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Our Practices On The Idiot, Worthless & The Wise!

The Idiot:
Fish the idiot (tempted) bring us joy! Play ‘Tug of War!’ Abundant in our society chasing for something! Need the idiots bring us profit!

The Worthless: Return her a favor spared her from harsh training. She had lost her pretty leg mixing with the bad! But she’s smart! She had the courage showing off and put effort, hanging on… Worthless in our harsh, harsh world! Unable sold her away, because no one like handicapped! – Imperfect! So, she remained in her nest!

Our Government always likes to promote they’ll care, they good… Just pick a few weak! Our Lessons For Your Future!

The Wise: His special character attracted me! He had potential to learn more things! He always listens with his attentive ears! I wised him up not be fooled again! Seeing him success, but he wasn’t happy. He didn’t like harsh things! He had thoughts! Environment can change us all… Now, he had mental trauma! – Living in hate! Sick of life, like me!
Dying on the edge… 死不瞑目样子Look dead with a grievance appearance wit…