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Job Interview Skills At Job Club

Early morning received a call confirmed class today! Arrived too early waited outside, don’t’ like it. I attended Job Interview Skills before in school, CDC and e2i, so nothing to fear at all, almost the same thing! Just with one candidate attended the class in a small room. Keep shaking his legs beside me, so disturbing, I pretended see nothing!

Ended class early and stopped raining, good for shopping no need to rush, queue and wait, no need to squeeze in a non-peak hours in a cool nice day!

Job Club Stood Me Up

I was stood up today. The person in charge didn’t show up! So unprofessional! Didn’t give me a call? Nothing good talk about Job Club today! Wasted my trip! Suppose Career Exploration today but I don’t think it suit me, it’s related to job fairs and career talks that I had been gone through many time in my life but no good result! I don’t think it work out for me I can’t get into professional line! – Discrimination till exist!

Want to be like me or you’re new to this world, read my blog! This is a wake up call for you all! Real life! You can write my true story into your essay or whatever! Anyway education is stupid had become commercialized! But try writing it your own words, don’t let your authorities know you writing mine!

Bad day, rain with strong winds, messed up my hair! Why no thunders! Struck me la! Sick life! Better struck all the praying temples in Singapore! Corrupted people! Corrupted minds! Always spot flaws! No more good, no more right, only Evils!

Back home tortured m…


Home is a place I feel belong, where I can relax, feel comfort, a place to be my own. Home might be terrible to live in, pollutions everywhere! Or just home, a place to be rest in peace!

Come to me my Lord. Help me! Take me Home!

Find my way home!

I’m home, commit suicide at greatest high! (Jin Jin, my actress)

Don’t leave me here, everything don’t seem so right! I don’t feel belong! (Jin Jin, my actress)
Jin Jin, my pet playmate, she like to bully anyone in the cage (as you seen her in the video clip at No Compromise), so I punished her left her alone on the stool. She started crying like a baby want to go home! Great actress! She likes to make a lot of noises in the day and in the night, but I love her because she unique, she can sing! She had an angel voice! I just like to hear her scream – crybaby! That reminded me of someone at work like to control everything, bully everybody, but my boss loved her because she’s unique!

Freedom Of Speech Make Things Perfect!

People need to let go their stress or they will find their own way! Vandalize in public, hurt themselves or frustrate on something else – torture others, the weak, their pet, whoever comes across their path!

I had seen a guy hit a tree on the street while I was traveling on a bus. Might be the reason why the trees in Singapore always falling down these day! Better hit the trees, remove it from my windows make my home brighter!

Who made them sick, so mad and stressed to do those things! Who?

Good king, good boss, good authority should listen to all voices, make things perfect! Reflect themselves, engage in introspection. Why people did that? If can, make better change! Don’t just punish them!

Punishment for kids no allowance, if they’re misbehaved! Punishment for adults gives warning letters, if they talked bad or misbehaved! Then decide to keep the warning letters as a proof or for souvenirs to brag about that your achievements to show that you had gown up to receive the awards in…

Mooncake Festival

Today is Mooncake festival, my lunch for the rest of the day. On the left is a box of moon cakes, just ate one. On the right show a yam almost blended in with the old bowl! In the center! Can’t see it. Sorry you’re color-blind! I had eaten all the rest, left one for my mum show that I love her till thinking of her. Hah! Just hate to wash the dish!

Complain Of Games Play!

Is a good sign for people to complain! So there will be improvement or some changes in our life. May get better or worst. Better if everyone satisfied, worst when asked for money!

Facebook is not perfect; always give me headaches and problems too!

In FarmVille I complained about when my chicken Coop will expand! I want to put all my chickens in, no place to put my things for the next challenging! Don't want to sell them that my achievement! Give me a headache to arrange my things!

For FishVille, it limits the number of things to put in my tanks, 100 only for each! Another headache! Don’t limit me better as there’s till got space in it! What for put in my store, for souvenirs is it! Give me extra tanks, better!

Cafe World also gives me another headache! When can I expend my cafe always say coming soon, coming soon, I'm old already reached 90 till now haven't expand yet! Don't make me give up on you just because for this reason hah!

Others OK, no much complain, accept…

Evidences Can’t Make The Changes!

Somehow complained and even have evidences people don’t care, they don’t bother!

Picture show my neighbor who live above me, have a habit of throwing hair. Today not locks of hair, lucky just one string of hair at the side of my window. Actually NEA can catch the real culprits by testing the DNA! Littering is a crime but they taken so lightly. It did happen in my area, my neighbor who lived above threw a bicycle down, almost kill a weeper! Police came, recorded it and took photos. Next time, all cleaners in Singapore need to wear armor!

Picture show my smoking neighbors building storage outside for his own use! Meter reader officers did come, read the meters but don’t care, not their jobs. Any related government officers, cleaners or construction workers did the same things, not their jobs! If I’m a terrorist I will put bombs in every flat like that! Easy to hide and because no one care! Bomb them at midnights as most people coming back! Make it the greatest tragedy history than 911! …

A Blog For My Random Thoughts!

Blogging is one of my ways to let go my stress. Let my thoughts run, do the talking and I do the typing, in the silent night, in the silent time alone. I don’t expect I could type that much. I never write so long for my exams because timing made me stress and the examiners walking around me made me sick! So annoying! Hope they stayed far far away from me!

I’m using Blogger but it’s not so perfect; it counted in every time I visit!

Solution: On Stats | Overview, click on the “Don’t track your own pageviews” link (it’s on the right side, under the pageview summary) and select the “Don’t track my pageviews” option.

But I feel that glitch in it, till counting the page I viewed! I want to know the real visitors! Hope the software expert fixed it! Make it better, no need to do all this funny setting! What for counting my pageviews? Cheating! That's the main thing I don't like it. But it simple for fresh meats like me, no one teach!

Other problem is slow videos loading! Just a short …

Appointment With Job Club 1st Time

Today quite doing well not so boring, appointment with Job Club no need to wait. Just talk about myself, what I'm doing these days, and some surveys. And talk about F&B and retail jobs. When asked about my dad’s name other side of my family. Oops! I had forgotten their names, can't remember. Reached home asked my mum. Too long no contact hardly mentioned about their names, just lived with one parent in my life only. My father must be great never picked a sick baby home! What for remember things that does not exist at all in my life? Filtered them out! Just remember those who care and play with me that all just enough.

Till having another appointment with Job Club wasted another almost two weeks more! Mum asked me why? Don't ask me why!

Want to be like me read me all! This is a wake up call for you all!
Think Twice! Before You Die (Read Mine!)


I’m color-blind! Only see black and white, I treated them as my own kind! Fun playing with my brother and sister. But, they never grow big as me! How come? Because you separated from your parents when you’re young, never be stained by them. Adults make us the different they are evils!

  Follow you wherever you go! Let breed!
When they’re small and young, I separated them with a divider because they’re different. But they’re seemed like each other so I let them together. Seeing them swimming together with no fighting. But months later, things had changed. The dragon fish jumped out from its tank and killed itself after its pestering companion died weeks later, of sickness maybe. Thinking it will be all right, swimming alone slowing in the tank. But it all too late! If time can go back I should put something more heavier on top on the plank on the tank so it wouldn’t able to kill itself when I was not around. Is it a true love? Or it just bound to happen, the dragon fish actually know how …

Lost Cultures Learn From Singapore!

Want to lost somebody cultures just learn it from Singapore! Make their children study hard and long, spend most time in school work with no play, make their parents work hard and long, no time to spend with their family and friends. Make all of them stressed and busy in their daily life, make them all to study and speak the main language only used in the public, slowly it will make them lose interest in their cultures, their dialects, no time to meet, no time to learn from their elderly, increase social problems, communication breakdown in relationship in any prospective and the way to reduce their offspring and their own generation! No need to kill to lose someone culture! As long as you have patience!

Ever experienced any servicing will send someone to speak their language, not yours. Perhaps old one can be spared who can only speak one language, not for new generation like me! Had to learn to speak more than one language! Who am I? Translators! Slow respond one converting my thoug…

No Compromise

I know my videos clips in poor quality, spare me I’m poor I can only buy cheap cheap things!

Calling again! Wake up, dear! Deal with the calls! I’m busy, feeding our babies! 

Intruder! Protect our babies! Stay put here safer. I’m just a seeder. Let the female do the job, what for married her! Why female so easily agitated, it just a stick???

Bully! I’m the authority here! The strongest will stay, the weakest will go! Bingo! Fall into the hole! (Jin Jin, my actress)

Rob me again! Why! Lord can’t you see, separate us, please!

Learn The Provoking Skills

Just learn from my bad neighbors, their children always making so much noise! Bless for those who are deaf, no need to hear any noise pollutions! Screaming, crying, shouting and laughing so loudly for all to hear! They’re demons! Hope they grow up fast, no more those things! Always say the bye bye non-stop things! Fun is it! Hope they said it again and never come back!

Wonder will I get punished, be hanged, or spared since I had been in IMH! Throw them out of my flat since they’re so small and weak, easy to bully. Not like in China they just kill to punish people because lives don’t mean anything to them whether they’re lunatic or not!

Another way to provoke people, learn from my bad neighbors again, always poisoning me with their cigarettes everyday, smoking proudly close to my premise and at our common corridor! Try to provoke me even I had told them not to do it. I no need fortune teller tell me how I die, I knew that I will die of cancer living in such environment with inconsidera…

So Many Dishes!

Good day to sleep when it rain don’t feel like to wake up at all. My mum keeps shouting at me to wake me up. I heard you but my soul and body don’t blend in. Be patient la! When I woke up, she not around went to work. When I reached my kitchen dinner table, I shocked with so many dishes on the table. I usually eat one dish just enough to fill up my tummy. What day is it? Oh it Muslim festival, Hari Raya Puasa from the calendar. Sleep so deeply can’t feel a thing, my mum handle it she’s good in customer servicing! Spicy in most dishes, but I hate washing dishes! Neighbors no need to give me dishes, I rather you don’t smoke in front of me that will be my greatest gift!

Make Appointment With Job Club

Calls arrived, confirmed appointment with Job Club, say it free! I wondered is it same as CDC and e2i just wasting my time, playing human stupid games, always ended with disappointments! I feel drowsy a bit today don’t feel like talking after taking my medication, back to be a sleeping queen.

Consultant With Doctor

Sep 8, 2010 Take my weight, height, pressure and temperature when I reached there. What for that? I didn’t late for my appointment but need to wait wait wait! Consulted a doctor – talk about my problems again to a stranger; he gave me a written memo for employers to call him if they want to know about my medical record. I don’t think employers would bother to call if they saw the IMH name! Their mindsets never change, discrimination always exist! Another way to scare them off! Next he referred me to Job Club that all. Weird for the people working there I feel something missing. And I hate standing near the counter mentioned by name to pay consultation fee and my medication cos I can’t sleep. I rather they gave me a ticket! After that I go for shopping to cheer me up a bit. My mum paid for me everything! Too bad it raining, wet wet wet everywhere!

Thoughts From Pics

Thoughts can be anything from everywhere. What your thoughts existing in your mind? Speak up, don’t be shy, I won’t eat you up, I can’t see you anywhere!

Compete for food! Die in exhaustion, no one shares! Good to be dead!
My siblings looked different! Are we from the same father? Am I adopted or just picked wrongly from others?

Hey! Why you taking my picture without my permission? I feel violated! How much you take! Sue You! Compensate for my damage! I’m a human you know! Are you trying to make me fame?

Changing my appetite I like to play with fatty. Skinny reminded me of cane!
Hey I’m not fat, I pregnant! Stop manhandling me! There’re lives in me!
Who said I’m obsessed with pregnant women! Spit it out! You robbed my food!

Time Can Return: Seek For Better Doctors!

Don’t enjoy hateful life! None of your business if I died! I lost interests, stressed and bored of my daily life! I fell into deep depression without knowing it. Caught by my mum found me motionlessly in bed for days and took me to see doctor at a nearby public polyclinic. Hopefully the doctor will give me some happy pills or sleeping pills so that I could sleep well with no worries and stresses! But without seeing a doctor yet the people (no idea whether a nurse or administrator) who worked there just referred me to IMH with a referral letter. Perhaps my mom accidentally mentioned that I had contemplated suicide at home. Is it a proper procedure to refer people who contemplated suicide must go to IMH or just the doctors were too busy to see me! Now I don’t like to see doctors anymore even I got sick, I rather carried the virus with me anywhere I go as retribution to people who had made me sick! Hunt down their love one, leaving them in deep great pain, as my spirit never rest in peac…

Let Go Your Worries!

Learn from the beasts from the outside world! The special way for them to survive is to killing each other that blocked their way, knowing their enemies’ weakness and ambushed them at the right time, learn not to bother and learn not to care, just care for its own! The strongest will stay, the weakest will go! This could be another way to get away from depression is learn not to care, not to feel, and pretended nothing happened! Learn not to be deeply in love or attached to anything, when it gone you wouldn’t feel deeply in pain! Hard like a Steel and cold like an iceberg!

Life always experiences some setbacks and there's plenty of stress to go around. Doctors can’t help us as negatives filled among us! It always exists whether you like it or not! In the end, they all will say think of positive side! And take your hard earned money away! No one will help! Help yourself!

Stop holding a grudge against something for so damn long – Only if I lost my memories! Get away from suffering …

Breeding Of Animals With Different Colors!

Simply don’t vote, so much complains! What you people voted, that the result! Blame Who? Most of you people don’t put up your Flag to celebrate National Day! And throw rubbish some more during that day again! Show that you people don’t love this country, city anymore!

You people till don’t get it. You people just tools and products to the society! And for the rich! They just create their own wealth and reputation by using you people only! Who will care about your life! No space for everyone to live! Too many! Create so much sin and so many innocent lives! Why not suggest put us to sleep! For the hopeless people who don’t want to live, so they don’t die any how for us to see! What for fighting for your life to sacrificed other lives and their happiness. In the end, you people till have to die can’t take anything you gained in your life! The next moment you weak up, you will be in anot…