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Who Care!

Who won? Who lost? Who care!
Bad Companies will till treat you like dogs! "Begging Jobs!"
Post by Bad In Everything.

Portable Toilet!

Security companies simply SMS advertising! After joined, regretted! No caring your needs, hidden their secrets! Lots problems need alert!

Graded “A” doesn't mean they great! Practice ‘Deduction’ on your degraded paid! No air-con, no lockers, many check points clocked… you sweat!!! Designed by so-called professionals never sweat! Cos they too… well-fed!

Bad deployment, work whether you rest! Shortage Manpower, transfer! Miser uniforms working long… 12 hours standardized 6 days, wasted soap and water! – Wear own clothes, better! (Modern’s idea!)

Many loopholes hidden under! Treat us like Dogs shared with species, incapable aim at right angle! ‘Portable toilet’ offer! – Aren't humans unfortunate! No choices piss anywhere!

Post by Bad In Everything.

Anyone Can Be Gods Control Others Destiny!

Label Me Sick! Sick 4 U See!

I'm building karma for Bad Companies, Animals, made me mad! I squeeze my buddy release stress! I feel like God control lives and death!

Post by Bad In Everything.

Eats Snakes! 吃蛇...

Government got many serious Flaws! Mixed up sperms, babies, caused lives and death, whatever! Singapore eats snakes! 吃蛇…. Hypocrites Show! 假假做个样!

“We should put our heart into whatever we do! Success will follow naturally!” Not so true! Rely on ‘Relationship’ get ‘Good’ jobs easy, quick!

“Singapore Not Clean! No equality! Treat us like dogs! Begging jobs!” Terrorists destroy this city, please!

Post by Bad In Everything.


Your God wants you all “Share Your Very Best Parts!” Millions dying without parts! Selfishly, most ‘unwilling’ donate their parts! Only preach their fake good stuffs!

We learn not to respect lives! Bad Companies will do dirty work stole from others, neglected poor…! No one knows what you missing! - Dead can’t talk!

That’s the purpose you animals are born! ‘Contribution to the society!’ Many will ‘Like’ it!
Singapore got lots (Irrational) idiots! Should be Euthanized for Donation!

‘Broken Vase’ Story!

I recognized the broken parts, revisit during my free time! No space walking by! Animals put flaws among the good… set loopholes for you to pay!

“Calmly walk away if you accidentally hit!” 
Broken Vase’ story happened in our daily life, anywhere, any time!

Post by Bad In Everything.


Hate Singapore no ideal jobs! No ideal choices! Nothing fantastic! Same old way… makes you sick! And we’re living with it! Cos our leadership spreading on.............................

Caused many suffered ‘Repeated’ Disorder doing the same thing! So…disgusting! Like woodpecker!

"Singapore is a Nuts place to live! Lost the touch of family life! No work-life balance! Too many bad jobs! It very sad living with Well-fed idiots never care!"

Need improve environments. Many sick jobs can turn people sick too! Abuse came from those abused others! Bosses Management without love!

We’ll Look Forward To Death!

No! Singapore Emotionless! Drained our energy made us so tired, cannot enjoy things! Billions poor died worthlessly! We’ll look forward to death!

Post by Bad In Everything.

Label Me Sick! Sick 4 U See!

I’m not party type! My chimpanzee forced me 见识 what’s wedding like, on live! My cousin finally married! Location far! Like, Sentosa (So-called man-made island for idiots visit!) 死都不去! Their happiness, not mine! No mood seeing lovers together! Too many bad days!
Government very efficient blocked me broadcasting ‘Negatives’ @their pages! Not efficient gave me right job instantly! Unable take part! Not for public! 'Silent majority!' Only fake stuffs can be heard!
No jail given! May scare I blogging my jail terms! Only brainwash lecture lessons!
Popping emails, phone calls stressed me! Confused me ‘deleted’ (Comments) and rewrite new! Different they’d stated in! Only 废话 disappointed news! Never help us save cost, only help them earn more! OT must! Gave you far… drain your energy doing underpaid jobs! No one professional even government!

"Don't give birth made your children suffer, no better future!" This City corrupted! 'Discrimination!' Animals always worse…

Cannot Be Myself!

Our Society, companies not open. Cannot talk bad, negative! Must talk nice, positive and lies… 真悲哀! Cannot be myself! Be mute! Made me feel like 'Clown!'

Nice Arts!

People creativeness came in package offended my devoted chimpanzee! Made her grumbling cursing the idiots who made these!

‘Women's breast!’ Stimulate men to have sex!

My creativeness, no emptiness! Name on Chinese Painting Arts! Picked many I like, blendedbroken parts! My unique! 独一无二!‘Combination of Arts!’
A Phoenix (鳳凰) born on bright ()Full Moon! Be a human! Be a solo, watching idiots having party!
Unfortunate, born poor in Singapore! Hypocrites Show! 假假做个样! Cannot fulfill dreams! Nothing free!