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Another Stupid Job Fair

Waited half an hour my turn because I came early, suppose longer hours usually! But just another stupid job fairs in Singapore need “experiences”, wasted my trip again! – Work 6 days 8 hrs shift, not more than $1400 for diploma holders (Coffee Club Pte Ltd). Another one, only for no formal education!

Perhaps it located away from my area (Sengkang Community Club), not so convenient! Not many people, no similar faces but till hopeless faces! Or people sick of this stupid job fair, zero guarantee to get jobs! No free training! That why they not coming!

No need study psychology since our experts can’t change our lives better a bit! Our sinners use it destroy our happiness! They created jobs make us spend less time with our loved ones, created jobs less sleep, and make people don’t feel happy!
Actually our Singapore government’s jobs are very simple and efficient! – Just SMS, no need to contact! SMS seem nothing to them, no much details, waste my trip, years of time and money! I don’t se…

Choices Make For Me!

Singapore government helping the needy, simply “rejecting,” lack of initiative to help! (Test On Humanity For Low Income Group) already! They didn’t improve my life always rejected me, my family! Many will receive rejected letters like this, one of my rejected letters collection with cute signature on it, same style in different years! Perhaps, our government will only help when we lost our home! – That the main reason, losing the voters, their followers!
Called but only “voicemail recording”, copycat the rich who work alone, who are busy! No human touch using machine! Most people uncomfortable with this! – Failure our government communicates with the people! Only show our government “lack of resources and insincere!” Or perhaps, they’re not ready preparing to answer questions, that why they need voicemail!

Why not use “voicemail recording” in “Meet-The-People Session” I can nag as long as I wish! Then, solve the problems for me! No need to queue for long hours, save my time to meet …

I Need A Boost! I Feeling Down!

Animal experiment again! (Responsive, Sensation Test!) Use “Duo Hao” (多好,his name implied “very good!”) But life isn’t very good. Not many born instinct to be good, they need somebody/religions to teach them good!

Examples “without Boost!”, only control!

I hate (I have Name!), my boss use it to control me! The moment she calls me, I have to stand up and pose!

My boss treated me as a “Robot!” I can’t take a break! The moment she’s “watching me closely”, I have to start moving!

I’m feeling lost, moody and bored! No one understands me! I having low self-esteem, always controlled! I feel sad all day…

I used to call him, making noises to follow my way, doing this and that! (See him in the video clips – Broken Home/Please Me!) Now I let him free, do his way! Because I understand his needs! He needs a “boost”, or he won’t be so active, hardworking! – Same as every living creatures, like me!

I’m very initiative and automatic! I went up fast and quick without my boss calling! Girl i…