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No One Lives In My Shoe!

No one lives in my shoe. No one will care, even my problems voiced!  They rather watch me dead… my properties sold! Post by Bad In Everything .

Fortune Tur!

Environment turned us abnormal, unfix in everything! DIY create ‘ 发财 Tur ’ abuse others! Get ‘ Attraction ' and profits! Post by Bad In Everything .

Traps Can Be Planned!

Our society always exploit hopeless, poor sufferers, handicapped working long… days earning cheap low paid! No ‘True’ Love, Kindness! Need ‘ Advertise ’ faking good… things to gain contribution, profits! Idiots didn't know traps can be planned! - "Plan For The Tide!" Advertising to lure idiots believe in everything!   Post by Bad In Everything .

Hibernate Myself!

Life so complicated, hard to live! Animals destroyed everything! No quality of life! I’m in pains! ‘ Hibernate Myself! ’ Earth the Same! Hope I died in my sleep! Everywhere practiced genocide! ‘ No space for everybody! ’ Everywhere Kill! No dreams, broken home, no future! - Wish can migrate to better place! Put us sleep... Let my imagination roam during my contemplative days! I need hibernate back to my own world. This world don't seem like mine. I till searching for my clan take me away from this awful place! If happened Lee Kuan Yew , he wished a quick death! - How many enlightened , will understand the meaning ' No life! No pains... '

Noises Farting In The Air!

Tampines St 84, bad place to live! Noises farting in the air by machines! Neighbourhood schools having parties often heard students scream! My neighbours very rich! Renovations always going on… They don’t care those having day sleep! Learn ‘ Meditation ’ shutting noises! Convert them to disasters on earth, bring me Peace! Post by Bad In Everything .

Created Holes For You To Fall... Made You Suffered Lost!

Nothing can promote good jobs, always ended bad! Animals practice ‘ Discrimination! ’ Treated you… 'Aliens' from other world! Created holes for you to fall... made you suffered lost! 'Pointless' complain our Hypocrite Leadership! Only embarrass them! No one professional! Singapore Government corrupted always sit back watch your misery fate! “No voting them! Not sincerely helping!” Advice: Don't give life! World not normal, drive you nuts! ‘Lower expectation!’ Wasted everything! I have reasons, "Not to Care! Animals abused me many ways! Made me sick all days!” Post by Bad In Everything .

Aliens Don’t Like Me!

G4S bad deployment not sincere hiring, gave me inconveniences mean! Practice Transfer other location! No Company ID given. Security cannot protect Security Officers! IC keeps safe by (Strangers) at work ! And no locker! – This how innocents got involved with loan shark, lor! Advice: Nothing Safe! Everything is weapon! No decent! Perverts even at work!                                      Uncivilized HR officer like to shout , made me begging job confirm with other OE when can work! No direct work as full-timer!  Resigned today! Don’t earn any, return all items! After I sent my ‘ Unhappy ’ links to Government! Learn my proper channel protesting! Save you working 2 more weeks! Just, can’t forget the ‘ Dumpster ’ worked for more than 7 hot… days! Cheated by my previous company! No worry  Singapore not one!  Our ‘ Emotionless ’ Government like to watch show! See you suffered lost! “Only talk lots with their mouths! Not their mind!” They’ll use

Don’t Watch With Your Mouth Open! I Can’t Hear Any!

The more knowledge you gained, sadden you are. Everything not perfect! Facts always turned ugly! So Dead… “Don’t watch with your mouth Open! I can’t hear any!” Post by Bad In Everything .

Hate Singapore!

Enemies annoyed us, stepped our toes! Hope we have broken families! Playing with you! Made you suffer lost, travelling here and there! Cannot tolerant any more! Blast this ‘ Hypocrite ’ city for good! No better future! No connection to all! ‘ Singapore Not One! ’ Let’s us die together as one! Post by Bad In Everything .


Don’t pray your ancestors! They not strong enough change your ‘miserable’ fate! – Deteriorated your health, till work after sunset! We need ‘Storms’ change our future! No more be slave! Obedience like Dogs! Post by Bad In Everything .


Show you are initiative! ‘ Pestering skill ’ work! I got job! See many failures I got! Twice unhappy New Year without job! No one can compete! ( Wise... don’t give birth! Else, ended like me! Nowadays, many grandma and grandpa in Singapore till feeding their children!) Observably, Singapore hygienic standard and morals dropped over the years! Despicable reception counter lady also in charge of store at G4S provided bad service! Unprofessional not using ‘ tape measure! ’ Expect me to wear unhygienic uniforms for testing! (Our neighboring countries cultures’ dirty ideas spreading diseases! Pissing locals! ) Of course, I reluctant especially the pants! Wore by many Men! “So, disgusting & insulting! ” Singapore don't care attitude, don't bother how unhappy you are . Treated me like Alien , gave me a sense feeling ‘My job never last long.......! Will return Home!’ Gave me recycled ( used by many users! ) at start! I demanded a change, I can s

Sharpen Teeth!

Don’t underestimate me! If I know inside, out! I can beat all my opponents! Outstanding than so-called normal! If you win… I let you! My environment drained my energy! No time sharpen teeth! No more Ego to challenge! No one will treasure! Turn everyone of us into fossil! Post by Bad In Everything .