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Gimmicks Salaries!

Interview experience very tiring from morning dragged to afternoon evening @Securitas. No free lunch for low-income group wasted my whole day interview one! “Wonder the sky so grey, today.”

Not work yet gave me stress, read their company's rules and took their tests, and signed lots of sheet of papers to acknowledge their agreement! But then came a strange piece of paper 不明显的一张纸 to acknowledge, made me considerate. (Not within Appointment Letter, not stapled together)

Stated lots of funny terms, 什么鬼东西 what 10% 70% 20% deduction from my total salary. Made the salary so complicated, not transparent and simple! - Something related to job mistakes procedures, complaints from clients or somebody, attendance not 100% full or late, deductions my salary!

Do they count, I sacrificed my time standby free for their people late @work?

Do Singapore no traffic jams, no family to care, no unexpected accidents happened?

Singapore pioneers hadn’t died yet. Cannot free from obligation, not to care!…