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Choices Make For Me!

Singapore government helping the needy, simply “rejecting,” lack of initiative to help! (Test On Humanity For Low Income Group) already! They didn’t improve my life always rejected me, my family! Many will receive rejected letters like this, one of my rejected letters collection with cute signature on it, same style in different years! Perhaps, our government will only help when we lost our home! – That the main reason, losing the voters, their followers!
Called but only “voicemail recording”, copycat the rich who work alone, who are busy! No human touch using machine! Most people uncomfortable with this! – Failure our government communicates with the people! Only show our government “lack of resources and insincere!” Or perhaps, they’re not ready preparing to answer questions, that why they need voicemail!

Why not use “voicemail recording” in “Meet-The-People Session” I can nag as long as I wish! Then, solve the problems for me! No need to queue for long hours, save my time to meet MP! And remember send me “survey form” to evaluate your “overall” service!

But somehow, our government very smart! I encounter them blocking my speeches and my comments in internet! If anything went wrong, they will say machine fault!

Singapore Election finally over! Now, got the only SMS “uGotJob.SG” alerts! Perhaps, all gone to support PAP Election! But, back to normal to the sinners, living a life “No one bother!” No other voices can be heard! All hidden, rejected just like me! Because we have no choices! They till invite problems in!

They no need time for "soul-searching!" Because their souls had already stained with money! Their high salaries enough to pay them anything can retire, step down early! – That’s their boost! They will cry, if they’d lost it! They have to “sacrifice other lives” to secure their future, not mine! Their communication with citizens is to reject and blocking those can jeopardize their future!

Perhaps, I should see what the “new” elected MP could really help. Or till the same “static” rules, nothing change! Wonder because of me, my “old” MP gone already! Or, just the people unhappy when something built near within!

Better have Singapore Election every year, bring “excitement” to our boring people! This will “motivate” our government do things faster a bit, solve things efficiently quick! (Common practices in most companies/schools judge your performances every year!) – Wait for next 5 years only make them be draggers, retarded in solving problems! If any services or finding jobs go “slowly”, facing “difficulties”, something went terribly wrong! – We have no values! Wait! Wait! Wait! They always offer jobs never long lasting! – full-time jobs might start at part-time beginning, might be the kind of jobs judge your performance in short period, like (3 Days Training At KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre: $3/H... / No Probation Period For Me!) They’re born instinct to reject, not offer and transfer you to the right places! Always see the similar hopeless faces in job fairs – Good for gathering, protesting!

Actually, I felt that Election really stupid! Why can’t they implement choices that meet our needs, suit for everybody!

Our Singapore government systems really suck! They’re not good planners and listeners! Our words always fall on deaf ears! Because, none of their business, they don’t bother! They lack of imaginations and creativeness! Most our buildings are flatted, look so boring and similar! – No balcony for my green! Perhaps, poor people shouldn’t have it, only for the rich! They planted trees blocked my windows, my view! I can’t see the sky, the stars and the moon! – Misery to live below can only see car park! I asked them trim the trees properly but they trimmed the wrong side! – My neighbors’ side! Stop “promoting green things” since I have to turn “on” the light to read! – No much natural light in day! Waste electricity! No solar power systems planned promoting saving! Though I know, possible!

“Developing” countries learn the mistakes from us! So you would receive less complains, and need not upgrading “unnecessary!” build your home wisely! Our Singapore government cannot foresee, they need somebody complaining to meet our basic needs! – Lifts upgrading in every floor, building housings, transportation networks to meet our demands...! All produced noises in our neighborhoods not completely well planned!

I rather they show “initiative approach to help”, let me live a common “happy” life; can afford any, with no worry! Having policies “No more worry! We planned everything well, let you live and die happy!” You will “never be rejected!” Can start work immediately, no more years of waiting! We will find you a job within a month, guarantee! Got free trainings, free meals/uniforms and free company transportations, no more squeezing in peak hours, all in your ease! Just to make you happy! – “Don’t give me an excuse, can’t take care my family, please!”

Choices can improve and suit for everyone needs, no one rejected! That my dreams! Just like my “Café Varieties!
Isn’t it wonderful there’re choices in our communities really care for us seriously?


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