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Devils Everywhere

Another Employability Camp by E2i, 5 days @ELITC (Preparation to work in cleanroom @Edwards Lifesciences. A lesson sew on paper to roughly understand the concept!) But no train us handle 'Discriminations' should include in future! - The longest the course, greater the pains! One month long holiday! Pass for certs. again. Not for job!

Having a wonderful 2 days tour visited Edwards Lifesciences (1st day sew cow skin, 2nd day sew fabrics). Affordable varieties of food my favor in a stylish clean spacious canteen! $17 NETS FlashPay card given, easy payments! But still got many workers brought their food placed in the canteen. (Like junk storeroom with colorful packaging!) Don’t they afraid Perverts (Devil Minded) poisoning their food to get… cancers, diseases? In return, helped Authorities gain more $profits when you sick! (Singapore too many bad news related to perverts!)

Later I was told, their food and drink cannot put in lockers, must in the canteen. Till queue... for toilets in the crowd. Searching for toilet roll which awkwardly hanged on the hanger of a toilet’s door! (Frightened me, thought I need to pay for their toilet rolls at the canteen!)

Be prepare work in Edwards Lifesciences! The company's culture, not religious friendly. Use Cow skin tissues for heart valves, more favorable to Muslims. (Though, Pigs most closest to humans genes!) - Only affected the holy believers.

The Poor don’t bother if they're very hungry for food!
Stealing corpses from... then eating them. Or, sold to Black markets!

Truly the job meaningful, to save lives! But mainly for the rich people can afford expensive operations! (Watched their videos, only successful operated rich patients invited to their company, celebrate!)

I worked in cleanroom before can bring along my very personal things (like keys chain, $wallet and $Mobile phone in silent mode) wearing fully covered cleanroom suit, except my eyes exposed, like Ninja!

Edwards Lifesciences, cannot! The most ridiculous of their SOP odd practices for Contamination, anything inside your pockets must be emptied including your keys chain, $wallet and $Mobile phone all must keep in their ‘Share’ lockers (use by different shifts!) - No personal locker, more dirty, smelly (Socks sting!) No security control, helped Diseases Outbreak! As more foreigners coming in and out of the city.

Only your spectacles, locker key, lanyard not classified as contaminated items, can bring along!

Not 100% highly cleanroom (Cleanroom suit near the kneecaps, and can wear own shoes!) Cleanroom suit also disposed after 1 week too!

Most people will feel naked, empty without their personal items.
Be Beggar at workplace, empty-handed!

我懂分寸. I Know the severity working in Cleanroom. But they gave me another stupid reason, their workers will take out their personal items in Cleanroom. - Shown, I work with stupid people!

(Reminded me a Devil Minded outsourced officer (贼头贼言) created his own SOP, tried to fool me to keep my belongings, without proper SOP record! No locker in Security line in Singapore! No one will compensate your lost!)

Bad working cultures practices helped you lost more, or hidden your identity! (Fake Death! Went missing!) Security issues like ‘Malaysia Airline Flight MH370’ can Unknown for years... - Security just another business on Earth; ‘安抚人心’ for those don’t feel secure!
Unidentified corpses were sent for donations related to accidents!

Authorities (Devil Minded) will charge you higher fees ($Fine) to renew your identity, anything lost! (DNA Test costly to find your family!)
Most killed by Religious

Hard investigate the unknown! (Many cases simply closed!) Received scam calls… Reported to police, they’ll say “Untraceable. Internet calls.” - Our identity cards revealed details, easily targeted! (Mainly due to Companies, Agencies collected your IC, no employee passes! Invited intruders, teachers or trainers, or using WhatsApp collecting your details.) Even, the roadside survey can also jeopardize your career! Many bad cases linked together! (Like 黑社会集团公司 Triad Group Companies created loopholes... to steal your properties!)

Security management 超烂 might folly cut wrong locker (belonged somebody), due to your locker stuck unable open, or forgotten your locker location! (And helped missed your company bus too!) - Always got victims lost their properties. Due to dishonesty, security loopholes practices! Your personal items might be gone! Like Malaysia and United States Data leak! (资料泄露) - If happened in Singapore, authorities will hide the truth as deep as possible, to avoid panic! Singapore cultures cultivated many be Stories Tellers give false statements! Else, they lost their rice bowls! (SMRT sacks 8 staff, holds 5 others responsible over falsification of records)

Singapore not safe, secure! Surveillance useful when accidents happened and reported before a certain time! (Recorded videos may blur (not high definition) and will be erased for reuse in the security line, save costs!)

Don’t underestimate the Secret Underworld Companies Practices they capable anything, you can’t imagine! They take advantages of any security loopholes to steal cloning your properties from your locker, and steal later where you live! Endangered others living near you! Singapore got Unnatural Death, home robberies too! (Police never investigate the companies keep your properties!) - There’s always someone better! (天外有天. 道高一尺, 魔高一丈!)

有收获! 耿耿于怀的东西. 终于解了! Now I understand, why I failed my test a few years ago. Foreign talent trainer, Selfishness! No tips given, sew theirs standards. No proper training! (About an hour, came out from Edwards Lifesciences!)
Tips: Must poke through a thread at the edge through the same hole without a gap at both sides!

Now, got hand fingernails check before using their tools (hairnet, surgical mask, and special gloves given too!) No worry got first try to understand the mistakes we made (sewing on a small piece of cloth @non-cleanroomMost Singaporeans failed when taking the test, even they know how to sew!

Gimmicks (刁难你...) helped you failed:
  • Unlucky sat wrong position. Everything shake!!! (In class, I made a fat clumsy guy angry sat far away from me, cannot sew gracefully always gave me earthquakes!)
  • Needle not sharp, blunted! (Took me some time to poke into a thread at the edge, unnatural sewing.)
  • Loss fabrics sewed or stuck inside thread, also fail!
  • Unremovable blurred stains inside Lens. (You may perform with 1 eye on a perfect Len!)
  • Disadvantage wearing specs, smaller view using Microscope! (Though got a better alternative!)
No large diameter round lens magnifier, suit most!

No great mood after the test. The person in charge playing attitudes, cruel… gave me anxiously waiting for 5 days work trial! HR (Story Teller) changed my actual date, asked me to wait for SMS without given me a specific date! (Treated me different from others, attained the same class)
Hate conversation spoken on phone, said, “Needle will poke into gloves, the chemical will enter poisoned my skin! - Their main concerns.

“Am I stupid cannot sense the needle coming, or change my gloves if broken?
Stronger than sterilizer solution l bought from the hospitals?
If so poisoned can put into patients?” - That what I had told them.

HR bullshits farting the same stories to my classmates!

鬼话连篇! 骗谁? Better HR made up another story, easy get ‘Mad Cow Diseases!’ Show me cool horrified images convinced me their workplace very dangerous! May I thank them for saving me from hell!
Edwards Lifesciences
Edwards Lifesciences poisoned my skin!

又把我给宰了! Not gone through 5 days work trial to show off my skills, and free medical checkups yet! The jokers became judges (Story Tellers created ridiculous nuisances!) No trial for me. Even I'd passed theirs sewing test without error! That I'm aware my capabilities in details hand-on skills! - But they do not look at your skills!

No peace of mind stays away from harmful radiation. No clean environments, 5 days work week air-con, sitting jobs! Asthma also in their criterion! (Afraid the weak ones got side effects prolong using Microscope, getting dizziness, fainted, or vomiting in their cleanroom, polluted their air!)
Edwards Lifesciences
Health problems will destroy their reputations! 

“Do their Farts count too?”

Salute your enemy with your Fart! (官官相护讲的都是屁话!)

United States companies not open to freedom of speech in Singapore. They don’t like your feedback or any possibility risks! - They hope you unaware, be stupid! Like Muted workers!

You won't enjoy yourself, entertaining as usual. Others sensed dangers intentionally to lost, quit for that day! (Failed their test) - Not everything made in cleanroom environments. The Rules and Regulations too overboard and redundant! As everything (completed products or dead bodies' parts) will send for final sterilization (kill germs, bacteria) before implanted or operated on patients!

Though their rules pretty weird (cannot save everyone from hurts!) Singaporeans should learn from Foreign Talents how to overcome their odd rules (Extra pockets sewn inside them, hideout keep valuables!) No place is safe! 魔界人士到处有... “Been lost a $10 note (保命回家) in my bag at workplace too.” - Hard for Security Screening for religious stronger than security concern in Singapore. (No one will check your metal bra, metals you wearing inside, you! Wayang type!)

Singapore corrupted in many ways! No Humans’ Right! None able assist me! Die of shame be Singaporean! Government unable protect their vulnerable citizens! "They helped us stay out of society, stayed at home very long… without friends in Singapore!"

Disgusting watching kind... videos to patients, but discriminated them when they apply for jobs!

How you feel if you the terminally ill patient, will you feel guilty for the truth?

Save a life caused many... angry, unhappiness and dissatisfied, in our everyday life!

Better Government classified Sensitive skin, Knees pains, Asthma or any ailments as handicapped too, gave us very special treatments applying for jobs! - Singapore is a discrimination society! Everyone has a part to abuse others. Be honest in Singapore is a very bad thing! Learn from Edwards Lifesciences, lessons learned not to be truthful. Having Sensitive skin also a bad thing to them even they provided gloves! (Gloves the basic safety protection at workplace whether their workers had sensitive skin, or not!) - Living with thoughtless idiots, hypocrites, help me stop loving people.
Devil World Too Great playing my life!

Singapore 狗咬狗的, 伤人. 害人! 坏人多, 坏事. 假好人多的是! Devil World too great created disasters & security loopholes… hazards for your future.

Dedicated to enemies play party! Jokers upset me, made me angry!!! I am sensitive to everything!


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