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Downgraded ‘Bai Xiu!’

Do you know why our education , trainings very slow… and long… to complete? Answers: Singapore Government corrupted wants to earn more $! They can’t handle, can’t create smart jobs , if everyone graduated at young age! “ Different background cultivated different kids! Of course! Must have good teachers teach you well!” So envy... born in such family can learn many things! If born poor… Employers, our Government don’t bother your life! Don’t expect our Government can afford to care you... when you’re old! Old age till enjoy pains! Why migrate to this heartless, hypocrite city? Keep pets , better! No more guarantee your children will care you in future! That’s our reality in Singapore ! Pains will be hidden forever , if not died at work!

So Helpless…Without Hopes!

No vote for Government their ‘inefficient, hypocrite’ companies not truly helping! I rather 'Rejected vote!' What for voting? Only made us poorer each day! While they richer everyday! ( Our Practices On The Idiot, Worthless & The Wise! ) They’ll never understand the poor… always slaughtered us ‘Wasted our Time & Money’ interview twice, or more! If ‘Free transport’ I don't mind travel many times! The rich animals always playing with us made us sick, depressing! Cos they don’t have true ‘ Love… Qing 情 ! ’ Money hard to earn! Most despicable companies exploited their employees perform many roles… unsociable , retarded jobs! Don’t allow us work smart, only work retard and hard! Save yourself! No one can help! Even if, I worked hard whole my life, can't have big house big dreams big garden! No desired stable jobs allow personal time! Spare tire for sole breadwinner, part-time ‘flexi’ jobs also hard to find! Imagine no boredom , doing differ

No Fair Play In Justice!

Humans lost their common senses to feel… poisoned , slaved to their God forever! Parents the roots of the problems brainwashing their children! If you have common senses, you don't need them! Not every poor got help from charities! Most killed by religions, died in tragedies! If there’s God, nothing will extinct! Religions protect Sins! They advertise to make profits for their own enjoying! Good… news for terrorism! Not easy detected! Can start businesses make $ from idiots! Solve crimes rely on somebody. Should ask your God… since you so believe! I love this, it makes sense! Never blame your God take away! Always bless bless bless… “If you lost your loved ones, should thank your Gods taken them away!” There’s no fair play in justice! Whether you’re innocent or not! As long you have money you can set free! Sequence of Events! If not guilty should ask