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Dead Can’t Talk!

‘ Dead Can’t Talk! ’ 冤… 死了! Anything, can Say! Unless, ‘Back from the dead!’ (死不能说! 说什么都行! 除非, ‘死而复活!’ 告诉你原因!) Video: Cat Back From Dead! ‘死而复生!’ Only ' Autopsy ' unable Dead, be alive! “Not even Gods can save you.........” Introduced by 'Extraordinary' people! – It's legal! Contribute to those in need! (奉献给需要的人!) Died for a purpose , we need your organs! 死不能说!  ' No Heaven! ' No more nice things! That's fact! Everywhere businesses! Post by Bad In Everything .

Kill… U! Toy U!

Singapore bonding not Close! ' hypocritical 'love ... Destroyed by Aliens killed others to Live! Loved Not everybody on Earth! Most Abandoned, killed! Singapore no Initiative Helping others! Not sincere ... very arrogant! Any time, They Toy you! Treat you like Dogs! Begging Jobs! 'Wait ...!' ready to play with you! 'Bouncing off!' let you Baipao! white ... and so on! The entire ordeal was too much! get your heart is not normal! Answers:! '! Singapore Safe' That's Why Animals Dare to Piss !!! "! Singaporeans, it does not matter a lot more than dead!" Just Imaging! 'Dangerous Weapons!' Allowed by Law! They HAD Died 'Millions' Times ... for Hurting! (if firearms permit in Singapore! I do not know how many times they're dead!) "Unlike me, disclose my whereabouts! No bodyguards! Still alive! "(unlike me, to disclose my whereabouts! do not need a bodyguard! still alive!) Dedicated to Bad companies Wa

No Comfort Foods ‘Stable Rice Bowl!’

No Loyalty Commitment, for corrupted companies exploited and fooled you! Spoilt your mood! Who care yours misfortune? Why bother work… hard! Most jobs given to others! All your efforts were in vain! Animals will destroy everything! Put you in wrong place! “Things not come the way, wanted! Eventually, you will give up yourself! That’s what they made of me!” Singapore 烂工一大堆, 让你麻木! Everything retard… with broken dreams! Corruption piled up years after years! “ No comfort foods ‘Stable Rice Bowl! ’ No humans touch! Many dumb ways show our Glory! Singapore spirit, not uplift by us! But by well-fed Aliens, Craps of Shits! ” “心不在这里 I'm leaving! Searching ‘Stable’ food chain, stronger tree! ” 'Singapore Not One!' Animals Kill Others To Live... Post by Bad In Everything .

Sun & Moon Never Be Together!

Crazy World! 你会被感染! Not sure what you love, anymore! Devils 心理变态, 神经病! Always snatched my Sunshine! Hit me back to Darkness! “玩 ‘牛郎织女’ 的游戏! 安排不会让你们见面, 在一起! 弄你心理不正常! Hope I miss…” Singapore working culture, ‘ No Say Goodbye! ’ to buddies/friends implemented by black-hearted uncivilized animals! May, they tried to train me, hating men! Worth studying! ‘Gays’ Clubs increased, years after years! They can’t see the whole of me , only the holes I dug! My sadness, my love… broken dreams! Whatever unhappiness, buried underneath! 我的箴言! “ Don’t love too deep! Else, you’ll hurt deep…! ” No more tears… I immune everything I’d lost! ‘ Sun and Moon never be together! ’ That’s my destiny! My name implied mean! “I was trained be emotionless! I won’t shed a tear, if anyone died! Try killing mine! I’m waiting…” The world, not just ‘One’ Star! There many… Again, looking for stars can illuminate my lonely soul! “世界, 不是只有一个光! 再次, 寻找着光芒, 照射我孤独的心灵!” “Don’t love too deep! Else, you’ll hurt deep…!”

Gods Don’t Love You!

Living in a world so cruel… Villains stabbing behind you! Killing your rights! “新加坡人很多余! 去死吧! 断你的翅膀! 在也飞不起来!” “ Gods don’t love you! They’ll break your wings, send you to Dead Pit! ” (Hope I have strong wings, away from this Ugly city! 希望我有强壮的翅膀, 远离这个丑陋的城市! 火坑!) Animals Despicable! They’ll Kill U For Living! ‘No space for everybody!’ Everywhere Kill! No dreams, broken home, no future! The world till spin , even U & I not exist! Till got millions... animals will fighting! (Lee Kuan Yew is a free-thinker , he will say that.)