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Singapore For Sold!

Many bloggers 'Monetize' adding 'Donation' button to their blogs, but that's for licensed businesses! (*Need companies’ registration number & name! You can't deny businesses received earning from donation!) Actually, I can create one found online. But troublesome! Need 'Review!' No guarantee Money received! Only choice, 'Buy' button!

Reality on Earth! "No income, no conditions will improve! 没有工, 也会穷死..." Any suggestions how survive?

"Singapore hope I Unspeakable without Dreams, join the Billions Poor of Trains disconnected from World..."

"Contribution my PayPal! Support! Keep me alive online... 'Blog For A Living!' Dedicated To All… Somebody Special! My muse creative power gives rise to incredible ideas, until your heart sink.... you Cry!"
Who need most, no one knows! Earning from donation gave to the Rich Assholes! Privilege to businesses can ask for Donation, not the poor... Only gave me Buy button!