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Gods Play On The Fools Again!

Blame the mindless authorities don’t know how to control the crowd and deal with the problems well. Blame the crowd easy fooled never stayed calm! Everyone panicked, rushed and fled for their lives, care about themselves! Pushed and stampeded each other, crushed to death! Mourned for the dead, what’s the point! They’ll never rest in peace!

I never like to go to the crowd; selfish act always caused a lot of death! It happened before, and it happened again! We never learned the lessons well!

Perhaps we should learn from Muslims way – thousands of Muslims moving round a big black square building (Kabah), they leave a gap, space for everyone, never push, never seen they crushed. Perhaps I missed it. Wonder gods have the chance to play them next?

Beauty And The Beast

Occasionally, the beauty and the beast will visit me, my unit!

Video show I captured a cockroach staying still like a statue. Perhaps it tired of living, for us to kill!  I made it blur so it’s not looked so ugly! My mum sounded not happy for blocking her way to kill it. I also not happy, she didn’t understand my body language, our voices recorded in! Suppose to be a silence video sends to our Town Council/NEA, there’re cockroaches in my unit, not joking! But somehow got evidences can’t make the change, forget it!

Picture show a colorful butterfly visited my unit. We let it stayed for a night, and it was gone the next morning!
What if the cockroach generic changed, painted with beautiful colors and it’s good for environment too. Will you spare its life? Harsh, harsh, harsh reality! Beauty with good looking will spare, the ugly will die!

But somehow we don’t know how to preserve the beauty, we destroyed it, let it vanished extinct in this world! What for looking at the dead specime…

Chinese Opera

My aunt invited my family to watch a Cantonese Opera yesterday night. My mum made me to go, near our Community Club and it was free! Never see my aunt acting on stage, never know she can sing! (Picture 2 show her dressed in blue acting)

This was my 1st time watch opera live on stage, not from TV! There no acrobatic fighting just singing and dancing art form. All I used my imagination because I don’t know what they’re singing but I did enjoy the show!

What unique about this opera was, mainly performed by plump old folks. Audience also mainly attended by most old folks! New generation don’t appreciate this kind of art. Perhaps they are not talented to learn. That what unique and special about this art, no one able to copy it!

I was attracted to their colorful painted faces that reminded me of “Tang Yuan” (round colorful balls in soup). And with their big staring wide lively eyes, and their colorful costumes! They looked like live beautiful dolls acting on stage!

Since our government d…

Design For Ladies Please!

Better design convenience and easy suits for ladies too. No need to wear bra thing or so many clothing especially living in this hot and humid place, call Singapore! Might be the next flexible lazy suit for the new generation need! Everyone busy, everyone rushing! And no more breast cancer for wearing tight thing! Cannot breathe!

Olympics: Winner! Loser! Hidden!

Every test tests us how long we can take and endure! How far we can reach! In the end the same, all will face death! Whether you a winner, loser or hidden! Lost everything we have – your health, your youth look, your hair and your teeth, having poor vision, lost of your memories when you get older and older, and back to infant state again! Can’t take anything when you leave! Why not make a better world instead. Perhaps your next life will be better too! If you believe your own religion way!

• Who said I must run on wheel, can’t I run like this! See how easy the wheel spins! (Cheater!)

• I’m the fastest climber to reach the top! Who can beat me! (I know you good, don’t speak! Bragger!)

• Hang on tight, never give up! How long can I take? (Macho, I know you good. Very good! I see it! All my girls love you, you have it all! Can you let me win one in my lifetime? Please!)

• Unbelievable I can jump that far! (Don’t underestimate your abilities and your real rivals!)

• Read me I can jump better, f…

Happy Pets

In facebook most people don’t say the word “please” thing. Perhaps they don’t like to beg! Most of them come here to play. And not all understand English. I even use translator communicate with them. Some kids even use adult photos for their profile, and they always speak simple English, I thought I play with kids all the time! “Can you help me/send this …?” “I don’t have.” “I will help if I have …” “Can allow my pet mate with yours?” All in very short sentences, simple and so direct that what so good about kids! So I speak very simple just like them, more easily get new friends! Must always say can! Or they will not be your friends!

Until I met one not so simple at all! Must say “please” in the first place and asked for return some more! That the moment I knew she was not a simple pure kid! If I was a kid I think I will cry! Tell my mum someone in facebook bullied me! My mum will definitely happy to say “Don’t play la!”

Think she was angry I published this common game post on the wa…

Mistakes For Everybody!

Everyone will make mistakes, even gods what you people believe in! Not so powerful at all whatever humans create! Those with power can control, are gods! Governments are our Gods, decided your fate your destiny! What can you do gods, if the government blocked my blog? Till believe what you people believed in, the god things!

If there is god, mistake you created me, gave me life! Mistake you place me in the wrong place in the wrong time! Perhaps that your purpose made me idle at home wasted my life! Or that your purpose, wants me to pass miseries! Or that your mistake can’t see me make me mixed with the bad genes! – Dishonesty, insincere, hypocrite evil people everywhere! Take me my lord makes my heart stop! But please have my mind and my soul intact I want to remember things! Back for revenge easily! That the karma!

Everyone made mistakes depend on luck, your fate, whether you get caught or not! Only the dead can keep secret! Or perhaps you worked alone just like me. No double eyes f…

Responsive, Sensation Test!

I did a lot of responsive tests between males and females. Most of all females are most responsive and sensitive! Below a video show you why female is the faster responsive and sensitive than male! My playmates – the gray coated is a female name “Hong Hong”, and the black and white coated is a male name “Fei Bao”.

Wonder why Mas Selamat, (the runaway limped man) can escape easily from Singapore! Wonder why Oliver Fricker (daring and creative artist) can trespass into a protected area and vandalizing an SMRT train! SMRT should pay him for his work done! His graffiti design is very nice and very professional. Better than graffiti designs in Singapore, lifeless, dull and boring! I don’t mind if he can paint my home if it free! I will return him about his arts in my blog for free too!

We should thankful to them the bold and daring guys show us there’re loopholes in our Singapore security! Or all the mindless authorizes didn’t know it! Don’t be deceived by the appearance – the guards, thei…

We Are Gods

Every one of us is god, can play a role as a god to decide for others fate and destiny! Decide to kill or not! Decide to deliver miseries or not! Decide to help or not!

Don’t you ever kill any insects or anyone you hate? Punish or bully anyone who lowers than your grade your rank! Same as this person, who frustrated, had decided for this cat life!

Me too, I’m a god always blow my hamsters off from their home cage, fun and like to see them fall! Funny they don’t seem mind at all, come again let me blow them off! Stop only when I give in – exhausted! Perhaps they treated me as their god – food delivery lord!

After all we will feel hunger for something. We need support from others, not a real god. But we can play a role as a god decides for others fate and destiny!

Gods Play On Humanity!

Recently I heard someone got killed involved in a staring incident, was brutally hacked to death in a gang fight, so daring these days in bright day light in the public! A good lesson from our expertise – Don’t continue stare at people, should walk away cowardly to public place filled with people!

50% agreed with our expertise in Singapore, this would not be happened! “No one like to be stared even Gods!” that my speech!

Somehow it wouldn’t work out if people just like to watch the troubles – they don’t care, don’t help wait for others help even they did heard somebody was screaming for help! They would give all sorts of excuses! I too, if I was a witness, I don’t know Kung Fu, don’t have power to stop it! Perhaps I would scream depend on my mood, telling white lie “police is coming!”

Their parents and friends should responsible for his death too – may mix with wrong friends got their friend into trouble, born in wrong family didn’t teach their children well! How they confronted an…