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Mine, Environment Green Made Me Sick!

I called “Tampines Town Council” last week, but no operator handled my calls, during operating hours! So, I feedback online, because they trimmed only 1 tree near my kitchen! – Again at the wrong side! My neighbor side!

Their action fast, trimmed it within 2 days! – 1st day sent their contractor had a look, 2nd day trimmed away! But, only trimmed 1 tree properly near my kitchen!

They didn’t trim properly on other tree! – A branch of the tree till extended toward the lamp post closes to my room!

Environment green doesn’t well for my family, living in a “dark” home, like a dungeon! My mum will over sleep! She had special gift, morning light can wake her up, without alarm clock! But for me, I need her call! Now, I only can see little part of the beautiful sky!

Just released from my torture course, too busy I was on my course! I had my own party, slept late early this morning. Only 2 hours of sleep then received a morning call! Since, no action on other tree after a week, so I took action…

So Disturbing!

Jobless made me retarded, sloppy and lazy. Unable wake up from my sleep, even my mother nagged on me!
But, with her persistence by nagging me, I finally gave in!
Isn’t it similar like this! – Web falls in love with dozing cat’s encounter with dove ( it’ll happened anywhere, anyone, if you do pay attention to all living things!

Now, my mother no need nag on me. And no more afternoon nap for me! She bought a pet from a market that can sing to entertain me!

But, I changed a new one for her! – Malfunction, after I reassembled it!
I did a cleaning because it’s dusty! Got music out from the speaker, but the bird not moving, only moved when it’s slanted forward, 45 degree! – Defect in connectors!

The seller also the boss pretended helpful assembled the faulty toy for my mother, told her not to disassemble it! – Just to sell away the entire faulty toys to fool “naive” old people! Lucky, the boss not …

Eat Me! You Die!

Religion is good too, only for those don’t kill a thing that had thoughts and dreams. They learn to be kind and don’t dare to do bad things, because they will feel guilt easily! Those don’t have they’ll make good use of Gods to make money, killing and offering!

The stupidest way to kill for meats! They till belonged to the “Stupid Barbaric Era”, practices the "Immoral Horrific Cruelty Acts!”
• Australia stops some cattle exports to Indonesia ( these animals have bigger brains than my hamster pets. They can sense you evils killing them! They’re not so lucky than my playmates, can die naturally when they’re weak and old!

• Woman in China roasts puppy alive ( People are poor, have nothing to eat, so they kill. That’s the culture created by poor people! Eat any if they’re so despaired!

I had seen many others videos mo…