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If There Is God: No One Suffered!

Gods don’t look at colors, status, races and religions, only human does. Gods to me, is someone born with a pure heart whether it’s a human or not, one who willing to give without asking for returns. I will give and share if I have a pure heart, despite the fact that whether god existed or not. Too bad, I’m stained, corrupted by the beasts wearing the human skins!

If there is god nothing will become extinct. Humans are gods, money is god, no money people will not do the jobs. Only the good soul with a pure heart will support and stay with you. Only Mother Nature or disasters can kill you all! True to me, when the oil spill who do the job? Humans! Can’t just wait for the gods you people prayed everyday to clean the mess for you? Keep dreaming; somehow have to wake up from your dream, imagination, or fantasy to face the reality! Or perhaps the gods you people prayed just like to watch lives to be taken away!

It’s just lucks not gods for those who survived. Why not try the second time?…

No One Rule The Whole World!

No one will win to rule the whole world. Because there are always be a difference – different in cultures, religions, always exist. To establish a truly greatest empire in this world, unless you can destroy and kill them all entirely – kill their children, their love ones. Aim missiles, nuclear bombs, or spread deadly viruses, in Singapore I recommended, as people are not totally united. Total defend is totally useless, it’s just a way to protect the property and assets for the rich! One nuclear bomb can kill us all if you dare! Then you will be famous in the history since you can destroy a country so easily, in this small heartless, lack of humanity city that filled with evil hypocrite and self-centered people! Or kill all the leaders or the riches because they are the root of the problems, they are the one, created such a world, they all deserved to die! Kill all people better when they’re in a big gathering. Just leave your own species remained in this world!

If you are kind enoug…

Hopeless Time Revealed (2008–2010): Lost Of Jobs Cause Of IMH

July 30, 2010 A person named Janet call from CDC check whether I got a job. Don’t know who is she? Not my career consultant.

July 26, 2010 Monday, MP wanted to see me as well as I intended to see him on that day! Told me wait for call from IMH for the clarification matter. I wondered is it a good solution to go back to the place again? Create another dead path for me.

July 21, 2010 MP referred me to e2i for employment assistance. A stupid guy made me wait; didn’t give me a queue ticket and I had to ask for it! Alicia Seah scheduled appointment at 2pm, but made me wait for about an hour (just 3 people only waiting their turn to their respective career consultant). Insincere some more, she giggled at my plight! Didn't she hear I said, “Is not funny!” In the end, she wanted a clarification to prove that I’m OK to fit for the job, so that she can offer me a job. Is MP trying to fool me? Wasted my trip to get there! I was mad with disappointment! (Since 2008, I had been attended a 2 weeks f…