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No Probation Period For Me!

Bad company again! Bad Companies Play Evils: Take Notes! Almost everything matched – no Appointment letter, discouraging, threatening! These company very special, not the common one I seen! Reach the company the discouraging trainer (Nadia) told me not to come for work, said I’m slow (hope all fast go to hell first, since they fast!), and said that my buddy (sounded “Ramah” on 3rd training) talked bad about me doing blogging about them! But I didn’t tell anyone my blog name is, just told Blogging was my hobby telling the true things! I just wrote it on my rest day around mid-night! (3 Days Training At KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre: $3/Hr Only - 3 Days Training At KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre: $3/H...) And said she will inform me to collect my payment next month!

KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre is very insincere they should let me know on my rest day yesterday not to come, or call me early this morning, wasted my trips! Give me a very bad impression! I rather buy cheaper pizza around $2, even taste…

3 Days Training At KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre: $3/Hr Only

27 Dec 2010 (Day 1) Learn the rules, history, and food item names that make me pain pronouncing it, it’s alienated to me! All stated in the handbook that can make you fall asleep! Another trainer introduced of “one system” (Order system) – how to log-in (2 times!)/log-out and basic parts of the keyboard (functionality totally different use in school/home).

28 Dec 2010 (Day 2) I had 3 buddies on the 2nd day (because they’re tired need to play ball game) – the trainer made me observed them how they work! All different way in taking orders using the system (show that their trainers must be different!), and different way in handling customers – confused me sometimes! Hate Buddy Training, not trainers teaching! Why need teachers/trainers for not doing their duties? Let their former students teach! Lost my voice on the 2nd days! Always need to ask the why things! I learned something bad from 1 buddy, don’t want handle call click “not ready!”

Just only on the 2nd day not happy, I discouraged …

Blinded By The True

Everything seems to be true to the fools. Easy believed, easy be fooled! Never investigate find the real true! We just let it continue!

• She’s dead! Actually she’s acting! – True revealed!
• This is my home! I fall asleep easily – Liar! Actually I thought here is my bathroom! – Confused!

My Decoration For Year 2011

New plants arrived for every celebration on earth. I spotted some healthier and cheaper one just less than $10 each! On the left and the right I bought it yesterday to decorate my ugly gloomy home on earth, in Singapore! The middle one I bought for last year decoration till survive, can reuse for the New Year 2011!

Stupid Drills

We never take drill seriously because is not real! We always follow the leader told us where the safe place, is! If I was a terrorist I will kill you all in just one strike, a place where most people think is safe for assembled! If I know everything, I will make good use of it! Be the great terrorist in the history!

• This is just a drill, fake rattlesnake! Don’t take it too seriously, nibble me gently, please don’t make me bleed! I’m real! (Perhaps my blood tasted and smelled like shit that why he didn’t bite me!)

• We practiced a lot of drills, learned to be vigilant. But nothing keep us active, we fall asleep easily and let the bandit in!

Tang Yuan

Read me! Employers never be fair to people who had been in IMH, always make their workers so low and cheap!

I went for an interview at Call centre, Job Club scheduled today, the only job they offered on Tang Yuan festival. Not happy to be a Singaporean! No transport fee benefit travel far, no free meal though related to F&B! Pay so low $4/hr only! How come so low and cheap than production Operator, even lower than my mum with no formal education! Need training for a week, need brain to think! And no TV programs for me when working! – Need to pay TV license for not watching! Stupid technologies these days didn’t suit my needs!

Wasted my effort to get a diploma, great didn’t study in university! So uncertainty these days, no room for me! My mind not active for years doing stupid things, retarded soon! So sick and moody!

Life is so cheap like Tang Yuan so simple and rounded nothing else, for my lunch today!

Diseases Outbreak Fear Us All!

Terrorists, terrorists, no more bombing, your weapons were so outdated! You bombed here, you bombed there, just destructed some areas, didn’t affected all the rest! Not all will fear you, others lives till go on, till enjoy, till playing, not affected by you terrorists!

We live in a two different world! We know you suffered but we do nothing! We’re just watching!
Go everywhere spread diseases learn from the poor and neglected!
• Cut your hair save money; throw it out to spread it! (Just like my neighbors did!)
• Don’t baths make you smell bad, spread diseases in the public! (I practiced that at home only!)
• Let yours dirties out/pee anywhere to thrill yourself, never get caught will be great! (May be thrill if people in Singapore visiting my blog, not by emailing!)
• Stripped naked in public get attentions quickly, others followed it! So despaired people living in Singapore! Better do in front of MP(s) the authorities in public you will be very fame! (I, need help from terrorists –

Practice Unhygienic Drill

Diseases make my mum sick! She will scold me for not bathing! I think she programmed, never give me a break come back and scold me again until I submit! Gave me a chance recorded it!

But I cannot upload the video my mum scolding me. Something went wrong with Blogger yesterday, till now not yet fix! Forget it! Perhaps this is the Gods will, not allow!

Could the videos be the evidence she abused me, no need to care of her when she get weak! Noises pollution no way to hide, no room for me! She always argues with me with her good damn points! Her powerful weapon is shouting, mine is silent no talking, else the war will go on and on never stop it! Wonder why my father left her!

Perhaps my father had done something wrong. What had you done to her? Now she make me suffered taking your place! Married woman changed a lot, very dangerous, very good in spot checking! Even my home clothing all the same color! White! White! White! Perhaps she good in sniffing, born in a dog year!

December is the…

My Third Try

Finally somebody responds called me early this morning when I emailed this Broken Promises: Join The Terrorists! to 3 important parties. Perhaps I wrote properly so I got responding! Don’t tell you how I write/send to whom, copycat save your ass! But only 1 responded me, while the rest do nothing! The terrorists seem important than the MP(s), they too threw away again my letters into the bin!

IMH Job Club gave me a limit choice of jobs, one work in F&B but training at their own premise IMH! No thank you. I rather they offer me a job in a company trained at there and start working! Not in IMH! I had been through in CDC and E2i the courses they offered me, but no employers like to look at the certificates I got from there, till now no job is success!

Good suggest work in F&B, Free meal! But my skin wore off easily doing wet thing! Customers don’t mind if you accidentally eaten my peeled skin! I join F&B!

Others choice, Call centre part-time job that the offer! Need to trave…

Broken Promises: Join The Terrorists!

I did seek help from ComCare, CDC, E2i, MP, IMH Job Club, others whatever! Same, they don’t care! Always like to play ball! So mad and despaired sent my blog link to my MP and Job Club! They treated my letters as spam mails, no reply from them! This the 2nd time sent my link to them, not individually (stupid software doesn’t allow me to put all email addresses into the To: form! Only can CC!) Hope the two parties communicate helping me!

Broken promises! Poor services in the communities! Hired people insincere, not honest! Fake calls to check on me, 1 to 2 rings hanged up the phone quickly, just to fool their own bosses they did made calls! Fake helping, fake directing my life! Don’t feel like a home to me! This type of communities! The city belongs to you, not me!
Joined the terrorists! Terrorists should exist, because no one makes things perfectly for everyone in needs! Isn’t a crime for not helping! Broken promises! Fake also at the right side acted to be good and kind! May be the r…

I have Name!

If you don’t love me, don’t give me name, don’t play with me, then slaughtered me when I get big to get profit or whatever things, because I don’t want to be attached to it, asking why you let me go, that cruelty! If you read me all, I have thoughts, I have dreams. I’m unique!

• You keep me waiting! Bored me to sleep! Now you call me, let play!

• Leave me alone! I’m drugged. Stop calling me, you broke my dream! Hate my name!
• My friend calling me! I clean my home nice and neat invite her in!
This was my playmate, Zhen Zhu, my yellow golden Fur ball! She was very responsive to her name except when she’s moody. One of my hobbies disturbed her when she’s slept! – Nothing to play with!

I feel she had psychic. She cannot forecast but she knew I was watching her sleep! She would wake up suddenly staring straight at me! Perhaps she can sense my breathing, my heartbeat! No more worry, you had no chance to steal from me, my old friend had gone for long!

Now she’s in her comfort zone free to …

Addiction Need A Cure

I blocked games that had the same concept, bored and those let my virtual pets died! Just play those are fame! If I blocked the games I played with you, doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Always be my Facebook friends if you don’t blocked me out! I’m a responsible Facebook gamer! I don’t hang on the game I’m not playing, for you send gifts to your active players easily! You should be grateful to me!

Facebook games designers need to improve lot on gifts for all games play. With a simple click, not 1 by 1 on the Requests page and in my inbox game! Have choice of gifts to choose send back friends will be great; if I wanted the gift send back to me too! Actually I like to send everyday but double work, spent too much time on dealing with gifts! Don’t be anger if I send gifts once or twice a week. Learn to quit my habit because I addicted to it!

I’m addicted, can’t help it. I forget to feed them. They protested crying for help! I hurt my love, myself, neglected my duties!
Lord come back, I’m…

Broken Home

My home is not complete that why I ran away from home! One of my parents played a fool while other acted weak at home! I don’t feel like going home, stop calling me to go home!

I’m not vigor muscular young anymore. I’m old and shrinking, lost my fur my hair, showing I’m going to leave! My children neglected me, left me alone in a home. This home just a “Tomb” for me to die alone let my corpse to rot! Common lifestyle in Singapore!
Now our Government enforces a law, children must care of their old parents. Good to give birth in Singapore, so your children must return you when you get old!

But how about me trying to save my home, but people outside trying to ruin my home!

Cactuses: My Souvenirs

I started to collect cactuses when I was jobless, one of my hobby give myself a reward! They’re my failure souvenirs, keep my spirits up!

If I had money or time I would go shopping buy something cheer me up a bit, mainly cactuses, after going through disappointed job interviews! Don’t want tell you where my favorite spot is, or you will take it away from me!

Cactuses are strong, sturdy and long lasting if I take good care of it! They need not water everyday, water once or twice a week, depend on the weather. Suit for people who busy lazy, in a climate like Singapore, hot and humid!

Picture show my collection of cactuses on a shelf. Need men, need to pay for their service! I fixed the shelf my own! Just hated the concrete so damn hard to drill holes! But I had perseverance! Luckily I made it through before my drill bit wore off! And no one complain for drilling for long!

Don’t laugh at me, men! These days most men don’t know how to climb trees living in the cities. They’re lost their ab…

Intention To Run Away

Ever encountered any service or anyone ignored you! Avoided you or pushed ball to others, whenever you tried to contact them! Below videos showed might be the reasons why and solution some more! (Dedicate to anyone “Intention to Run Away”, should be hanged! Bad gene!)

The more you called, the more I hid. I’m stressed! Stop calling me! I don’t care!

I need help a force to deal with things, because I had a bad gene “Intention to Run Away” in everything! I just can’t help it! (Hong Hong was good in control everything, all her husbands!)

I need space! I will respond you without stress! I won’t run away, because I mixed with the good gene!

Forget Me

I learn less caring! Having 'Illness is a Sin!’ Black sheep pretense & manipulation in our daily lives! They made me bleed! Just separated from my mum a week! She can't recognize me! Like magic changed in everything!

I'm the victim of the society!
Ever anyone insulting u taking medicine? Always rubbing your old wounds! Want u drugged with sadness! These're the ill-willed animals encourage u taking drugs! Helping u forgotten yourself!

Like those animals locked me up fed me with poison & put me in silence! "Felt shot with a tranquilizer dart!" Their drugs got side effects helped me forgotten pains... by losing my memories bit by bit! (I'm special case, they cannot take my preaching, they let me go!)

Singapore Discrimination environments issues cannot be cured! Caused many... having health problems! Helped others ended their lives! No space for everybody. They’ll left u behind encourage commit Suicide! Doctors actually happy if u sick or dying! They ga…

Rightful Life Partner

I had given Hong Hong choices to choose her life partner. Most males tended to be lazy only active when the night came! She was a very choosy, furious Queen! She will make all her husbands bled, if she didn’t like it! Except the oldest one Fei Bao, she preferred him! Because I didn’t seen him bled, except I heard him screamed, sometime! Perhaps animal’s kingdom talk about space, not money! The oldest one will die soon, so she can occupy more space! Smart hah! But never thought, she died soon before him!

I’m sincere to my life-partner, never play a fool or cheat. Accept my love’s weaknesses, because I love my life partner! No third or other parties were allowed! So we will stay longer. We’re a good loving couple!

My dad respected my mum dearly (actually afraid of her!). He didn’t stop her from chasing me! I’m not courting you mum! Is me, Junior your lovely son!

Life Ended Life Begin!

Cold night, woke up early this morning, couldn’t sleep! Take a peek what my playmates were doing. Spotted a couple acted strangely. Hope was not the scene I thinking! I called out her name, no response! Then I knew she was gone! Not again prepare a coffin for the dead, my playmate! Such a young age though she can’t give birth anymore at her age, a good mother, a good gene cares of everything, response every time I call. Hong Hong my favorite one in this year! Died so easy, so pretty with Mr. Right some more!

Her husband Fei Bao groomed her when she dead! Never saw him so close to her except they’re mating.

Next Fei Bao dug and buried her like trying to keep her warm!

Then he just lay beside his dead wife for hours!

What a coincidence, a life ended another life begin!

Never Forget

Never will forget the lost, the pain, the lessons that had been taught, impressed so deeply in my thought, that will never be gone as I’m till remember lor!

I tried to forget my pain but my offspring resembled my sperm donor. Why!

Family Never Perfect!

Families not always perfect, might ended up complicated these days. May only true love stayed longer. Perfect families will never last long! Will be gone someday!

Act to be a good married couple in our Honeymoon.

Split, can’t get along!

I’m dead, not exist anymore!