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Steal From Me Again!

I’m not a meat-eater, but I learn to eat. My care lover said I will grow big and stays healthy. But I knew every living thing have theirs own thoughts and dreams! We just don’t understand their world, though we live on the same Earth! Because, we never learn to feel what they’re thinking! We hurt them lot because they’re easy to bully!

I’m not a mute! I lost my voice, having sore throat talking to you! You people are idiot, so I hardly talk! I always use my thoughts to talk! Read my thoughts without talk!

I don’t smile, my happiness gone! My life, my privacy, fun and play had stolen all! No partner for me, no one is free, no time in everything! No maid cleans my dirty home for free! Work all alone, so tiring! Who will care and spare me!

My heart breaking into pieces, every time I fall! Every time I fail! I learn to be self-centered, be selfish because no one caring, helping! I lost my morality, no more feeling for others who suffering! As everyone did the same things! Life is all a…

Circumcision Without Right!

At first I thought “Circumcision” is some kind of bathing, a Spa to remove your Sin! But later knew it actually cut off flesh/skin of the human body performed in the religious rites! “Female/Male Circumcisions” should be abolished! It’s a common sense is wrong doing! Is cruelty, painful procedures mutilated on innocent kids! – “Skin/Nervous System Mutilation!” how can this till allow in our societies! Perhaps just for money in evil schemes! What a Sin!

Don’t tease, encouraging others, for what you had “lost!” Or boast you’d received pain with pleasure going through “Circumcision!” You’re not the real heroes who had saved humankind in the histories! Want to receive more pains with pleasure why not practice the cruelty arts from China in ancient days! – Practiced on offenders’ bodies; cut on their flesh alive, slashed for hundreds times! Put hot salt water on your wounds will be great, if you want to enjoy more great pains! Glad their cruelty pervert cultures and laws had changed and ab…

The Old And The Young Kids!

These days families bonding not strong enough, people learn to live separate way, get together only on special days or funerals! Predict lost of other language from the old elderly will be extinct soon in Singapore – lost cultures easily, learn only English! We need campaigns/courses teach us to understand and care for the elderly and the weak! Not by nature! You can’t deny it! The old and the young hard to get along cannot communicate! They’re more like strangers/friends, most common these days. Can’t blame your children, don’t care for the lonely elderly, as you continue breeding your kids in these cycle! I rather destroyed my gene, only let the rich breed! – Got maids care of their kids!

Don’t love kids, no time for your kids, or too poor, don’t breed kids! Throw them into chutes easy to conceal your crime scene! Or destroyed it secretly! – eaten maybe! Be responsible give birth wisely! Or your kids will be unhappy like me!

In return, when you’re old and sick, your children would p…

Predictions: How It Work!

I like predictions, not because I’m hopeless need to seek for advice. I didn’t take it too seriously but it’s a good entertainment, because miracles I really wanted didn’t come true to me. Never get an honest answer that satisfied me! But somehow, it’s cheer me up a bit! – “You will get marry this year!” But I think I will get divorce after that! And blah whatever good things, that will turn out to be bad instead, and vice versa!

I can predict and foresee any, before happening! I had seen it many times! – Jobs lost! I can write in my blog before it happened! – Bad Companies Play Evils: Take Notes! / Discrimination: Got Pains With No Gain! and any I’d written all on my blog! Just by study and analyze it, pay attention to all details! Or pay attention to the details in my dreams, it may contain important messages!

I predicted Zhu will fall into the pit! But she till can escape from me!
I analyzed and studied her! I created the chance, the possibility! I predicted she will fall into the p…