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Singapore Unprofessional In Many Ways!

Changing new water meters in my neighborhood displeased me! Unequality made us the different! They won’t change my old stop cock to new! Only for my neighbors! Because my pipe didn’t burst! Wonder I always think of negatives, my old stop cock rusty poisoning me!

Unbelievable, they didn’t have plan B, C or D! (I’ve seen this happened in schools and Shopping Centres! You try to save, others try to waste, made you paying higher bill!) They let it leaking for more than an hour before I gone for another unsuccessful jobs fair, always met the same people. Hate the 6 and 12 lack of sleep retarded jobs that’ll give you numb sensation, diseases and stroke!

My smart Muslim neighbor returned home, mended his new stop cock to the direction same as mine!
Because he wanted to build his castle! Though, it was illegal! But, Singaporecorrupted they’ll help each other! – Hypocriteliars always pretend work!
My neighbor filled up his water meter loophole, think I didn’t know! Bad design animals can take!…