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My Petty Static Minded Followers!

I learn to interact with people through blogging. Some netizens talks funny and interesting, others are so naive! Others talk nonsense; don’t know what they’re talking! While others would twist their comments from bad to good, and vice versa! – Hypocrite! But there a few speak rational and wise, good lessons for me! Except those who had static minded with petty feeling, preaching and promoting their god things! Talk bad others religions, judging and criticizing illogically! Or said those are saved, because their gods loved them only! It only shows they are so despaired and impure, needs to promote their gods these way! You can see them anywhere, especially when disasters or bad things happening!

People who really pray, they prayed in their heart, they don’t go online use the name of gods to preach! It may be good to wish miracles will happen to help the weak and the sick. Seem we are so hopeless and we need support! – That what wise people always say!

Some people will scold them direc…

WTS And e2i Stingy Sauna Job Fair For Today!

Sunny today 25 March 2011, I went to Workfare Training Support (WTS) in my area Tampines, open space road show! I don’t feel hot, it had shelter! No crowding, no need to queue but need to pay! – Training courses to get certificate(s)!

After that I went to Ang Mo Kio, e2i Job Fair at Cheng San Community Club started at 2pm. I had registered online already but need to queue for long to get through! They gave me Jobs listings but only 1 job can be chose! I don’t like the Jobs listings; it didn’t state the location, salary and no email address of the companies to send my resume! Only long working days, rotating shifts, need yrs of experience, etc…

Decide what job I wanted most while queuing for a 2nd long queue, till outside the hall, just to get a number! Glad there’re no rain, or we’ll wet all! Queue too long, Jobs listings were not enough for everybody! So my Jobs listings were taken away!

Something wrong with their coordination! My cousin had gone for 2hrs before me, we having the …

We’re Not Prepared To Live!

If there’s anybody abandoned their kid in a safe place for us to pick. You should say the kindest things! They didn’t throw them to an isolated place let the wilds to eat! Only it’s a torture, if you did not kill it quick!

Don’t blame, saying negative things, judging them what you thinking! Because you have not experienced all the bad things in their life! You living in your good damn shit! Only people who in the same line and thoughts can understand them!
I lost my hopes and my dreams, I ended my life, take my love ones with me! Animal experiment, common sense to protect their young from harm! Keep away from us trying to act kind, talking the good things but actually not helping! Please confess what made you decide to commit suicide! Because people like to do the guessing, for the dead!

I don't give up easily, but somehow people will make me feel no sense of purpose to live! Simply, rejecting, judging, criticizing, discouraged me! No comfort zone for me, always make me think negati…

Another The Copycat! The Idiot!

Another copycat found on the web copied my speech! ( Converted my speech using his own thinking – Good example talk bad words about others! Practiced in most companies! But only read the introduction of me, not my real life stories!
Moon reply to WhiteDwarf Star

Don’t you ever came across anything that written so long, blah blah in a complicated, boring way, but actually can written very short and simple that can understand by all! If you a listener, which one you prefer? Animal experiment again can proof it all, most preferred with feeling in simple and short, or there will be question marks in the air lots! – More loopholes, more yawning!

I’d been through Recruitment Agencies – Adecco/Recruit Express Pte Ltd/Kelly Services/ Excellent HR Pte Ltd/L&H Human Resources Specialists Pte Ltd/Mass Power Services Pte Ltd …… Same for all mostly! Written my details in their applications but no respons…


We’re programmed in our own unique way! Programmed don’t accept any change. Just like my mum always need to pray, only get poorer instead! No better change! – Always said the same thing “Don’t believe, don’t talk!” in Cantonese! While others programmed only accept logical concepts, just like scientists! While others programmed accept everything, they get viruses easily! Only survived if they’ll immune to it! Their life spans may change! Or get smarter! – upgrading and backup constantly!

You should be glad I didn’t show human’s porn things! Our interests, tastes are different! We’re programmed differently! I use animals for interpretation of you human beings, my thoughts, my feeling and my life, and delicate to somebody, special! Humans charged me everything! They’re my free best actor and actress! Their souls are purer than humans! They’re adorable and sincere! – They’re the pretty things on earth! Only if, my mind corrupted! I lost my memories! I might someday show human things!

Zhu h…

Please Me!

Most animals easy to please if you gained their trust treated them as your own family! They would obey you! But, they till have their own rules, they can reject to please you! If you till love them, no punishment! If punishment given, people certainly say “Animals Abuse!”

So unfair! Hard to please humans! Punishments will be given! They just want you follow their complicated rules! Because you’re a human like form, no excuse!

Yes, I run for you!
I’ll run after my tummy full! Human made my life so boring doing the same things! My life is to eat, not to please!  (Animal’s experiment! Learn more than 1 language from human!)

I’m exhausted reach the top and waited for my honey’s call, just to please her lor!  (Now, he had retired. Males get bored so easily!)

Too bad Singapore cannot keep a lot of animals, illegal in this city! Lost the fun knowing their talents what they’re good in!