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Humans Sacrifices!

Black-hearted influential animals fear everyone have their ‘Point of views!’ changing their rules! They need to kill…. ‘Humans Sacrifices!’ Benefit them! ‘Rule the World!’

看到他们坏种, 就讨厌! 记得一辈子! 抹不去的阴影! (Hate seeing their bad seeds! Won’t forget, a lifetime! Memorable traumas forever!)

Nothing honours to celebrate! Caused many… broken families! Whatever gifts ‘Gold’ received from your loved ones! You should be ashamed, raised up by your corrupted parents, loved ones! “Sacrificed others pay, get themselves high pay!"

"Don’t talk any ‘bonuses’ if given! What they had eaten! They, return!” – Anti-corruption! Mandatory curtail religious, none truth good things happen! Theirs cultures, “Evils earn more! Decent earn less!”

I see bad stuffs written on their faces! ‘Honest and Upright’ should start from them, inconsiderate species!

Make a better change! No more hearing 'Helpless Slogan!' Repeated frequently from Hopeless! “What to do?” Management perverts' ideas!


Respect lives! End humans races! ‘Abortion!

No one appreciates your value, your life! Pray for nothing! Till extinct! You belong to society! Kill by fool! Everything they steal…. 你只不过是, 棋子!” (You're nothing but just, pieces!)

“We value only your remains lasted for thousands years……............ No immoral! Start preserve! May earn you Big Fortune!

Dedicated to those killed my soul! Wonder animals feel guilt!
Post by Bad In Everything.

No Space For Everybody!

Many of my kind trampled to death! Feel my world getting smaller! Always got fat dogs, fat penguins, whatever occupied all space, blocking my way! ‘好狗不挡路’ 禽兽不如的东西, 挡我路! Treat me ‘Invisible!’

What they eat? So… huge! Hard to please… move them away!