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Easy To Mislead!

I’m a devil, a director, a good planner! I led her easily to a dead pit! She believed in me whatever I say, whatever I directed her to do! She will follow! Because I gave her comfort zone, I never lie! She trusted me, never knew I trick! She jumped in because she’s stupid and slow to process her brain!

But later she realized something went terribly wrong! She was quick to react and escaped from me! (My playmate ‘Zhu’ is fat and clumsy. She’s very obedient and social, easy be fooled! But I underestimated her!)

Not everyone is professional! There’re always loopholes! – Mostly protect the evils! Most humans cannot foresee the bad incidents happening! If they can they will try to avoid it or correct it! There’re always crimes and complains! Because we didn’t pay attention to the details, care for others! But, we can improve it if we want to make a better change!

Weak So Badly In Singapore!

Don’t say I’m weak in anything! Not every school’s systems the same! Not every teacher are devoted, they’re pay to teach! Too many students they wouldn’t remember me! A lot of knowledge can learn but always left behind, we never use it often and we never practice! No facilities, no talented people willing to teach for free!

I had seen talented foreigners worked low pay can count using their mental brains! But we need calculators! We’re too weak protected, hardly encounter dangers and hardships! Perhaps our authorities made us less clever! We’re too weak in our Mother Tongue we need to modify it into simple Chinese, not learning the traditional mainly used in other counties! We can’t read their newspaper/articles, so they’re can’t read ours! If you’re poor in your Chinese or other languages, take things easy, no need to learn so many languages! Learn 1 language just enough what you’re really good in it! We got technologies help us communicating, translate any languages! We too rely on …

Nasty Remarks From Singapore!

If you don’t like me Blocked Me In Public Sharing! Just like Facebook did! People cannot see “My Links” anymore! – my "Link Tab" in my profile gone when I updated it! Only can see My Friends' “Updated” Links! Missed everything! Poor design issue again, never had been improved! – Mistakes For Everybody! Even I’d informed it!

Somebody recognized I’m so “Philosophical!” It’s a big word for me needed to check the dictionary! Too bad our education suck didn’t nurture me well. Or I would become a great philosopher in the history!

Only one nasty comment at “Believe In Sin!” in my blog, about my real life, others life like me isolated from the society! At least I have Name! But this person with no name sounded so angry, seen like knowing me! Wonder is from 3 Days Training At KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre: $3/H... I hardly contact with humans outside my Home in Singapore!

Anonymous, you should be glad I didn’t use my created languages/codes or short form used commonly in social netwo…

Stomp: I Got Disease!

So surprise our Lifestyles In Singapore so dare to share their sex life online, wonder their partners mind. Lot of viewers will come to see! So despaired people in Singapore need to learn sex/dirties stuffs on “Stomp”! – School never taught us these! Too bad no videos only our own imaginations! If no women exist, they might have sex among themselves – guys with guys or with artificial dolls! Humans need craving, or they will feel miserable without it! I would take a look if you had sex with beasts and have human beasts kids, that really creative! I’m interested in! – My evil thoughts talking!

Despite that, “Stomp” is good! Got Singapore coming in, need not emailing! They’re very initiative click any links in my Blogger, save the trouble send all my posts to Stomp! I started to have Stomp account on 1st Jan this year, another Dairy online can share to the public in Singapore!

I wrote “Believe In Sin!” My 1st bold reply thought I had Aids through sex things!

Try to freak me out, but a …

Believe In Sin!

Believe in Sin! The real thing on Earth! If There Is God: No One Suffered! Humans tried to disguise as gods! Gods don’t look at colors, only human does! Who will care about and notices you, not even the gods humans believed in!

Who tortured/abused who actually? Who’s playing Sin things! Let me stay long at home to get sick and weak! Don’t try to disguise me! I, the only Moon on earth having the Zombie feet! I used to have beautiful tender feet, now don’t have anymore! – Not yet reached human life 40! Need to wear cover things! May need tattoo, cover my scars on my ugly toes, my ugly feet!

Captive in my own premise for very long, never goes out to explore! Not working, not healthy! No tonic for me! No money! – Same concept as a chicken locked up in a cage! Can’t feel its leg anymore! At least, it grows fat before slaughter for us to eat! While I gained sick – depressing, only negative thoughts come to me!

(Humans need to work happy to stay healthy! Any jobs can cure my feet! I promote…

No Common Ground!

Don’t ask what my hobby is, anymore! Don’t make me explain more! Tell me what yours before I say mine! Humans need to lie to match their needs! Better have jobs, “Talk Less, Less Trouble” just watch will be better! Will be the best things for me in Singapore!

My hobby is:
Blogging – my thought, my feeling, the true things, only I’m free to write it and my body obeys me!
Humans Scare: I write badly about them! They feel guilt! (Don’t worries I only write special things! I will write your name in only for the good or very bad things that impressed me deeply!) Else I treat it as a common thing because I don’t want you, fame!)

Keep/Train Pets – No one play with me. I’m lonely! Testing their talents, how smart they were be!
Humans Scare:I bring diseases to their premise!

Gardening – Make my home green. I feel peace!
Humans Scare: I’m a slow person, enjoy casual life! Cannot take stress things! (Actually I do enjoy casual life, it’ll make me happy!)

Sleep – Get away everything on earth, searchin…

Team Work

A good leadership leads a good team! Team Work needs a good leader to lead. In Singapore, most leaders look at colors, their own kind/their own type! The leaders always protect their own ship, don’t care their team members’ shits, and always throw them out to sea instantly! This is called the leadership! Perhaps there should be a law, engrave “Traitor” on the face those who always betrayed their own team members (Buddies), for easy recognize it! – The good and the bad! Better than the scar on the ass! So hard to trust people these days! Too many Gossipers/Traitors that most easily can be found, in Singapore!
• I know what “Team Work” is! If we didn’t work together we will fall apart! If we worked together, we will succeed, achieve our goal and reach the top! Victory!

• I run in, you run out, work together as a team made the wheel spin!

No More Call Centre In The Future!

Destroy all Call centres, it so outdated! It will be great; all orders/requests will be done online these days! Let the computers do the jobs, with well planned websites that can answer all enquires most customers needs, compute the prices before confirm it, purchase anything by cash or whatever payments! It possible in my dreams!

And it will be best including Donation to save lives! Since you people are so rich to order such kind of food! (Other people are starving and no education while you people enjoying!)

After the 2 day observation of my buddies, I learned a lot of things! I suggest this, because most customers cannot make up their mind what to eat! What they want! Take so long to decide! Customer Service Agents always get scolded or asked to quit when customers made their lives difficulties! Online orders websites very suit for “Stupid and Slow people” in Singapore! And for mute or people who don’t want to talk!

I’m not a creator or planner created such law or rules, fresh as s…