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Animals’ Corrupted Instinct!

Muslims never admit their wrong doing, helping each other corrupting! – One eye closes, let their own kind go! (Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut!见识过了! Taught me see colors!) Talk it out online, no fairness in customer service! Surprised many unreasonable/retarded talking! Can’t see wise give me advice!
Sense from above, transmitted to me… “Humans don’t do good job without money!” Thanks you animals helped me decode thing! Maybe she’s not deaf!Blind spot helped her cover crime Sin, trying to piss me off without receipt, so she can keep the money without enter in!Good warning for Companies lost money, cos corrupted benefit!
Muslims fasting got many versions, having menstrual period can spare from fasting! Never lose weight, no repent till smoking! Eat and drink in toilets, their ‘Secret Weapon’ cos no one will notice! And doing ‘less work’ get somebody takes over doing more work! Bad m…