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Well-Fed animals always advertise good things, killed others gain profits! Theirs words empty meaningless, for showcases purposes acting kindness! “Never reach out sincerely helping my family whatever I love, but shut down me! Hope problem-free!”

Hypocritical, discrimination environments caused us ‘Anti-Social!’ Trust nobody! No one precious your life if concerned theirs lives and death! No friend charitable if you’re poor… powerless! ‘True Colors’ in our society! ‘看人的!

After all, living in a world ‘No sense of Trust’ we can’t live without grilles, doors, windows closed, any protection!

Isn't nice viewing the ‘Wonder’ without obstructions? (That’s my dream world, live without fear!)

That's fantastic!  Isolated me from the world! Another dangerous Lee till alive in modern world. 

Dedicated to those acting charitable, not helping! Post by Bad In Everything.

Well-Fed Caused Us 心残! Handicapped!

Isn't bad be Handicapped! Time goes slow… no hectic, people serving you all day! Rehearsal ‘Donation’ for charities purpose! What seem problems, in fact ‘BIG Blessing’ fortune for them, rich! 意外的收获! Who need most, no one knows! Just for show! “No one will do charities businesses, if no profits benefits!”

“Why donate, animals didn't care my life? I wish exchange life!”

Frankly be Non-disabled, life tougher… more stressful than Handicapped! No excused from torturing ‘numb’ work, experience physical pains! Be puppets abused by well-fed get satisfaction by watching us pains! Caused us 心残! No job! 在家等死… No cure for damaged Heart! – Like drowning bear falling from edge bolted into deep sea! No hope left! No way goes!

They never suffered hardship, always happy! (Got money in through Charities!) While those suffered hardship, never be happy!
Singapore got higher level dictating stories to gain profit! Exploit special needs to do charities businesses received Millions dollars every mon…

My Stories Always Hidden From Space!

Don't expect Sufferers able connect the world! Authorities control Cyberspace! Destroyed your Nest! Everything!

“My Stories always hidden from space!” SG idiots control everything! Don't allow expressing my thoughts! They'll blocked my links. 'Unable to post comment.' - No freedom of speech!

That's fantastic!
Isolated me from the world! Another dangerous Lee till alive in modern world.
Post by Bad In Everything.

No ‘Mutual Respect!’ 死了都要爱!

Love is ‘Mutual Respect!’ Not robbing! Not forcing! 是双方面的!

'死了都要爱!' Idea came from abnormal 'Deceptive' Companies! (挂羊头卖狗肉!) Forced others do against theirs will! Using legal loopholes seized your hard-earned money, whatever! “死都不放你走! 夺你, 钱…”

“Make sure who you love! Perverted animals will do anything, just for Money!” – 救你, 是为了钱! 不是真的爱你!
Singapore is ‘hypocritical’ city! Love counted by dollars!
Post by Bad In Everything.

Run Away When Disasters Came!

Humans’ world ugly! They never care I got, speared! Never improve my life better! Never lend a helping hand, solving my problems!

But, ran away from ‘Negatives’ as far as they could! Hope my ‘History’ Erased! Nobody knows the existence of the truth!

That's fantastic! Isolated me from the world! 
Another dangerous Lee till alive in modern world. Believe In Sin! Enemies destroyed others lives! Killed others for Fun! Simply earn theirs own money! 只顾赚自己的钱! No connection to the needy!

Singapore is ‘hypocritical’ city! 没有好人, 都是演出来的! Just for show! - True love don't run!

Post by Bad In Everything.