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Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut!

Good for blogging to address certain problems! Now working for the new technology after I complained (Share Buttons Not Working!) Somebody watching me! I blog “The Next Unlucky One!” mentioned ‘no air-con’ during (non-office hours, public holiday and weekends!) in an ‘enclosure area’ at OCBC Bank. Evaluate the result for a month – air-con ‘On!’ allow workers to breathe during their duties! It should be, else the company will be in deep trouble shit! – Air-con the greatest invention on earth for ‘stuffy’ area! I till carrying my portable fan at work, having ‘Psycho effect’ abused by the FTs! I almost murdered by them! Now, you people can feel the pains! – The heat burning your skin! Cursing you animals, everyday! Someone took a fire extinguisher to break open the glass ( Public anger mounts over train disruptions. ( Track fault disrupts North-South MRT line again (

However, humans working related problems never resolved! – Working with arrogant, unreasonable, domineering very ‘hot temper’ animals! – My foreigner Indonesia-like Supervisor ‘Khamis’ (Though, he claimed he was from other country!) always finding faults with me! He always encouraged me to quit “Work somewhere else! Don’t work here anymore!”, since October 2011! He didn’t let me enter easily to my station! And tried to make me walk ‘outside’ the building (from FCC ‘back’ door), entering by the ‘main’ entrance! He’ll never listen to my talks; asking ‘why?’ of any things, complaining their corruption, or loopholes! He’ll get angry easily! Always shouting the same thing at me “Shut up!” or “Get out!” from FCC! “Don’t work here anymore!” always showed off to his buddies how to bully local! He will ‘rise up his voice!’ shattered my brain, spoilt my hearing, made my head pain! Tried to scare me, yo!

Every time I saw him, I wished him dead! Wonder how he passed his tests to become supervisor? He’s like a gangster! These how Foreign talents pissed locals, they truly looked at colors and religion! They always spoke their own language (Muslim) created their own paradise domineering society, made me feel left out, like an alien living in a foreign world! They’re the luckiest FTs in OCBC bank! Unlike the locals I visited they worked harder in more tedious and hot environment! That’s the good reason I don’t love Singapore, because our useless government invited ‘arrogant, unreasonable and very hot temper’ foreign talents, only talented bully locals!

I can’t knock off early than them! Foreign talents didn’t clock for me, they clocked for their buddies who can come late or go home early! This is called “Foreign talents Team Work!” – Boss didn’t trust employees, so need clocking! Hate this tradition clocking so ‘old’ fashion, back to oldies! People can play cheat! Petty minded FTs no more clocking for me, didn’t tell me! (Unlike at Simei, the sups will clock for their team, can go home early!)

1st and 2nd day, my Sup. didn’t bother my punch card, ordered his buddies not to clock for me! On the 3rd day, he bothered because I wrote something on it!
He always shouted at me when I stepped into FCC! So, ridiculous as a security officer I needed beg them to open doors, even I’d confirmed after 3 months!

This was not the first time he shouting at me, since October! Made me imbalance talked in blog!

( actually, there’ll be more, hidden it! No body knows! (SII should train all security officers they have their right, supervisors had no right to ‘scold’ them!)

Stayed away from FCC (1st floor), but till got another crazy man (local) at 4th floor! Amirdeen thought him the boss but his rank lower than me, took his lunch for more than one hour during weekends, no bosses see! Smart asshole came back after an hour lunch and started to eat, for 30 minutes more at the pantry 4th floor! Asked him what’s ‘special right’ he can have lunch that long? E…! Horrible! He shouted at me with his hand stuck with rice grains! Wow! He till angry with me lost his ‘special right’, as I complained him to my Assistant Sup. (Muslim) the only ‘one approachable’ cared for me, while the rest do nothing! But, he seen like a dying old man always heard him coughing! – Addicted Smoker!

Amirdeen was an Indian had very strong India accent, always wearing sweater even no air-con. He claimed he’s a Muslim but lack of initiative, not helping when I took over his duty! A visitor inside had passed message to him to open the glass door for me to get in (About the length of my 3 rooms flat! Less than 30 seconds can open door!) But, he stubborn preferred stayed in his station because not his business! Was another old man security officer’s business, couldn’t control go to pass motion! (Starting, I thought old man fainted inside toilet! Should install cost saving technology can turn off light in toilet, force all men to come out, stayed more than 15 minutes! Max. I recorded!) So, I till waited outside! So, ridiculous needed a staff from other department inside open the door for me! – Now, I scared of ‘old’ people they gave me troubles! Can’t imagine in the event of an emergency, I needed to depend on all my idiot ‘old’ security men, because I can’t access!

I didn’t like Amirdeen, he insulted me! Somebody in the company helped spreading ill for me (My Assistant Sup. had big mouth, lor!) He called me “Crazy person from Woodbridge!” (an old era name for ‘Institute of Mental Health’, otherwise known as Woodbridge Hospital in the 60s! I’m not on earth yet, wo!) In future should call ‘Sufferers Care Institute’ sound nicer, where ‘Gods’ suffered like me, commit suicide get caught, go there! – Idiots ‘Evil’ animals always like to insult others who had been sick! But, they also sick!  

He had serious “Repeated Checking Disorder!” Now, I knew why he reluctant opened the glass door, made me waited outside, because he needed to do the ‘repeated’ checking things, even not necessary!
Cannot tell him everything secure… he will scold me for disturbing him checking! His illness worst than me! ‘No Gods’ can cure him! That’s what good about ‘Premier Security’ taking advantage hired sick, old and retarded people, handicapped and corrupted! Because, cheap! They had no where to go… – All are welcome in, because our company can’t lose any $profit!

Amirdeen was very naggish and will get angry easily! Whenever he made mistakes (given people wrong ‘colored lanyards’ passes), every time he will blamed on others! (Luckily, my duty wasn’t at ‘Data Security counter’ because the company old dated system cannot protect me!) I scolded by him for his coming late, “Just come! Just go! Don’t ask me late, OK! I don’t like it!” Whenever, I complained him to my Assistant Sup. he abusing me or kept me waiting standing long watching him. He will came and scolding me (mimicked just like my Sup.), but can blah his way nagging at me (max. 7 minutes long!) But he smart chose during my lunch time to spoil my appetite! Because, no important people in office!

He alerted after I complained him. He changed a bit!

But, till can’t change his old habit, kept me waiting and chanting at me! Because it was his lunch time, can do whatever he wishes!
Sometime I wonder, he talking to himself or tried to piss me! Now, I lost interest watching Indian movie dancing! The noisiest animal I found in Singapore can talk and nag for very long! – Man! Wow!

Both of them, nuts! Including their buddies! I was paid for scolding! Never will forgive, causing me trauma! – Feel like a child abused by foreign maids when my parents away! I won’t keep things to myself! I’ll revenge for people insulted me! Moral attack killing my soul! More genuine way is to recording! It really works to keep all idiots shut up, ‘replay’ for them to hear! Better than walkie-talkie! Men had ‘Bad Period’ they cannot control, need frustrate they abused women! Use my style if somebody bullied you! Whether you’re a local or not!

Now, my supervisor facing cowardly his back to me, only saw his ‘bald’ head! No more shouting since then! I guessed he’s a gay, ditched or abused by women. Better send ‘old’ man or ‘FT’ security officers to him, and ‘same culture!’ – May last longer…!

I tried avoid them, went to study took leaves to attend courses in SII, in November. But, ‘Premier Security Co-Operative Limited’ played deductions with me, left so little for me!
Their law, employee absent more than 2 days, not entitled to “Perfect Attendance Incentive” of $300! Including MC, wow!
I left the company resigned on December 2011. But same, “Perfect Attendance Incentive” gone, and deduction of ‘$Add-ons pay’ linked to it! (Not paid for the days I was on site duty, said “Not complete full month!” lor!) What’s the point to be punctual since it deducted? Pointless complained to our ‘Ministry of Manpower’, cannot claim under employment act! It’s legal, wow! (Consulted an ‘Indian’ Advisory Officer, again! Why hah? I don’t feel good… their culture had killed millions lives of their own kind!) – ‘Incentive’ very hard to get, because they not honest, they’ll give you bad job, bad people in bad environment, made you quit easily! So be careful the “Incentive” word, they had the right not to give! The company ‘miser’, not generous! No promotion prospects, no career advancement, no increment for upgrading studied SII courses, only deduction $300 plus other more! Believe in Sin! people are getting stingy! “No share, no care, what you gained people will tried their very best to take away!” – These the values, morals learned from our ‘miser’ elderly in Singapore! What’s the point support filial piety? Can’t imagine earning such pay, caring the aged sicked parents in future! Old folk home not cheap! Truly a burden! This’s our security welfare in Singpore! – Working 12hrs, 6days or more!

Wonder how the Agency Graded 'A'? Perhaps, they purchased it, collected the ‘Deduction $’ from all people, like me! (Free advertise pointing to their ‘logo’ wearing their uniforms, when Charities asking me for money!) Charities get money from ‘Premier Security Co-Operative Limited’ they had cheated lot of people, using their Gimmick tricks! – (Tempted, Or Not To Tempt!) Spread their ill to prevent (The Next Unlucky One!) innocents fall into it again!

Hard to earn decent money! Hard to take precautions against difficulties, too many loopholes and incorrect work procedures and communication breakdown! Complained, they didn’t like it, biased toward me! I till a greenhorn in these corrupted Securities! If anything happened our laws cannot protect me! No ‘decent’ supervisors monitor, train and discipline their staffs well! No ‘decent’ companies practices, only bad HR policies and procedures, they just want profit $! Hard to find security officers! That’s their weakness! – Security Companies will get (LD) sued by their clients receive greater penalties if not provide enough security officers! No good values I can learn, mainly displayed in my job only!

My job was to record (copy) the details from ‘Access Control Slip’ (written by visitors/contractors, not by Data Centre security officers) to a Record book, at (Information Technology) with 3 hours interval of time no one attended in our deployment! Visitors came pressing the bell of a video intercom (blur image seen at Data Centre) our security officer ‘busy’ at above floor let them pass easily without verifying it! – Invite intruders do illegal things!

At above floor (Data Centre), my job was to press ‘Remote Control’ to open door for higher-ups!
  • ‘Public Relationship’ till involved, no need to screen! (By looking ‘colored’ lanyards, wow!) Impersonation easy happened; hired ‘new’ relief officers paid to sit don’t bother the loophole things!
  • Data entries ‘not accurately’ done by our security officers, they didn’t enter in! (Using ‘old’ system click on the same button to search for a data entry, time consuming!) – Spotted it when my idiot Sup. rescheduled me temporary for display. – Short of man, lor!
  • Our officers paid to sleep, paid do nothing! Or, playing games, hard to kill the time, lor!
(Even I listened to my MP3, no one bother me!)
  • Our officers can take drug during their duties, smoking! (Included female FT!)
  • Our officers can late for their duties! Made me looked bad, late for another duty! (New relief officers at ‘unlucky’ station complained night shift officers late for more than 20 minutes! Even my Sup. not always punctual in FCC! He let his buddies handle things! – Playing cheats, can get ‘Perfect Attendance Incentive!’)
  • Coffee stain/newspapers on table we shared never clean! – Our officers Men!
  • Idiot (FT) relief officer playing the barriers with me at main entrance! And many more…!

Are we protected? I don’t think so! These’re the security weakness and vulnerable spotted in our security agency! Their procedures prone to errors! They taught me things with no explanations; we just followed their rules idiotly! Any thing messed up; our men will point at each other mistakes! – Our Singapore Team Work! Loopholes cannot protect the innocents!

Though, my station got air-con gave me comfort but I till decided to leave, because there’re animals always tried to make my life misery each day. So, I fired my boss again! (My 2nd Resignation Letter) I granted my Nutty men (Khamis and Amirdeen) who encouraged me to quit! No more hearing ‘hot temper’ animals shouting at me, “Why u work here, why not work else where!" No more seeing ‘Buddies Relationship!’ It was a ‘Depressing’ job! A place where corruption easy seen, I can write evils wishes! – My 1st sloppiest, silliest, corrupted security job for ‘lazy’ people in Singapore!

I handed in my hardcopy ‘Resignation Letter’ to FCC. (But, I sent a softcopy to HR because I didn’t trust the FTs working in OCBC Bank at Tampines Centre 1!) The FTs till wanted to piss me, vandalized my Resignation Letter, crumpled and stapled it with my punch card, and insulted me! Tried to drive me crazy, made me feel miserable, didn’t spare me even my last day at work, on 18 December 2011! Is that the proper way to handle my resignation letter?
Their ‘assholes’ (Parents: The Root Of The Problems!) gave birth to asshole children sicked like them! This world filled with too much sin! So don’t give birth! Or, may your children killed by these beasts! 

Pervert FTs had created the Sin, show their culture, religion and their Gods are belonged to the evil side! They claimed they’re Muslims, but they’re worse than beasts! – Fake Muslims! Or just convent, devoted! Wonder people criticized on them and their religion, as they’re self-centered and looked at colors! If you are bad, don’t damage the gods’ names! Because people will hate you forever!

It’s just for look, we prayed for good.

Actually we greedy!

My company and higher-ups didn’t show any concern to help me overcome work related problems, even I complained through handphone or email, feedback to them! They don’t bother! They’ll turn a blind eye to problems! No one monitor, discipline my foreigner supervisor misbehaves finding faults with me! My management was out of touch, didn't get to see them often! Their customer services really bad! – They’ll keep me waiting in everything! They’ll put me on hold listen to music for long, or hang up phone quickly or never called back! ‘Premier Security Co-Operative Limited’ corrupted and truly unprofessional! Link to PM ‘Lee Hsien Loong’, ( their achievements! No wonder they’re so arrogant got protection! (Use him for cheap way to get publicity!)
Somebody working behind! Corruption… not like ‘New Year Spring Cleaning’ can clean, throw away. Instead focus on Ministers pays cut and their high paid salaries that can till securing their future! Why not focus on me! None of them worst than me! Made me lost mood in working! Our future, no better jobs only retarded jobs! Only ‘arrogantforeign talents controlling the locals! Don’t expect I vote for your next election! Pretend to be ‘Righteous’ care for the needy! Nothing is proud to be Singaporean. Don’t take things too seriously. We’re nobody, we pay them to live!

Evil Nuts! + Bad Temper! = Abused! Go ‘Crazy!’, Depression!’ Commit ‘Suicide!(My idiot company arranged for me!)

No need puzzling or guessing how I died, I caused by devils outside! No gentlemen, only bullymen with nasty remarks, teasing and abused me! Actually, got foul play! – The ugliest experiences I had with foreigner talents who encouraged me to quit!
Do you believe, so simply? No foul play suspected in death of Cisco officer: Police (

Everything I had when I was teen! Teenage depression or ‘growing pains’? ( Don’t ‘trust’ or ‘help’ them (Evils) when they fall! I learn ‘not to care’ anymore, my ‘Depression’ gone! Whatever seen so good, not totally true! Evils people everywhere bullied and murdered us! Stop worship of gods, gods useless to protect us all! Face the reality! If there is God, no one commit suicide! No one killing each other! So don’t give birth! Better abortion! Or, your children will suffer more! – Life doesn’t seem fair! Life meaningless Life Is To Face Death! Life is to suffer, not for enjoyment! Idiot parents deserved to be scolded they caused their children suffer!

Suicide Prevention Tool useless! Our Singapore culture encourages people to quit and suicide! Nobody will care! – That’s why FTs takes advantages of it!
FTs helping us to dying slowly… Why not happened in Singapore? Over 3,000 killed in South Sudan massacre: local official ( perhaps, we can break the ‘Guinness World Records book’ died together! Since, this world corrupted!

What’s the hell am I on earth? Perhaps, Gods want me to promote your Sins! Spread for your evil bad deeds!


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