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Last Meal...

Our family not important, our Government做事不理not helping us first! All ‘better’ jobs given to others! Don't expect many Aliens in Singapore will sincerely hire us, first!
I applied ‘Screening’ in airport (work close with people, not so lonely, lor!) But, CISCO offered me more Downgraded ‘Bai Xiu!’ MRT job! Hardly many our Chinese pigs working in (5 days work, 12 hours! Longer days, instead of 4! More tedious than foreigners in airport!) Ever seen (纸老虎!), ‘old’ Security woman wearing their space suit… alone checking foreigners’ big luggages around a table! Real… noisy animals charging towards you all day long, without queue! That’s job… lah! – My instinct told me “I learn nothing! Only smell laundry! (Singapore don’t have smart jobs, they don’t use smart dogs!) MRT toilets limited worst than all in Singapore… animals shitting lots!” – This’s how Singapore companies get rid you… offering more ‘Degraded’, more ‘stupid’ jobs, others don’t enjoy at all! We locals So Helpless…Without Hopes! More Downgraded ‘Bai Xiu!’

Why animals always gave me lonely sad… jobs?
Answers: No friends for you… hard to kill your time…make you more ‘retard’, encourage you die!

Truth fact in my life, alienated from the rest! Trained me be alone, keep things to my own! Sighing… feel like crying! “Everything wasted!” Always judged me by the past! Not my improvement! Singapore Education ‘terrible’ gave me, Nuts ‘Merit!Animals discriminated me again, healing my soul in IMH more than 10 years ago… a place for ‘Hopeless’… ‘Depression’ Gods healing their souls!Over-worked in sweat and study pains! Who will understand? What’s future we have?

Again, free advertising Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut!for millions times! Can’t help it! No happy news, only ‘Sad’ News! Stuck in same ‘old’ way! Break the curses! – ‘Kill…!’ Learn ‘Not respect lives’ in Singapore!
Actually, our government taught us eat ourselves! You can do experiments keeping pets (meat eaters!) Without giving any food and drink! All you need be patient… see them kill… eat their kind! Smell the sense of blood floating by! That’s the reality “No Gods can help them! Even you had did thousands, millions times!” Proof it to your children, help them mature faster! Our Singapore cruel..! ( Our Practices On The Idiot, Worthless & The Wise!)

No free meal for me. No ‘happy’ stable rice bowls... can feed your and mine family! Singapore parents (like mine!) till need to feed their children till they die! – Parents’ karma any how gave birth! 

Best describe of Singapore! “Got goodies they follow! No goodies they left their host! Many host always died of hard work, without known! All histories wasted, only for show!Never pray ancestors let their descendants suffered! What a joke! They had wasted their lives save the rich assholes 走狗, killed their kind!

Our Government sit too long... suffered dementia! No good ideas came from them, till invite more problems in! Theirs greediness didn’t choke them! Well-fed themselves, well! Do everything slow… 越吃越胖, 做什么事都慢! What you gained in health will slow… you down! Everything will be gone! That’s life!

Unlike my human mum, very generous though she’s poor. She will give me ‘fullhappy meal I hardly eaten on earth, only when she won money! 他怕我死了, 吃不到! 怕我吃不饱! 不怕我哽死了…!”
Wait patiently at Tampines st 84 around 11 or close mid-night, depend on her company set her free! If lucky you would see an old lady walk-like chimpanzee! She’ll lead you to me. Kill us, please! Tired to live! My life ruined, wasted! Animals are sent to kill!

Surveyed! 人喜欢看我痛苦的样子! Like seeing me, suffered! Always click my ‘Unhappylinks! Can you (Animals no morals!) click more on Love… Qing ! My achievement, my favorite! (They scared I destroyed all writers’ histories recorded! So, they don’t make my fame!)
I hate Singapore always killed my dreams, made my heart pains! Hope I die soon in my dreams, all come true…

Time short! Happiness will never last long! Enjoy every meal! Maybe your last meal!
Thank you! Singing for me!
Lonely… sad… birthday again, this month!


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