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Job Hopping!

Force to Job Hopping! Animals killing me.........!
Change for better life! Better day!

Post by Bad In Everything.


Companies never miss opportunities, even you had dead!
Souvenirs keep in touch with love ones! Remind us lives easy lost...

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Uncivilized Underworld!

Don’t trust security, said “Easy Job!” working @IBM offered 'No fix' paid! (~$1500 to $1700 depended on months!) Changing passes faraway, wasted time reaching home! Assignment posts walking outside building! (Feel like walking 10 times of Giant @Tampines!) – Lost interest shopping, even shopping centers opposite!

Always got briefing! Not everyone on time always postponed duty due to last minute change! (Coffee, toilet breaks, whatever! No rushing!) Now, Security guards become writer, writing ‘same’ non-important reports on Occurrence books (I named ‘Wayang’ Books) – Wasted ink on every assigned post!

Singapore filled with Bad designers didn't sense our Shoes, created blind spots! No Fan! Strong lighting hitting our faces @Main gate blinded our eyes! – We need more donors! I’m waiting...

Should wayang, no time record many details! Uncivilized vehicles never stop for checking (冲 ha!) rushing in @peak hours! My face not dark enough! 杀气不够重! They no fear…
No improvement, till m…

Heating Me! 火上加油!

Stuck in heat period! Always feel hot… as somebody heating me again! 火上加油!

Hope my city burn to ashes!

Migrate the coldest place, never feel heat again!

Post by Bad In Everything.

Life No... Equality!

We not well-fed, force to catch fish! Harsh… on hard ground!!!

While others, simply flip their wings, mouth full of fish!

Life No... Equality!Singapore Pledge FAKE! 'No Equality!’ (Most died, unnatural death!)

‘No space for everybody!’ Everywhere Kill! No dreams, broken home, no future! - Secure theirs future, not mine!

Singapore only had 'Discrimination' companies! [Read More]

'Love' In My Toilet Bowl!

I saw 'Love' in my toilet bowl!
Hope my pains wash away, easy forgotten!!!

Post by Bad In Everything.