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Hua Mulan

Working Toll Offshore Petroleum Services (TOPS) @Loyang, sharing a toilet with all men again. (No soap and toilet paper!) Always gave me bad impressions, "Singapore managements very stingy, inhuman save money. No toilet rolls! They love money more than hygiene!" "Going back." Informed Ben ( GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte. Ltd. ) He asked me wait for escort. No gentlemen told me where the soap! Later found out from a woman, their soap actually was a body wash! (Placed somewhere) "Singapore treated you like dogs, everything can wash!" Not happy their procedures, not proper. A Malay guy security (with specs, long sleeve green shirt & gray trousers) made me signed out earlier while waiting for escort. He made a casual remark said, "Lee Kuan Yew died ate too much banana crabs!" What's that mean? - Another stupid jokes aiming me, again? "Lee cannot survive, don't know use their nozzle!" - 'Lazy culture' may I use