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Adsense Disapproved Victims!

No methodical progress friendly programmed software guided us step by step solve problems, gave us rational answers! But to read through thousands of threads in forum to get Answers!

“Not the answer! No reply!” Feedback again in forum, with added-on statement! Theirs service was ‘Transporter!’ Got issues occurred, cannot go deep in conversation talk it out with an eye for fairness! But, transported my posts to other side! Redirected back to my old post! “Wonder so peaceful… quiet in forum!” (Similar words, sentences or topics, simply destroyed! Said 'Duplicate!')
Customer servant agents serving answers very rude… bragged their own blogs! None ‘Adsense Approved’ ( blogs! (For my reference!)

Trouble anyone who contradicted me! “Their Gods should take theirs medication too, created such them!” Without review my blog sent me emails apply Adsense! Gave me disappointment again! If theirs secrets doesn't make sense! Keep digging!
No respect innocent bloggers! I’m dif…

Wordpress Money Suckers!

Seem somebody out there to hurt me!
Wordpress Reply after submitted my Feedback!
Norm, newbie bloggers don’t read Terms of Service complicated long... written words! Just blog!

No negotiation return back my blog! Greedy rats! Self-hosted WordPress installation not free!

WordPress free blog, everything not allow!!! (No Videos! No Ads!)  Even, can self-create!

No trusted site! Just another Faked platformcan't share to Real...World! Don’t care I’d been blogged for years… Wasted my effort decorated Nice! Destroyed mine, like Terrorists! Everything gone!