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Animals Puffing ‘Poisons!’

No joining ‘Blood Donation Drive!’ Saving whatever, life! Be donor! Wasted fresh blood! 鲜血! “Not worth saving a world filled with self-centered corrupted animals didn’t care our needs, bloody shits!”

Having bad periods! Long… workout! Breaking us down… 磨练! 磨练! Our body ached!

“I'm bleed! Exposed ‘Polluted’ horrible wild sides! Corrupted my mind!”

No confidence living in ‘Cancer Society’ with hazards! Everywhere animals puffing ‘Poisons!’

For a worst Singapore! Better for you, not for me! Remember! “您的幸福, 等于我的痛苦! 不要烦我! 不要审问我!盘问我! 不然你做女人算了! 感觉我的苦… 累死… 闷死! 热死人! 要命!”

Post by Bad In Everything.

My Sunshine!

May, Job hopping later, if ‘No Secure’ again! (OE 骂的很过瘾, asked me stay!)

Finally, found ‘Sunshine’ at IBM 2! (Yours substitute!) Similar like you! ‘Macho!’ 大只佬! 大你1倍! “Every times I see him! I see you!"

More importantly, I can rest peacefully… 12 hours torture too long! Standing at lobby doing nothing, made me Crazy!!! “Even there is one good man, I can't even stay!”

Wonder can I last… long? Or, gone crazy someday! ‘Singapore Jobs Nuts!

Too many ‘Noisy’ Animals disturb! ‘Cockroaches’ commonly seen at night! (1st time in my life! Live!)

“IBM should be Cockroaches Tourist Attraction!” – Feel somebody breeding them! Cockroaches too… well-fed!

Post by Bad In Everything.