high-technology with flexibility for ever…

Think Twice! Before You Die (Read Mine!)

Feel like being conned in my lifetime, I needed to speak up; I just letting myself and others get taken advantage of it. I had reported my incident to strangers, government related. And it’ll be good for more people to know about it for not heard of this happening in Singapore!

A generous share advice to all, if you having depression. Don’t go to see doctors especially in Singapore! Unless you are rich, have connection or relationship, have good foundation in your career nothing to fear to lose, not work for a living! Go somewhere or do something to cheer you up. Because, people discriminate me having medical record the “depression” for the past, 10 years!

An only solution from people who are professional is to have a clarification for my medical reports to prove that I’m fit and OK to get a job. But need to pay! Why the doctors don’t give me in the first place after I recovered from my illness, now they want me to pay for it, just want to earn extra money from me, from the pas…