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Well-Fed animals always advertise good things, killed others gain profits! Theirs words empty meaningless, for showcases purposes acting kindness! “Never reach out sincerely helping my family whatever I love, but shut down me! Hope problem-free!” Hypocritical, discrimination environments caused us ‘ Anti-Social! ’ Trust nobody! No one precious your life if concerned theirs lives and death! No friend charitable if you’re poor… powerless! ‘True Colors’ in our society! ‘ 看人的! ’ After all, living in a world ‘ No sense of Trust ’ we can’t live without grilles, doors, windows closed, any protection! Isn't nice viewing the ‘Wonder’ without obstructions? (That’s my dream world, live without fear!) That's fantastic!  Isolated me from the world! Another dangerous Lee till alive in modern world.  Dedicated to those acting charitable, not helping! Post by Bad In Everything .

Well-Fed Caused Us 心残! Handicapped!

Isn't bad be Handicapped! Time goes slow… no hectic, people serving you all day! Rehearsal ‘ Donation ’ for charities purpose! What seem problems, in fact ‘BIG Blessing’ fortune for them, rich! 意外的收获! Who need most, no one knows! Just for show! “No one will do charities businesses , if no profits benefits!” “Why donate, animals didn't care my life? I wish exchange life!” Frankly be Non-disabled , life tougher… more stressful than Handicapped! No excused from torturing ‘numb’ work, experience physical pains! Be puppets abused by well-fed get satisfaction by watching us pains! Caused us 心残! No job! 在家等死… No cure for damaged Heart! – Like drowning bear falling from edge bolted into deep sea! No hope left! No way goes! They never suffered hardship, always happy! (Got money in through Charities!) While those suffered hardship, never be happy! Singapore got higher level dictating stories to gain profit! Exploit special needs to do charities businesses received Mi

My Stories Always Hidden From Space!

Don't expect Sufferers able connect the world! Authorities control Cyberspace! Destroyed your Nest! Everything! “My Stories always hidden from space!” SG idiots control everything! Don't allow expressing my thoughts! They'll blocked my links. 'Unable to post comment.' - No freedom of speech! That's fantastic! Isolated me from the world! Another dangerous Lee till alive in modern world. Post by Bad In Everything .

No ‘Mutual Respect!’ 死了都要爱!

Love is ‘ Mutual Respect! ’ Not robbing! Not forcing! 是双方面的! ' 死了都要爱! ' Idea came from abnormal ' Deceptive ' Companies! (挂羊头卖狗肉!) Forced others do against theirs will! Using legal loopholes seized your hard-earned money, whatever! “死都不放你走! 夺你, 钱…” “Make sure who you love! Perverted animals will do anything, just for Money!” – 救你, 是为了钱! 不是真的爱你! Singapore is ‘ hypocritical ’ city! Love counted by dollars! Post by Bad In Everything .

Run Away When Disasters Came!

Humans’ world ugly! They never care I got, speared! Never improve my life better! Never lend a helping hand, solving my problems! But, ran away from ‘ Negatives ’ as far as they could! Hope my ‘History’ Erased! Nobody knows the existence of the truth! That's fantastic! Isolated me from the world!  Another dangerous Lee till alive in modern world. Believe In Sin! Enemies destroyed others lives! Killed others for Fun! Simply earn theirs own money! 只顾赚自己的钱! No connection to the needy! Singapore is ‘ hypocritical ’ city! 没有好人, 都是演出来的! Just for show! - True love don't run! Post by Bad In Everything .

Forced Labour!

‘ No Respect for Human Rights!’ Didn't improve conditions! Everything rob! Steal… Totally unfair and biased! “Singapore Government 逢场作戏 can't solve problems! No protection measures for Employees abused by Employers! ‘ Forced Labour! ’ Cheat your money! Can't bear for a day!” ' History will repeat itself again' 历史, 再次重演! Target poor, hopeless, sick, old… and weak! 让坏人逍遥法外! Villains Unpunished! No difference! Slavery! Forced prostitution! (逼良为娼!) Simply cheating! “Hope them sentence to death!” Truth Caring not exist in reality! Singapore Spirits! “Your Problem! Not Ours!” Don’t care your pains! Put you to death! Post by Bad In Everything .

Growing Pains!

Evil Management will send big Gifts ‘ Bad for the heart! ’ (送你结婚的! 老的! 很虚伪的! 懦弱的! 送你变态的! 胖…的! 脾气很火爆的! 爱讲闲话多… 嘴巴带刺的! 等等...) No more… Gentlemen, Angels comfort souls! “Can’t turn back Clock! Healing lost…” Ever missed someone not by your side, spend the rest of your life with the person in your dreams… whether it dead, or alive! “I lost the feel many… years! Missed someone special, deeply impressed me… ” 都是你... 害我动了‘凡心’ 得了‘思念病!’ 对我真心特别好的人! “I miss my ‘Mammoth!’ Its voice, smell! Everything!” ‘思念病!’  Dedicated to all ‘Idiot’ Managements caused many… Unmarried! Unhappiness! Always play important role of ‘ Separation! ’ Playing ‘Transferring!’ Ended my journey! Not protect! But, get rid! Wonder many became Gays! Abused, killed by irresponsible animals! May, I next! In Singapore, don’t learn hard… Remember hard! Everything will ‘ Change! ’ Post by Bad In Everything .

Evils Flourished Without Deal!

Every times, I look at mirror I saw Devil! I hate him so much, abused destroyed others! Caused countless… Crazy! I not belonged, theirs kind! 他的类种! Hope all… species like him, Die! Extinct!!! I want be ‘Killer!’ Evils flourished without deal! – Our Government didn't do jobs! Singapore is ‘ hypocritical ’ city! 没有好人, 都是演出来的! Just for show! Post by Bad In Everything .

Somebody Must Die!

“I went through countless… Cruelty Experiment! Climbed hard! Fell real… hard!” Tell those enjoyed, don’t abuse me! We linked! “我们命数, 相连! Lots in Common! Except, I the only ‘ Artistic Thinker! ’ 感受人生! 苦…” “In school, teachers pushing me up! But in reality at work, animals pushing me down… Negatives always pouring into me!” ‘Grant me quick death! ’ Feeling feeble... vulnerable and weak! Lost my motivation with bad leader, weakened me… If possible, I'm willing give my life (命数) to you! At least, you in your ‘ Comfort ’ nest! I don’t! You should venture out from your shell, see the world now! 是多莫得丑! ‘ Force Incapable Do! ’ Can’t Fly! Can’t Dive! Triggered our Sensitive Nerves… Motivate us move forward! Die! Not depend on our abilities! – “What to do? They the ones leading us! Else, we'll be alone... Not follow!” Bad leader left team, dying! 装模作样, 没个像样正点领导者! Their Strength & Success ‘Put you away! Get rid you!’ 把你, 宰了! – “Every time, I blog my deeper meaning of my adven


“Supervisors, whatever… had higher rank, so what?” Working long... period, not necessarily a good thing! Because they bully… bossing , pressure, sabotage others for pleasure! Created theirs own SOP! ‘ Unfair Deployment! ’ No ‘Fair’ rotate duty! Chose their favour time slot! “死了, 没人来救! The rest sluggish… with 1 working bee outside for long hours… Even, got Manpower!” ( Purpose: Hope you ‘Sleep!’ during your long… hours, duty! ‘Deduct your Pay!’ or ‘Sack’ you!) Importantly, they don’t speak ‘English!’ at work! Made you feel alone… isolated! Somehow, made you be theirs servant! Worst of all…他们很变态的! Like woman endure urine! ‘忍尿!’ – When animals dislike you, they’ll play these tricks! I’d experienced the tastes! 忍受....! 不是享受! “Your parents, children, loved ones are ‘ Sloths! ’ They enjoyed doing less than others! You will be infected, be the next ‘Sloth’ in future! Affected us all…” Singapore's Qualities Leadership characteristics! “Got money get higher post! Singapore

World Of Lies!

Hate animals’ lies! No remorse! (讨厌不老实! 骗人! 没有悔意!) In fact, the ‘Pigs, whatever eaten!’ stories absolutely occurred in reality! “ Wolves beat around the bush! Told countless lies… " (狼拐弯抹角! 撒无数的谎言...) This is called ‘ Survival! ’ living in a world of lies! (生存之道!) ‘Work Smart!’ Adaptation and Flexibility required in many areas of your life! Singapore lied for millions times! Always 空谈… Develop sense of NO trust! Singapore is a scam city! Everything not transparent!

Dead Can’t Talk!

‘ Dead Can’t Talk! ’ 冤… 死了! Anything, can Say! Unless, ‘Back from the dead!’ (死不能说! 说什么都行! 除非, ‘死而复活!’ 告诉你原因!) Video: Cat Back From Dead! ‘死而复生!’ Only ' Autopsy ' unable Dead, be alive! “Not even Gods can save you.........” Introduced by 'Extraordinary' people! – It's legal! Contribute to those in need! (奉献给需要的人!) Died for a purpose , we need your organs! 死不能说!  ' No Heaven! ' No more nice things! That's fact! Everywhere businesses! Post by Bad In Everything .

Kill… U! Toy U!

Singapore bonding not Close! ' hypocritical 'love ... Destroyed by Aliens killed others to Live! Loved Not everybody on Earth! Most Abandoned, killed! Singapore no Initiative Helping others! Not sincere ... very arrogant! Any time, They Toy you! Treat you like Dogs! Begging Jobs! 'Wait ...!' ready to play with you! 'Bouncing off!' let you Baipao! white ... and so on! The entire ordeal was too much! get your heart is not normal! Answers:! '! Singapore Safe' That's Why Animals Dare to Piss !!! "! Singaporeans, it does not matter a lot more than dead!" Just Imaging! 'Dangerous Weapons!' Allowed by Law! They HAD Died 'Millions' Times ... for Hurting! (if firearms permit in Singapore! I do not know how many times they're dead!) "Unlike me, disclose my whereabouts! No bodyguards! Still alive! "(unlike me, to disclose my whereabouts! do not need a bodyguard! still alive!) Dedicated to Bad companies Wa

No Comfort Foods ‘Stable Rice Bowl!’

No Loyalty Commitment, for corrupted companies exploited and fooled you! Spoilt your mood! Who care yours misfortune? Why bother work… hard! Most jobs given to others! All your efforts were in vain! Animals will destroy everything! Put you in wrong place! “Things not come the way, wanted! Eventually, you will give up yourself! That’s what they made of me!” Singapore 烂工一大堆, 让你麻木! Everything retard… with broken dreams! Corruption piled up years after years! “ No comfort foods ‘Stable Rice Bowl! ’ No humans touch! Many dumb ways show our Glory! Singapore spirit, not uplift by us! But by well-fed Aliens, Craps of Shits! ” “心不在这里 I'm leaving! Searching ‘Stable’ food chain, stronger tree! ” 'Singapore Not One!' Animals Kill Others To Live... Post by Bad In Everything .

Sun & Moon Never Be Together!

Crazy World! 你会被感染! Not sure what you love, anymore! Devils 心理变态, 神经病! Always snatched my Sunshine! Hit me back to Darkness! “玩 ‘牛郎织女’ 的游戏! 安排不会让你们见面, 在一起! 弄你心理不正常! Hope I miss…” Singapore working culture, ‘ No Say Goodbye! ’ to buddies/friends implemented by black-hearted uncivilized animals! May, they tried to train me, hating men! Worth studying! ‘Gays’ Clubs increased, years after years! They can’t see the whole of me , only the holes I dug! My sadness, my love… broken dreams! Whatever unhappiness, buried underneath! 我的箴言! “ Don’t love too deep! Else, you’ll hurt deep…! ” No more tears… I immune everything I’d lost! ‘ Sun and Moon never be together! ’ That’s my destiny! My name implied mean! “I was trained be emotionless! I won’t shed a tear, if anyone died! Try killing mine! I’m waiting…” The world, not just ‘One’ Star! There many… Again, looking for stars can illuminate my lonely soul! “世界, 不是只有一个光! 再次, 寻找着光芒, 照射我孤独的心灵!” “Don’t love too deep! Else, you’ll hurt deep…!”

Gods Don’t Love You!

Living in a world so cruel… Villains stabbing behind you! Killing your rights! “新加坡人很多余! 去死吧! 断你的翅膀! 在也飞不起来!” “ Gods don’t love you! They’ll break your wings, send you to Dead Pit! ” (Hope I have strong wings, away from this Ugly city! 希望我有强壮的翅膀, 远离这个丑陋的城市! 火坑!) Animals Despicable! They’ll Kill U For Living! ‘No space for everybody!’ Everywhere Kill! No dreams, broken home, no future! The world till spin , even U & I not exist! Till got millions... animals will fighting! (Lee Kuan Yew is a free-thinker , he will say that.)

Humans Sacrifices!

Black-hearted influential animals fear everyone have their ‘Point of views!’ changing their rules! They need to kill…. ‘ Humans Sacrifices! ’ Benefit them! ‘Rule the World!’ 看到他们坏种, 就讨厌! 记得一辈子! 抹不去的阴影! (Hate seeing their bad seeds! Won’t forget, a lifetime! Memorable traumas forever!) Nothing honours to celebrate ! Caused many… broken families! Whatever gifts ‘Gold’ received from your loved ones! You should be ashamed, raised up by your corrupted parents, loved ones! “Sacrificed others pay, get themselves high pay!" "Don’t talk any ‘bonuses’ if given! What they had eaten! They, return!” – Anti-corruption! Mandatory curtail religious, none truth good things happen! Theirs cultures, “Evils earn more! Decent earn less!” I see bad stuffs written on their faces! ‘Honest and Upright’ should start from them, inconsiderate species! Make a better change! No more hearing 'Helpless Slogan!' Repeated frequently from Hopeless! “What to do?” Management perverts' ide


Respect lives! End humans races! ‘ Abortion! ’ “ No one appreciates your value, your life! Pray for nothing! Till extinct! You belong to society! Kill by fool! Everything they steal…. 你只不过是, 棋子!” ( You're nothing but just, pieces! ) “We value only your remains lasted for thousands years……............ No immoral! Start preserve! May earn you Big Fortune! ” Dedicated to those killed my soul! Wonder animals feel guilt! Post by Bad In Everything .

No Space For Everybody!

Many of my kind trampled to death! Feel my world getting smaller! Always got fat dogs, fat penguins, whatever occupied all space, blocking my way! ‘好狗不挡路’ 禽兽不如的东西, 挡我路! Treat me ‘Invisible!’ What they eat? So… huge! Hard to please… move them away!

Animals Puffing ‘Poisons!’

No joining ‘ Blood Donation Drive! ’ Saving whatever, life! Be donor! Wasted fresh blood! 鲜血! “Not worth saving a world filled with self-centered corrupted animals didn’t care our needs, bloody shits!” Having bad periods! Long… workout! Breaking us down… 磨练! 磨练! Our body ached! “I'm bleed! Exposed ‘ Polluted ’ horrible wild sides! Corrupted my mind!” No confidence living in ‘ Cancer Society ’ with hazards! Everywhere animals puffing ‘Poisons!’ For a worst Singapore! Better for you, not for me! Remember! “您的幸福, 等于我的痛苦! 不要烦我! 不要审问我!盘问我! 不然你做女人算了! 感觉我的苦… 累死… 闷死! 热死人! 要命!” Post by Bad In Everything .

My Sunshine!

May, Job hopping later, if ‘ No Secure ’ again! (OE 骂的很过瘾, asked me stay!) Finally, found ‘ Sunshine ’ at IBM 2! (Yours substitute!) Similar like you! ‘Macho!’ 大只佬! 大你1倍! “Every times I see him! I see you!" More importantly, I can rest peacefully… 12 hours torture too long! Standing at lobby doing nothing, made me Crazy!!! “Even there is one good man, I can't even stay!” Wonder can I last… long? Or, gone crazy someday! ‘ Singapore Jobs Nuts! ’ Too many ‘Noisy’ Animals disturb! ‘Cockroaches’ commonly seen at night! (1st time in my life! Live!) “IBM should be Cockroaches Tourist Attraction !” – Feel somebody breeding them! Cockroaches too… well-fed! Post by Bad In Everything .

Only Death Can Free… Pains!

Bad companies always put you at dangerous spots, eaten alive! No angel can save you! Devils had overcome the fear… made by you! “Life always feels tied! Waiting… for slaughter! Only death can free… pains! ” Post by Bad In Everything .

‘Empty Shells’ Without Soul…

Merciless waves eaten my soul... Like many remains, ‘ Empty shells ’ without soul… left on beach! 我的心给无情的海浪,吃了! 剩下只有空壳! 空阒! Post by Bad In Everything .

Eat The Whole World!

Forgot your meal, starved to death! Feel the Earth shaking!  “So… stress! Feel like eating the whole world!” Post by Bad In Everything .

Job Hopping!

Force to Job Hopping! Animals killing me.........! Change for better life! Better day! Post by Bad In Everything .


Companies never miss opportunities, even you had dead! Souvenirs keep in touch with love ones! Remind us lives easy lost... Post by Bad In Everything .

Uncivilized Underworld!

Don’t trust security, said “Easy Job!” working @ IBM offered 'No fix' paid! (~$1500 to $1700 depended on months!) Changing passes faraway, wasted time reaching home! Assignment posts walking outside building! (Feel like walking 10 times of Giant @Tampines!) – Lost interest shopping, even shopping centers opposite! Always got briefing ! Not everyone on time always postponed duty due to last minute change! (Coffee, toilet breaks, whatever! No rushing!) Now, Security guards become writer, writing ‘same’ non-important reports on Occurrence books (I named ‘Wayang’ Books) – Wasted ink on every assigned post! Singapore filled with Bad designers didn't sense our  Shoes , created blind spots! No Fan! Strong lighting hitting our faces @Main gate blinded our eyes! – We need more donors ! I’m waiting... Should wayang, no time record many details! Uncivilized vehicles never stop for checking (冲 ha!) rushing in @peak hours! My face not dark enough! 杀气不够重! They no fear… No imp

Heating Me! 火上加油!

Stuck in heat period! Always feel hot… as somebody heating me again! 火上加油! Hope my city burn to ashes! Migrate the coldest place, never feel heat again! Post by Bad In Everything .

Life No... Equality!

We not well-fed, force to catch fish! Harsh… on hard ground!!! While others, simply flip their wings, mouth full of fish! ‘ Life No... Equality! ’ Singapore Pledge FAKE! 'No Equality!’ (Most died, unnatural death!) ‘No space for everybody!’ Everywhere Kill! No dreams, broken home, no future! - Secure theirs future, not mine! Singapore only had ' Discrimination ' companies! [ Read More ]

'Love' In My Toilet Bowl!

I saw ' Love ' in my toilet bowl! Hope my pains wash away, easy forgotten!!! Post by Bad In Everything .

No One Lives In My Shoe!

No one lives in my shoe. No one will care, even my problems voiced!  They rather watch me dead… my properties sold! Post by Bad In Everything .

Fortune Tur!

Environment turned us abnormal, unfix in everything! DIY create ‘ 发财 Tur ’ abuse others! Get ‘ Attraction ' and profits! Post by Bad In Everything .

Traps Can Be Planned!

Our society always exploit hopeless, poor sufferers, handicapped working long… days earning cheap low paid! No ‘True’ Love, Kindness! Need ‘ Advertise ’ faking good… things to gain contribution, profits! Idiots didn't know traps can be planned! - "Plan For The Tide!" Advertising to lure idiots believe in everything!   Post by Bad In Everything .

Hibernate Myself!

Life so complicated, hard to live! Animals destroyed everything! No quality of life! I’m in pains! ‘ Hibernate Myself! ’ Earth the Same! Hope I died in my sleep! Everywhere practiced genocide! ‘ No space for everybody! ’ Everywhere Kill! No dreams, broken home, no future! - Wish can migrate to better place! Put us sleep... Let my imagination roam during my contemplative days! I need hibernate back to my own world. This world don't seem like mine. I till searching for my clan take me away from this awful place! If happened Lee Kuan Yew , he wished a quick death! - How many enlightened , will understand the meaning ' No life! No pains... '

Noises Farting In The Air!

Tampines St 84, bad place to live! Noises farting in the air by machines! Neighbourhood schools having parties often heard students scream! My neighbours very rich! Renovations always going on… They don’t care those having day sleep! Learn ‘ Meditation ’ shutting noises! Convert them to disasters on earth, bring me Peace! Post by Bad In Everything .

Created Holes For You To Fall... Made You Suffered Lost!

Nothing can promote good jobs, always ended bad! Animals practice ‘ Discrimination! ’ Treated you… 'Aliens' from other world! Created holes for you to fall... made you suffered lost! 'Pointless' complain our Hypocrite Leadership! Only embarrass them! No one professional! Singapore Government corrupted always sit back watch your misery fate! “No voting them! Not sincerely helping!” Advice: Don't give life! World not normal, drive you nuts! ‘Lower expectation!’ Wasted everything! I have reasons, "Not to Care! Animals abused me many ways! Made me sick all days!” Post by Bad In Everything .

Aliens Don’t Like Me!

G4S bad deployment not sincere hiring, gave me inconveniences mean! Practice Transfer other location! No Company ID given. Security cannot protect Security Officers! IC keeps safe by (Strangers) at work ! And no locker! – This how innocents got involved with loan shark, lor! Advice: Nothing Safe! Everything is weapon! No decent! Perverts even at work!                                      Uncivilized HR officer like to shout , made me begging job confirm with other OE when can work! No direct work as full-timer!  Resigned today! Don’t earn any, return all items! After I sent my ‘ Unhappy ’ links to Government! Learn my proper channel protesting! Save you working 2 more weeks! Just, can’t forget the ‘ Dumpster ’ worked for more than 7 hot… days! Cheated by my previous company! No worry  Singapore not one!  Our ‘ Emotionless ’ Government like to watch show! See you suffered lost! “Only talk lots with their mouths! Not their mind!” They’ll use

Don’t Watch With Your Mouth Open! I Can’t Hear Any!

The more knowledge you gained, sadden you are. Everything not perfect! Facts always turned ugly! So Dead… “Don’t watch with your mouth Open! I can’t hear any!” Post by Bad In Everything .

Hate Singapore!

Enemies annoyed us, stepped our toes! Hope we have broken families! Playing with you! Made you suffer lost, travelling here and there! Cannot tolerant any more! Blast this ‘ Hypocrite ’ city for good! No better future! No connection to all! ‘ Singapore Not One! ’ Let’s us die together as one! Post by Bad In Everything .


Don’t pray your ancestors! They not strong enough change your ‘miserable’ fate! – Deteriorated your health, till work after sunset! We need ‘Storms’ change our future! No more be slave! Obedience like Dogs! Post by Bad In Everything .


Show you are initiative! ‘ Pestering skill ’ work! I got job! See many failures I got! Twice unhappy New Year without job! No one can compete! ( Wise... don’t give birth! Else, ended like me! Nowadays, many grandma and grandpa in Singapore till feeding their children!) Observably, Singapore hygienic standard and morals dropped over the years! Despicable reception counter lady also in charge of store at G4S provided bad service! Unprofessional not using ‘ tape measure! ’ Expect me to wear unhygienic uniforms for testing! (Our neighboring countries cultures’ dirty ideas spreading diseases! Pissing locals! ) Of course, I reluctant especially the pants! Wore by many Men! “So, disgusting & insulting! ” Singapore don't care attitude, don't bother how unhappy you are . Treated me like Alien , gave me a sense feeling ‘My job never last long.......! Will return Home!’ Gave me recycled ( used by many users! ) at start! I demanded a change, I can s

Sharpen Teeth!

Don’t underestimate me! If I know inside, out! I can beat all my opponents! Outstanding than so-called normal! If you win… I let you! My environment drained my energy! No time sharpen teeth! No more Ego to challenge! No one will treasure! Turn everyone of us into fossil! Post by Bad In Everything .

Bury My Hardship In My Hollow!

Everything Rubbish … fabricated by idiots humans being! Arrogant companies humiliate us carry our ‘bulky’ Certs. in public! Shown us, we’re jobless, losers for years…! Hope we spoilt our original by many clumsy dirty touchers! Dirty theirs… hanged on walls! Since they’d no sense of thoughts for jobseekers carry ‘ Copies ’ of original! “ Terrorists Safe! Do Business! Anyone can forge Certs. whatever to fool idiots! ” Instead they ruined mine! I rather be ‘ Qin Shi Huang ’ burn all Certs. Souvenirs! Bury my Hardship in my hollow! Since no more value! Hate Interview! Underpaid jobs! Post by Bad In Everything .

Exploit Your Usefulness

Companies always exploit your usefulness to save costs! Overload you with extra work, cos you're worker! Hate New Year.... Celebration! They'll exploit you... as cleaner , mover, whatever helper! Post by Bad In Everything .

Double Surprise!

I most humble than Well-Fat! No ceremonies! No Funeral! No waste money, no waste time, no waste land! Not even tears….. 没有钱养老 ..! Simply, throw away like my dead pets! I’ll keep secret! If my chimpanzee died! No one will know her missing , died many years…… ‘ Singapore Not One! ’ Only care theirs future ! I live here I know best! No true love! Keep dreaming!   Singapore hypocrites pretend care! Isolate you among the rest! ( Label Me Sick! Sick 4 U See! ) Singapore Media always ‘block’ the facts… gruesome scenes bloody links! Search yourself sawing dead bodies, exchange parts! – ‘Dead Can’t Talk!’ Very dirty work stolen from others! An old saying, praying the wrong Gods died faster and horrible! Gods granted your wish ‘Shrink Population!’ Less competition! Well-Fat taken off! Religions kill....... If there’s god, nothing will extinct! Wishers cast spells on their sons who’d made them, run harder! – ‘Broken Vase’ story among the common! Se