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Bury My Hardship In My Hollow!

Everything Rubbish … fabricated by idiots humans being! Arrogant companies humiliate us carry our ‘bulky’ Certs. in public! Shown us, we’re jobless, losers for years…! Hope we spoilt our original by many clumsy dirty touchers! Dirty theirs… hanged on walls! Since they’d no sense of thoughts for jobseekers carry ‘ Copies ’ of original! “ Terrorists Safe! Do Business! Anyone can forge Certs. whatever to fool idiots! ” Instead they ruined mine! I rather be ‘ Qin Shi Huang ’ burn all Certs. Souvenirs! Bury my Hardship in my hollow! Since no more value! Hate Interview! Underpaid jobs! Post by Bad In Everything .

Exploit Your Usefulness

Companies always exploit your usefulness to save costs! Overload you with extra work, cos you're worker! Hate New Year.... Celebration! They'll exploit you... as cleaner , mover, whatever helper! Post by Bad In Everything .

Double Surprise!

I most humble than Well-Fat! No ceremonies! No Funeral! No waste money, no waste time, no waste land! Not even tears….. 没有钱养老 ..! Simply, throw away like my dead pets! I’ll keep secret! If my chimpanzee died! No one will know her missing , died many years…… ‘ Singapore Not One! ’ Only care theirs future ! I live here I know best! No true love! Keep dreaming!   Singapore hypocrites pretend care! Isolate you among the rest! ( Label Me Sick! Sick 4 U See! ) Singapore Media always ‘block’ the facts… gruesome scenes bloody links! Search yourself sawing dead bodies, exchange parts! – ‘Dead Can’t Talk!’ Very dirty work stolen from others! An old saying, praying the wrong Gods died faster and horrible! Gods granted your wish ‘Shrink Population!’ Less competition! Well-Fat taken off! Religions kill....... If there’s god, nothing will extinct! Wishers cast spells on their sons who’d made them, run harder! – ‘Broken Vase’ story among the common! Se

Easy Targeted Died In One Shot!

‘ Common Idiots ’ poisoned by their leader, programmed follow their goal! They can’t say, “ No to everything! ” They don't have their points of view , any choices for their own! ' Easy targeted died in one shot! ' Post by Bad In Everything .


Companies abundant copycat others! They lacked of ideas! "Attention Everybody! Somebody copy me again! And change my gender! I only have 1 Facebook account! Only 1........ If you received messages from other account, rest assured I'm not the one sent!" Indians no wisdom always copycat others. Their cultures! Post by Bad In Everything .