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“Supervisors, whatever… had higher rank, so what?”

Working long... period, not necessarily a good thing! Because they bully… bossing, pressure, sabotage others for pleasure! Created theirs own SOP! ‘Unfair Deployment!’ No ‘Fair’ rotate duty! Chose their favour time slot! “死了, 没人来救! The rest sluggish… with 1 working bee outside for long hours… Even, got Manpower!”

(Purpose: Hope you ‘Sleep!’ during your long… hours, duty! ‘Deduct your Pay!’ or ‘Sack’ you!)

Importantly, they don’t speak ‘English!’ at work! Made you feel alone… isolated! Somehow, made you be theirs servant! Worst of all…他们很变态的! Like woman endure urine! ‘忍尿!’ – When animals dislike you, they’ll play these tricks! I’d experienced the tastes! 忍受....! 不是享受!

“Your parents, children, loved ones are ‘Sloths!’ They enjoyed doing less than others! You will be infected, be the next ‘Sloth’ in future! Affected us all…”

Singapore's Qualities Leadership characteristics! “Got money get higher post! Singapore no hero… We created…

World Of Lies!

Hate animals’ lies! No remorse! (讨厌不老实! 骗人! 没有悔意!)

In fact, the ‘Pigs, whatever eaten!’ stories absolutely occurred in reality! “Wolves beat around the bush! Told countless lies…" (狼拐弯抹角! 撒无数的谎言...)

This is called ‘Survival!’ living in a world of lies! (生存之道!) ‘Work Smart!’ Adaptation and Flexibility required in many areas of your life!

Singapore lied for millions times! Always 空谈… Develop sense of NO trust! Singapore is a scam city! Everything not transparent!