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Love… Qing 情!

My lucky “Qing” (情) I named her, because she survived of love! Her siblings either killed or died of starvation! I did try save some (pups), but failed! Perhaps, I fed them too well, they’re gorged to death! (饱死..!) – There are parents hurt/killed their babies, like humans! (

Unbearable days, she was abandoned! Her eyes still sealed, needed body heat keep her warm as her fur not fully grow! I found her a caring mother “Zhu” recently pregnant, full of stuffs in her! She like kids, willing to share and care for others, even not hers! That’s her “Unselfishpure instinct! No one on Earth can compete! Qing survived, grew stronger each day! She repaid Zhu for saving her, ‘Babies Sit’ when she away!
Actually I not happy saving her, because many pups had sacrificed!Dead! A very good lesson on earth! Don’t be so happy, if you’re alive! Because you had sacrificed many lives!She addicted, can’t live without Zhu’s milk!…