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‘Crazy Reporter Parrot’ Did Sin Again With Its Dogs!

I’m not a terrorist! Why block me and hide my comments! And spreading rumors, the facts any special occasions happened on Earth! ( Bullied at work! Now, cyber bullied by another Crazy Nuts Muslims, again! I don’t know her, but keep on pestering me! Why don’t ask her don’t disturb me!

Facebook should study 心理学’how to help people become racism! “Terrorists like her using it, now!” Are you trying helping me hate them even more, become racism?I don’t block others comments, like her! So…Despicable!Afraid her many idiots cannot judge!Fear I chat with others! So, destroyed my comments!
Why not visit my environment kill me and my family, since Singapore Government don’t really Care, since blogged 2010!
I’m healing my soul but animals try to provoke me! Sad! Wonder why Rain returned for many days! ....cos of ‘Crazy Reporter Parrot’ always gossips,spreading rumors and complaining me! Just because she hate my Blog!Funny others side ‘like’ my blog encouraging me…

Hibernate Myself!

Heart broken animals always judge me the pass I deeply sick! Never treat me fair and square! Wasted my many trips! Always learn nothing, only retarded things by our ‘bad leadership! – (Last Meal...) As a passenger I’ve died many times passing the front line! Something terribly wrong with their systems, locals out of jobs very long… cannot get good jobs! SingaporeGovernment corrupted got its own networks help foreigners get better jobs easier than locals!

Our education didn’t help me get better jobs! Cannotfulfill dreams! Trained sleep less than six! Cos no one grants my wish, give me 8 hoursfive-days work week with reasonable salary and cool environment I hardly enjoy in! Every job I did very exhausting lacking of sleep… work until my feet numb, body pains! Almost got stroke, kidney failure, heart disease! Money earned not enough healing!
Every time made me feel jealous, curious, mad, envy…… others have! – Enjoyed in air-con, leh!
Hibernation again! Every times I sad!Ican have, be an…

Last Meal...

Our family not important, our Government ‘做事不理’ not helping us first! All ‘better’ jobs given to others! Don't expect many Aliens in Singapore will sincerely hire us, first!
I applied ‘Screening’ in airport (work close with people, not so lonely, lor!) But, CISCO offered me moreDowngraded ‘Bai Xiu!’MRT job! Hardly many our Chinese pigs working in (5 days work, 12 hours! Longer days, instead of 4!More tedious than foreigners in airport!) Ever seen (纸老虎!), ‘old’Security woman wearing their space suit… alone checking foreigners’ big luggages around a table! Real… noisy animals charging towards you all day long, without queue! That’s job… lah! – My instinct told me “I learn nothing! Only smell laundry! (Singapore don’t have smart jobs, they don’t use smartdogs!) MRT toilets limited worst than all in Singapore… animals shitting lots!” – This’s how Singapore companies get rid you… offering more‘Degraded’, more ‘stupid’ jobs, others don’t enjoy at all! We locals So Helpless…Without Hopes…