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Spare My Ears! No Ugly Please!

If you want to play prank on people, go to the flats which have lower walls, common corridors. Dress ugly walk across it in the silent night, turn your head around freak them out! People scared died of heart attack! You know! This is what our evil designers had planned for long! Imagine before you built something! To all our mindless designers in Singapore!

Occasionally I will hear noises, something rampaging through some things, and scratching noises in a silent night! But this time different, hearing noises included ringing of bells in the dark at night when everyone was sleeping! I wondered did they hear it. Or they too scared to look out, or they slept too deeply can’t hear any thing! Quite creepy and spooky never heard that sound before in the night at this hour! Brought my handphone along with my camera on, just in case I may freeze to death! Shocked! No need went through autopsy open up my body knows the cause of my death! – having heart attack! Great, is not human like, it was…

Birthday Twice!

I have my birthday twice for each every year – one on Chinese calendar and one on International calendar! Actually four birthdays on this month, the same October! My mum very good to remember it! Somehow I would forget, absent-minded or too busy, especially birthdays that fall on Chinese calendar. Too small cannot see!

My mum is a traditional woman; birthday is very special for her. Perhaps she wanted me to remember the good things on earth when she gone! She will take her annual leaves even mine to celebrate birthday! If I’m working take leaves just like her, I think my boss will sack me! Who will care about your birthday, working these days! Only for the heads!

Mee mee mee, mee again! Chinese peach buns and two eggs! What eaten in, what goes out! I rather she gives me cash to buy my favor things better! Perhaps a new PC, spare a thought for my old one let it rest, the only asset I can connect to the world! If I have a lot of PCs or free facilities to learn things easy, I will write …

Dirty Singapore: Gifts From Above And Below!

Every week my neighbors live above will send gifts down to me. Suggest and complain again feedback to NEA since our Tampines Town Council didn’t do good job only made unprofessional students went to every floor advised people not to litter! Same lor, littering! No DNA test of the rubbish to catch the real culprits from my above unit! Think of collecting the rubbish throw them back to the culprit if I know who the one throwing!

One of the nasty gifts: Hairball flew to my unit!
Every week my Town Council sprays insecticide in the rubbish chutes in every flat. The insects, mainly the cockroaches till have the strength crawl up to 3 storeys high! Crawl to my kitchen my unit! Wonder I get diarrhea this day! Or maybe I stayed at home too long my health deteriorated – home imprisonment!

Drive me crazy every week! My head spin, I feel sick, can’t breathe! Every time need to clean! Always make me do the killing! Is our government trying to train me how to kill? Need not, I dare to kill! No need…

Blogger Back To Normal!

Oh great! Blogger Team finally heard me. See my blog is it? So fast like a lightning speed, solved the problem yesterday! Not like Singapore most services like to drag until I become a dead corpse!

Back to normal the way I log in to Blogger! No need go to Google Account anymore! You know I almost deactivated you, move my blog somewhere else! Thinking governments blocked my blog, I talked bad about them, or you caught viruses or something else! Please inform me if you do something. Almost freaked me out! This is my honesty speech. Now I remember you forever! And your nice new look face!

Great Dream!

Today was a special day to me; teacher took us for an outing trip! So great to be a kid! Just like me! Suppose to be a good trip. But my teacher played favoritism toward other kids. I felt left out!

Look at the sky spotted a ship floating above me. I pointed to the ship doing the cursing things. Just hate to hear the laughter in it! Unleashed my power at the ship made it burst into flames and it collapsed to the ground made the earth shake!

I heard the sound of loud deafening noises from the ship, the cry, shouting, screaming from people in it. My angry teacher told me to stop it! But I just can’t stop it! Too great, destroyed and buried everything!

What a cool nice dream! How I wish I had the power, that what I missing!

Blogger Is Not Easy Anymore!

Today, as usual want to release my thoughts write something, log in to Blogger but cannot get in. Try many times till cannot! Check the Caps Lock, till the same! Never will forget my password log in! How can forget! Unless I lost my thought! Seek for support from the Blogger Team send me email instantly, give me a link to visit search for the answer, myself!

A lot answers from forum help, a lot of funny and so many steps! One said that ” You cannot unlink your blog from your Google account, but you can transfer the blog to another Google account.” Have another account for what purpose? Don’t know who can trust so many talking came from nowhere!

I’m not IT/software expert, I don’t dare to touch the settings, scared I lost everything. I thought Blogger is easy, now not any more! I don't want my Blogger associated with the Google Account! I just want it back to old day the way I log in! Who was the idiot trying to brainwash me? Now I need to remember Google …

Toilets Check! Check! Check!

Some companies in Singapore, toilets also have upper class and lower class too! Hate peak hour fighting for toilets! Can’t use the upper class toilet, locked – for authorities use only! Some people who were poor they stole toilet rolls in some companies for home use, I saw it, but never mentioned to anybody. Authorities never knew it; they never use the lower class toilets.

But some companies they knew – the calculative and stingy one, spies everywhere! What they do? No toilet rolls in the toilets, as a punishment for all! If you check every toilet cubicle, don’t have toilet rolls that the companies practices! And better check got soap available in the toilet, or you will carry germs everywhere, just a very few companies in Singapore practice that. Don’t ever think every gadget you bought from the market is clean, made from dirty hands some more!

Water surely have, don’t worry! But somehow they’re really cunning cut down the running water of the taps. The moment you press got water …

My New Handphone W995

What good about my new handphone W995, its stability is better and can take clearer picture/videos (8.1 megapixel), my old handphone K750i just 2 megapixel only (hands and images must be steady to take good picture!). For messaging, it can easily add image I captured on camera; add cute animation, video, music or sound recorded!

For media, I can create my own playlist, but can add music format only, not for video format! (Not like in PC, Windows Media Player can play any music and videos formats in my own playlist as long as have the right codec pack installed!)

It has motion sensor that can change the volume, switch tracks and good for playing games, exercise a bit – just shake my handphone! Something fun to play with but never do in public, feel a bit awkward using this! Just afraid it flung off from my hand and hit somebody if I didn’t hold on tightly!

W995 don’t have ‘date and time’ function printed on the photos I captured, and cannot recognize the videos and the pictures I had…

Better Don’t Plant Outside!

In the past, I intended to plant outside but later decided not for some reasons:

• Most my plants are small and tiny, strong wind can blow it off!

• Can’t enjoy the view of my garden if I planted outside at the common corridor!

• If I stayed outside viewing my plants for long, people might think I’m crazy or get punished kicked out from home!

• Save the trouble for cleaners to clean my unit outside, no objects obstruct them to do their duties.

• Worst! Somebody might sabotage my plants – by loan sharks, pee/poo by mischief birdies or whatever things! Humans did that too, mainly for guys. Either they’re playing mischief or take revenge by peeing on somebody’s plants! Or no one willing to share their toilets to stranger. Dangerous this day! So what they do, pee lor! If you want to pay a visit in the neighborhood, don’t drink!

I had seen people peed in swimming pool in the public, convenience no one sees above! Since then, I never go for a swim anymore! Thank to you people made me lose i…

No Balcony For My Garden!

Gardening is the healthiest activity on earth. I feel peace! This is my garden planted indoor in my room with no much direct sunlight too much trees outside! Photo taken in a brighter light!

I used to spend all day long looking at it when nothing occupied me. Better than looking at yellow walls at home! Too bad don’t have balcony, not my dream home! One said people don’t have balcony they hardly know how to enjoy life! Wonder people are so dull can’t enjoy every moment in their own home! If I have one, I will create my own garden, keep pets or enjoying the breeze and fall asleep, or looking at outside view – the moon, the stars at night.

Too bad Singapore common flats don’t have this, only common corridors! Most flats are all so flat and dull, flatted faces! Look the same and might get lost if you are new! Perhaps our designers are dull people came from hell, created such dull environments, dull life for people to live in!

Special Day To Remember!

Today, I attended resume writing at Job Club. Suppose to be on Wednesday last week. Perhaps Job Club treated me as a disease transporter afraid I talk nonsense (the true) to people who attended the class. So they gave me a lesson individually, very special for me! Nothing much just need to amend my old resume that had given too much detail! My occupation therapist said will call me back this Friday about the job things!

Today is truly special to remember, not the lesson, is my mum birthday! Went shopping with her after the lesson, at Giant – one of my favorite spot shopping center in Singapore! She purchased a stainless steel kettle jug (Very fast water boiling 3 to 5 min! Depend on amount of water in it. Auto switch off when completed!) at cheaper price for every $30 purchase! She very happy, her birthday gift!

I suppose to buy a digital camera but later decided to buy a handphone with camera instead, same brand but different model. Too bad cannot trade in with the old one, malfuncti…


I like pitchers but not the pitchers created by humans for me to fall into it! I love pitcher plants at first sight! They are natural art to me! They suit in shaded and bright areas but not in direct sunlight. With a bit of breeze help them promote their growth too, nice to see the pitchers dancing in the air! They like water, no need to fertilize! I learn a good lesson from this mute plant, put them in the right suitable place so they grow well and stronger, and created more pitchers!

Make To Be A Champion!

We’re always pushing ourselves to a limit, until we can’t take it any longer! Study and learning things we’re not really enjoy. Success not always come naturally even we had achieved our goals. Our abilities, skills, knowledge and experience not always put at the right place. Give up someday due to some reasons!

Now I spend the remaining life make myself a champion playing online games! Enjoy every moment I have. Learn to be a simple-minded happy person, though I’m not!

Failed again! Hate you made me climb! It not my instinct to be a climber!

Practices make perfect! Finally I reached the top. Spare me I’m single! It won’t be lucky for me next time!

Stop barking at me! Can’t you see! I’m struggling! Can’t hang on anymore! Give up! Lucky I, after fall till alive!