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Life So… Cheap In Security!

No security companies willing to sponsor and upgrade me! Have to wait 1 year, sign bond, and depend on my performance! So, I paid myself, studied part of the “Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision” course at (

The course price for "Supervise Security Officers" was cheaper than SII (less than S$100!) But the time duration longer, 3 days instead of 2.5 days! – The trainer wanted us pass the tests, so gave us extra training! The notes sheets given shorter than the 2 basic licensing modules, less than 30, more challenge not so too silly. (Easier study course in short days!) Warning: lf you want to study here (, sit far away from the trainer. Because he’s a very loud speaker! He hurt my hearing!
Attended the course not so happy, a very superstitious, arrogant malechauvinist Chinese around 50, handicapped wearing specs, made me angry! In class didn’t show his evil side, but role plays shown his ugly thing!…