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‘Crazy Reporter Parrot’ Did Sin Again With Its Dogs!

I’m not a terrorist! Why block me and hide my comments! And spreading rumors, the facts any special occasions happened on Earth! ( Bullied at work! Now, cyber bullied by another Crazy Nuts Muslims, again! I don’t know her, but keep on pestering me! Why don’t ask her don’t disturb me!

Facebook should study 心理学 how to help people become racism! “Terrorists like her using it, now!” Are you trying helping me hate them even more, become racism? I don’t block others comments, like her! So…Despicable! Afraid her many idiots cannot judge! Fear I chat with others! So, destroyed my comments!

Why not visit my environment kill me and my family, since Singapore Government don’t really Care, since blogged 2010!

I’m healing my soul but animals try to provoke me! Sad! Wonder why Rain returned for many days! .... cos of ‘Crazy Reporter Parrot’ always gossips, spreading rumors and complaining me! Just because she hate my Blog! Funny others side ‘like’ my blog encouraging me to blog!

Who is she, your boss? Another rich-asshole bullying poor! Never will befriend with poor for long..! Wonder innocents had died silently! Cos they can’t speak! 

She tried to act special impress me!

Despicable Muslims attack! So, I talked in my Facebook page! Outside can invade in, cos I shared with public!

Next following day, my Facebook page Gone! Cos that Evil Crazy Bitch cannot take my lecture written for her! Waited days… Log In! Show me “Removed my Content, again!”

May I wrong encouraging ‘Sick people’ not to see doctors, that’s the result, lor! “So-called 'normal' tried to act good..! But, they’re spreading rumors! Think that’s really fun!” Doctors, I shouldn't listen to you, "Speak! Will make you feel better…"

Fasting Story! (Past Dream! Your Gods become me!) :

Your Gods had ‘Depression’ too, like me! So can see the future ‘bad’ things! – Food will run out, soon! Many will die! Cos many poor animals giving many lives! Many mouths to feed!

So, they want you all… practice ‘Starvation’ (Fasting!) have thoughts of the poor, pains! But, not many will practice it! Crimes will never extinct! Believe In Sin! (But to me is not Crime! It was their ‘Right!’ But somehow, animals will change it!)

A drop of ‘Gold’ from heaven! Everyone fighting it! 
Logically, humans are Animals! Just because they can walk with their feet, they called themselves ‘Humans!’

Religion kills… now behave ‘gossipmonger’八卦小人 gossip and promote rumors! Lesson learned “Don’t be friends with them! (Very petty minded! Very selfish, mainly care their own!) Dangerous spies attacked you, just one night!” They like ‘Piece’ for their enemies!

Learn ‘Copy and Paste’ especially involved Muslims! Why?
Answers: Muslims pretended kind! Can’t tolerate, and insulted others sick! They will destroy evidence! 好不到哪去! 

What’s this world? Hell! So bad… they’re taking Advantage of it!

Now, I found Singapore weakness, ‘Fear of Muslim-Community!’ Terrorists must be very happy! Can kill locals, whatever, one by one! Turn them hypocrites, racisms! Whatever! Who the actual roots created hates? Abuse came from those abused others! “No one will brave enough sincerely to talk! ‘Cyber Attacking!’ Create 内乱! So, all kingdoms will be yours!”

Simply, don’t play dirty games! No blog of Sin! I write for a reason, animals don’t give Peace! Who the next, after me?

They cyber bully, tried to make me lost interests, in games! Hidden my processing competing with other species! And gave me unhappy birthday this month, Last Meal...

Hibernate Myself! Again! Earth the Same! Despicable Animals destroyed everything!


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