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Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut!

Good for blogging to address certain problems! Now working for the new technology after I complained (Share Buttons Not Working!) Somebody watching me! I blog “The Next Unlucky One!” mentioned ‘no air-con’ during (non-office hours, public holiday and weekends!) in an ‘enclosure area’ at OCBC Bank. Evaluate the result for a month – air-con ‘On!’ allow workers to breathe during their duties! It should be, else the company will be in deep trouble shit! – Air-con the greatest invention on earth for ‘stuffy’ area!I till carrying my portable fan at work, having ‘Psycho effect’ abused by the FTs! I almost murdered by them! Now, you people can feel the pains! – The heat burning your skin! Cursing you animals, everyday! Someone took a fire extinguisher to break open the glass ( Public anger mounts over train disruptions. (