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Screening For The Truth, For Morons!

I shared to everybody, Eda Leong “Unfriend” me on the day I posted this (Bad Period)
The very thick skin Eda Leong lost her face already removed her photo and scolded me again! She’s angry with me I informed everybody the true thing! – Caused her declined, not much people liking her. I want to reply back but she’s blocked me! Go ahead change everything, start a new again!
This is our professional discriminated people who had sick! Now I had very bad impression of her! Don’t try act to be a good person, you’re such a good liar, had already seen my info, blog and knew everything! My evil witch made me sick, trying to make me less social! Whatever how high your qualification is, people lack of moralities, already low to me! Just remember one day you will sick too! If you think I’m very sick, ask your Gods see doctor too, Gods willing die and suffer for you because they also have “Depression” too!

You should appreciate a hermit like me start talking to humans again! And appreciate I blogg…

Bad Period

I almost forgot her but she seem like trying to get my attention! She’s addicted, can’t live without, reposting this on News Feed! Fine! I grant your wish added you in!
Sent message to her naive friends (only for those able to send, those cannot fooled by her forever!), explaining for those innocents cannot talk and already lost interest on social networking! Now, she alerted and hid everything from me. – If you scare to lose anything! Don’t show to the public!
Now I know why Facebook game friends cannot put a "Like" and “comment” on her, because she changed her setting on me recently! Funny people trying to act innocent! Only her idiot friends believed her! Learn bad things from her setup her friends because Facebook allow! – Loopholes everywhere to hurt people!
Note: If you unwilling to share but till keep your other friends list, there’s “Online Chat” tell all your nice friends to act fast to snatch! Or ask facebook improve all game apps able you to send gifts to only yo…

Parents: The Root Of The Problems!

If you prepare to live, starting a new family. Prepare to answer, why you want to be parents created form of a living thing! In case your children have their own thoughts like me, ask you such thing!

Parents answers (Combination of all or any, prepared for you!):

Dodo/idiot parents follow others do! – These are our cultures! Our children must follow our footsteps! They’re our future! (No one should encourage giving birth, it doesn’t make good sense since you can’t solve problems! The earth is sick! Your later generations will suffer! No future!)

Superstitious parents care about the date their children must be born in a certain special day! (Advice to all superstitious parents! Don’t let your children be born to be a “Scorpio” and in the “Full Moon season!” like me! Or they will be “sad” all day! – So don’t blame me why I’m sad, hardly smile! I was born this way! And to all superstitious parents also change the reservoirs, there’ll be dead bodies died in it, will bring you unlucky…

Retarded Queue!

I’d been through many sick job fairs. Listen their Presentation, waited long queue for 'Pre Screening', no queue number given interview called by name!

Dirty our private parts! Sitting on somebody hot seat
for the next queue! Authorities treated Singaporeans retarded! Wonder this stupid queue originated, spread diseases!

They just tossed tasks to us! Helping themselves taking photos to promote their businesses collecting funds! (Don’t smile helping them promote, free!) No better jobs! No connection! No systematically help the poor upgrade new skills! Simply told us wait for call! None successful! No good news! Wasted too much time & money! Ridiculous, Singaporeans can’t get job easy!

Without U & I exist! Till got millions... 
animals fighting for the posts!
Singapore is ‘hypocritical’ city! No comfort foods ‘Stable Rice Bowl!’ Singapore values (价值观) corrupted humans rights caused many Singaporeans jobless, became Nuts, handicapped staying home & lost our home! True fa…