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Back To Basic! Start A New!

I've been having bad mood lately, because of the “block” things! I need time to adapt, no more interact with these people again! – One of my favorite pastimes, just like this! (
They don’t believe in science, logical, the secrets that behind the scene (Just like magic tricks!) can actually stop your pulse and your breathing!
• Drugs/Ancient Crafts (Most hidden from public! Hope never fall into the wrong hand! Or there’ll be more rapists! Or, just use it as a purpose to change destiny/identities*)
• Subconscious mind can ease your pains without any drug!
• Doctors misjudge! (Like reckless drivers, even they’re professional!)
• Or just diseases, malfunction in their body! (Slow responding!)

You’ll never enjoy the discovery, when you see the truth in your eyes. People died in tragic will come back alive! 

My soul till connected with my body! I can breathe! Simply I will comment this! No more “long…

The Body Isn’t Mine!

To (My Petty Static Minded Followers!) Are you now, “Porn Promoters” trying to provoke me again! Congratulate you’d did the Sin thing! – You might provoke/kill somebody who looked like in your “indecent video clip!” You should be sorry for what you did! You should not put it in the public *(somebody working behind the scene will block it quick! I can’t see!) You should send it to me quick with your name and religion status in, so I can prove my real life theories in Sin! They lacked of moralities and stupid! As there are people who looked alike around us, regardless what colors! Now I know why some men tried to protect their girls, but ended up in jail! Because they know what the men thinking! – Careful Girls! Men’s dirty tricks! (Our education missed this!)

I had been told I looked like somebody’s dead relative, somebody interviewed looked like me! Humans lying too much things, make me hard to believe! – Most men! Nothing to talk! They’ll start to bullshit! I started to believe only …

Stomp Blocked Me! No Freedom Of Speech In Singapore!

Stomp do not allows me to share my life stories, because I posted this (Our Government Eat Snake, Talk Craps!)

So they blocked me! And included my “all other posts” in Stomp! Only show they’re very fishy! 

Singapore actually doesn’t allow freedom of speech! Stomp had shown to me! They can allow dirty talks! – Sex, religions, porn, nasty talks…more negatives than me! But about my real life experiences, cannot talk! Believe me, I speak the true things that why they afraid of me! Our government will try to block me all! – That the answer why poor people always died silently! No comment from most of them at all! (Everywhere Bullies!) Cannot talk! – They’ll never listen to all the voices! Their evil Gods had killed us all! Another (My Petty Static Minded Followers!)
Fishy again! Are my comments about “my life experiences” so powerful again all the common, can remove the whole page in facebook!

That the reason I can’t talk! Because we‘ve (No Common Ground!) they will block! (Same as “Channel …

Our Government Eat Snake, Talk Craps!

Trust my intuition my career consultant not truly helping. The last day on February this year, I went to a job fair with my aunt, a person in charge said my case closed, need to renew! So I went to see my career consultant at North East CDC. I need to take the initiative talk to her about my problems since no response from her! Forget Me! She asked for the written memo I had Consultant With Doctor – A lot of Job Agencies in Singapore but none will say good words! Thinking she may talk good word for me, apply for jobs!

On 25 March 2011, saw her at Workfare Training Support (WTS) roadshow, she asked me to response her about the Training courses the next following week, Monday. Wonder the system went wrong again “rebound” cannot send that what she’d said, when there’s a problem we met! – I had received an email written from her can hold on for more than a week, sent me on "April fool” day! So I waited for 3 days! Because she was on leave! Why no one follows up her job, no one in dut…

Yahoo! Don’t Allow Me To Talk!

I don’t like Yahoo! Because I posted my comments, it didn't appear on real-time, just like this blog! (

I thought was the web design issue problems, can’t find my comments even I’d reposted. Now I know why! They can reserve the right to refuse or remove any comment! This Yahoo Comment posting guidelines!

Yahoo! allow more nasty nonsense stupid comments, only show more Singapore people stupid and naive, without thoughts to feel others situations, only their own opinions! Everywhere Bullies! Singapore, no freedom of speech for me! They can talk, I can’t talk! They blocked my comments lor!

Wonder they’re My Petty Static Minded Followers! Why not tell me “Moon you’re not allowing comments any or share your links! You’re not welcome in!”

Everywhere Bullies!

Bullies are everywhere in our daily life! You either bear it, or fight back teaches them a lesson, scared them a bit! It depends on individual; we do things in a different way! – Just hate people misleading the public with their god things! I provoked (My Petty Static Minded Followers!) without physical contact! In school, no one dare to bully me, they‘ll leave me alone! Because my silence can kill them all!

This video shared in public ( anywhere, most people convinced the skinny is a bully, and enjoyed especially with effect added in! I even had said he deserved the pains for disturbing the fatty!

The skinny just like My Petty Static Minded Followers! keep on following his enemy who had provoked him! Should be happy he didn’t join the terrorists; die with his enemy! – Commit suicide! He just turned to rebellion to gain back his honor! But, ended up failed! He’s not a good actor, …