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Salting Me!

No potential wise leaders able give anyone a good place to live! The real harsh things I came across it! (Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut!)
Lucky his boss was not defaced, or he will knew what is like being rejected from the society! Stop believe in Gods, since people treated you bad! Human can play Gods! Always make you mad!
Should sprinkle water, if it stubborn to stay! That's the good reason; never ever act to be hero in Singapore! Because, we only have many self-centered and runaway animals!
My Government the worst of the kind hired many black sheep! Neverapproachhelp me, they tried their very best to avoid, never rectify problems I met! And make things complicated! My wounds till hurt..!Humans always salting me, hurt my wounds deeply! Watching me… dying! – Just like Jesus betrayed and abandoned by his friends and family let the bad abused him to death! Only built up his fame after he’d dead! Simpl…