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The Next Unlucky One!

On 14 September 2011 not a good day for me, my Operations Executive wanted to transfer me to further place not in my neighborhood (wasted my transport money and steal my sleep!) But, I rejected to be transferred! (Bad name, heard from other people on the web!) Someone complained to him, I mentioned bomb! (Learn from evil people how to sabotage other’s career!) But, I rather talk about my life in my blog!) People dare to complain me, but don’t dare show their name and face! Perhaps, were the angry people, cleaners, or managers in the school I offended, when controlling the traffic or stopped them for not wearing pass! Actually, I can balance the traffic in all direction! But, my chief made noises in my walkie-talkie! – Priority the “Importance” rich people’s children in school buses go first! Impatience people in other direction didn’t like waiting! Not very happy my men bullied me and people disobeyed the rules, scolded and complained about me, and the loopholes everywhere in

No Real Man In Singapore!

Appearance of the international school I worked in my neighborhood looked new and the facilities might be good. But, the toilets not cleaned! Because the ‘new’ cleaners had quit for cleaning the whole buildings! – Their facilities management problems, I need to inform! Cleaners angry with me for doing more jobs! Worst than my local schools with sufficient cleaners, cleaned everyday, no complain! No card rack for employees just put on table for them to pick! Wasted their time searching! Stupid bosses didn’t have prevention! People helped others clocking! – Old-fashion, till using clocking card, wow! Wonder how the people got their driving license? People in Singapore drove so fast in school! Don’t approach the “Guardhouse” for help, anyhow drive, can’t see the main lobby, and every time need to direct the traffics! Others didn’t follow the arrows! Even, the people belonged to the school didn’t obey the laws, because they’re bosses! CCTV must aim at them, takes away their “Drivi