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Against Me..!

I want my images movable like Harry Potter! But, Blogger didn’t have looping function for videos. So I create animation in Gif format, no sound at all! It actually working when posted on wall. Like the one from here (

But recently, some of my animations freeze… Motionless in still pic! Above show normal, while below show not normal! Blogger very busy fix my broken parts! So I fixed myself, reinserted again! Blogger need to improve your system as somebody can kill my animations! They hate it, lor! And have video looping function with sound, better! Honestly, loading of whatever is really slow… I almost get heart attack!
Even ‘Disney Animal Kingdom’ my favorite pastimes memories/decoration game, indicator not processing! Cannotearn Goldexpand my land even I keep on playing, till freeze at 50 maximumlevel reached! Free my boredom game frustrated me..!
No better day always something bad happening! My old ATM card also freezes! Nearly charge …

Share Your Very Best Parts!

Human the problems! Human populationwill continueincrease,no matter what! Because, got such parents! husband as a Security ‘Supervisor’ can’t even plan for their future keep on… ‘Popping’ many innocent lives irresponsibly! Why adults having many children, since they can’t afford? They had planned for their future ‘Donation!’ as their members will sick someday... Then, they will say the same things, “Need money, their many children hungry, need to grow, dying...!Resources mostly spent on such family, single family like me had no help at all! The SEXs cycle without birth control will continue forever, make their many children suffer, living in primitive life!
There’re too many Gimmick tricks donations, benefited from the dead, dying and sick, whatever! Boring kind of thing I heard many times on Earth,always promotingthrough media asking people donating!
Believe me, millions or even mor…