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The Body Isn’t Mine!

To (My Petty Static Minded Followers!) Are you now, “Porn Promoters” trying to provoke me again! Congratulate you’d did the Sin thing! – You might provoke/kill somebody who looked like in your “indecent video clip!” You should be sorry for what you did! You should not put it in the public *(somebody working behind the scene will block it quick! I can’t see!) You should send it to me quick with your name and religion status in, so I can prove my real life theories in Sin! They lacked of moralities and stupid! As there are people who looked alike around us, regardless what colors! Now I know why some men tried to protect their girls, but ended up in jail! Because they know what the men thinking! – Careful Girls! Men’s dirty tricks! (Our education missed this!)

I had been told I looked like somebody’s dead relative, somebody interviewed looked like me! Humans lying too much things, make me hard to believe! – Most men! Nothing to talk! They’ll start to bullshit! I started to believe only when I found someone looked like me! My heart almost stopped, looking at her! Less than a minute, she walked away quick! Perhaps, I scared her! I looked weary, wearing cheap clothing, those rich people think! – The rich girl afraid to see herself looked like me! Spoil her image, lor! I named her Miss “Pinky” because she looked so fleshy and pink, with beautiful skin!

I’m not supposed to look like this! I borrowed it from somebody!

You should ask your gods, why Moon looks so “common”? Perhaps, they’re trying to protect me! If you believe in your gods things! Hopes all sins come to you, for what you did! Your next life will be worst than me!

Miss Pinky behaved just like (Yahoo! Don’t Allow Me To Talk!/Stomp Blocked Me! No Freedom Of Speech In Singapor...) – Our adults had taught us no manner! This is our culture! Singapore no needs “Courtesy Campaigns!” – Moon had a lot of examples written in blog! *Learn a great lesson! They’ll remove my “entire” shared links and comments stop me interact with people! Just hid me from the public! These aliens didn’t response, made me find my own! Just imagine all your hard work gone! Just you did a fault!
I found a place safer, can hide you forever!

To also *(Splurd_V) and (castingcrowns) from Stomp! Hope their names didn’t change at all! They preferred blogs appealing to their eyes! Saying nasty things about me, my blog! The moment I responded them, the next day my comments “gone again” in Stomp! Cowards! + Idiots! If you want to talk, talk here in my main blog (got record!) Not other places, they blocked! I will definitely response you, if I disagree with you! But not so quick than you! Read “About Me” updated, highlighted for you, just in case I met another one like you! “I did on purpose just to attract the “humble” people, not the people like you!” (What next? Act to be authorities going to block me in Blogger!)

Stomp just a platform for me to interacting with Singapore people! (Start at the beginning of this year!) Stompers just like Miss Pinky don’t dare to face me and talk in my blog! They preferred talks I can’t see at all! Too weird, humans pray Gods looked so humble and kindhearted! But these people so hypocrite and evil! – Mouthed with their Gods! Perhaps their Gods are “Porn Gods Promoters”, more appealing to their eyes! – Care more about, the looks!

Now I need to heal my “scars”, I had “revealed” too many things! And that also the answer, my hobbies, interests always changing, because somebody (Steal From Me Again!) Wonder why, foreigners are so talented because they’re “listeners!” different from you stompers, will be the last ones to know!


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Devils Everywhere

Another Employability Camp by E2i, 5 days @ELITC (Preparation to work in cleanroom @Edwards Lifesciences. A lesson sew on paper to roughly understand the concept!) But no train us handle 'Discriminations' should include in future! - The longest the course, greater the pains! One month long holiday! Pass for certs. again. Not for job!

Having a wonderful 2 days tour visited Edwards Lifesciences (1st day sew cow skin, 2nd day sew fabrics). Affordable varieties of food my favor in a stylish clean spacious canteen! $17 NETS FlashPay card given, easy payments! But still got many workers brought their food placed in the canteen. (Like junk storeroom with colorful packaging!) Don’t they afraid Perverts (Devil Minded) poisoning their food to get… cancers, diseases? In return, helped Authorities gain more $profits when you sick! (Singapore too many bad news related to perverts!)

Later I was told, their food and drink cannot put in lockers, must in the canteen. Till queue... for toilets …


I got skin issues but looked normal. I don't have steady prints. My fingers prints will change after certain time. Good thing, I can change my identity! (Like, Secret Underworld Society) Disadvantages mainly at work, companies using Time Clock Fingerprint Sensor! 🙁 - 猪油 contamination! Unhygienic, everyone pressing on the same screen with naked skin! (Muslims ban it! I also don't like it.)

Long queue for clocking, press again and again, cannot pass! The people always made fun of me. Laughing loudly! Or said nasty things, jeopardized them missed their bus! So I always queued at the last!

Hate HR embarrassed me in public! No sensitive nerves care those in needs! No VIP special pass or passwords for those born, special. - Die of shame be Singaporean! Government unable protect their vulnerable citizens. Never made me feel like home.

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Fake Relationship

“Lucky, many never come.”

Good reason turn down all your so-called relatives’ yearly invitation (避年) who’ll surely make you mad! Never ask your permission anyhow took photos secretly for showcases purposes on the internet. Bad deeds for fun ruined your lives! Even, you’d died! - No true friends. Only Enemies!
Devil World Too Great! Like Singapore lack of ethics, ‘Human Organ Transplant Act’ also secretly took the dead private parts without asking their permission, before they’re alive! - Insulted many folks doesn't know.
Singapore glory having Fake Relationship in their lifestyles! All... for showcases purposes! 逢场作戏! Not my type!

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