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Showcase 'Act Of Kindness!'

No good-hearted people! Only ‘false’ to be good! Charities, whatever, can dictate Stories! Like, “Throwing sheep to the sea made up ‘touching’ love story!” Fooling idiots to gain profit!

Society divided us all... made us imbalance! Turn us be ‘Hater!’ Dislike them always putting Hypocrites Show! 假假做个样! Empty talk! Provide ‘fake’ support!

Underpaid! “Stop doing Charities!” Let the rich assholes ‘Showing off’ act good..... Too ‘many’ animals born on Earth! No one care about you! No true love! Keep dreaming!

Advertising to lure idiots believe in everything! Video: May he drowned it, then saved it! "I no time to shoot, if I save somebody!"

Post by Bad In Everything.

Hypocrites Show! 假假做个样!

Weakest strike can only seein Singapore! Smart ones use MC shield theirexcuses! They not united fight to the end! Not violent too peaceful… died out so soon! Simply, coaxing them like a child, aimed their weaknesses! (♥$) Histories repeated again!Kingdoms fall…offering free gifts! (Scroll down “Animals’ Corrupted Instinct!” gets answers! ‘Peace!’) Advertised themselves to lead them to better future! - All spies & enemies already knew! "Acting help you survive!"

Wonder why most heroes died out in Singapore! Answer:Singaporenot One! Not worth it! You’ll lock in jail or IMH! (Like Facebook抹杀! Keep my posts invisible from public! Somebody reported Spam!) Singapore model like, 抹杀你的灵魂! 抹杀你的梦想! 抹杀…….BeSelf-Centered!Valued history we must learn! “Don’t ‘Strike’ be heroes care for others! No one Care!拍马屁的人abundant!”
See lah! Chinese strike! Scheme of CorruptionSingapore government! Got excuses, unwilling cut their paid!These, our so-called good... leaders!Unfair to jobless! h…

吃草吧! NI!

No doctors can diagnose I had ‘Heart problems’ mainly caused byanimals, without fur! No freedoms expressmy feelings truthfully! 真实! Limit my social life!
Believe In Sin! So-called humans never stopinsulting others sick! Guarantee! Its Dog so easy agitated!Sharing my blogmanually! Didn’t understand its owner insulting me! – Copycat Everywhere!
No privacy on Earth! Animals will shoot! Make you look ugly!
Earth filled with Nuts Idiots (NI) News for idiots believe!
Growing pains!No place, fix me in!Singapore好假!Everythingfor show!Who will care rotten meat? Soon will replace by robots, others, 嫩草! Tender grass! I forecast for you! “Don't give birth, humans worthless!Too many animals born on Earth! No one is ‘normal!’Poor always bullied!No one will Care!‘Panda Eyes’ everywhere! Truth Caring, not exist in our reality!”
吃草吧! 减压! Ease my Heart pains! Unbelievable, I was raised by meat…