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Secure? Not Secure!

Our education sucks! No discount! Security courses start from “basic”, same for all! So, no needs to study lots!

Thick notes sheets given (More than 50 pages!) with no Contents to refer had to search through all! Texts were small not easy to read, scenarios scattered here and there (PowerPoint slide show format!) Too many things to remember and record! No resting day, continue trainings and tests! Only good about SII (Security Industry Institute) can postpone the test another week, if you’re not ready! But, I rather they’ll spare me a day to study!“No formal education”, not good in English, actually not suitable. Because they will confused and failed easily!
I hated the notes sheets using “Big” words cited from laws! This is called “Languages Revolution!” created by the higher-ups want to make a different! Most common people don’t understand at all! On earth, the wise people’s speech must be very long, can write into books, the longer the better! But no one is wise to make it short! P…

Free Sponsorship Made Me Pains!

Glad! WDA Events Calendar improved! No relied on my career consultant through email! No response from her, since I posted (Our Government Eat Snake, Talk Craps!) Gimmick tricks again! – “Untrained applicants are welcome as training will be provided”. But, it wasn’t Free! No bonding for free training, scared I run away!
I double-checked the same course conducted in different companies; the private company I attended was much higher but shorter days in training about a week, compared to those 2 weeks to complete! And I heard got sponsor free!
I called North East Community Development Council asked for the actual price of the training and free sponsorship on 28 June 2011, they referred me to my current career consultant and passed my message to her. Since no response from her, I called again the next day to complain. Voicemail till existed for the higher-ups, never change! Perhaps, I don’t know use it, talking to a dead thing. So, no call even I had left a message with my phone number an…