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Hibernate Myself!

Heart broken animals always judge me the pass I deeply sick! Never treat me fair and square! Wasted my many trips! Always learn nothing, only retarded things by our bad leadership! – (Last Meal...) As a passenger I’ve died many times passing the front line! Something terribly wrong with their systems, locals out of jobs very long… cannot get good jobs! Singapore Government corrupted got its own networks help foreigners get better jobs easier than locals!

Our education didn’t help me get better jobs! Cannot fulfill dreams! Trained sleep less than six! Cos no one grants my wish, give me 8 hours five-days work week with reasonable salary and cool environment I hardly enjoy in! Every job I did very exhausting lacking of sleep… work until my feet numb, body pains! Almost got stroke, kidney failure, heart disease! Money earned not enough healing!

Every time made me feel jealous, curious, mad, envy…… others have! – Enjoyed in air-con, leh!

Hibernation again! Every times I sad! I can have, be anything! Everything so… spacious! Never grow old! Never feel bore and real… pains! Dream on… with my Magical mighty power control any! Patiently waiting… taking a good look, give me tips! Or, draw conclusions on whatever I dream!

Finally found someone, badly stress! Cute… interesting with logics! “Prepare living in Singapore, noises everywhere!”

Noises will make you crazy, kill you indeed! 在生不给我平静, 死了又来! “No noisy funeral for me!” Never be lucky surrounded by flats, schools… having peace! If many newly wed couples marry different days lasted for weeks, like any noisy wake! “Dong! Dong! Chang!” sounded like going to hell! Cruel… inconsiderate! So… uncivilized, horning and farting their noisy machines getting everybody attention! Then, you’ll suffer if you needed ‘day sleep badly!

These days, working shifts changed! Running Rotate! Don’t you idiots know?

Why no charge on me against Singapore government and bad animals since I blog in public?
Answers: I’m a good preacher, stated with facts! And the talent they preserved! Everyone fears me affected their followers! (Especially, those pretend good… advertising their gods, whatever!) So, they’ll simply 'block' me in public! Hide me forever! L

Lesson to all greenhorns! See! 人喜欢看人痛苦的样子! How despicable! 卑鄙! (Bei Bi) everywhere can be seen on Earth! Slaughtered by Noises, Traitors, Aliens in Singapore! Our Team Work get rid enemies in fast speed!
PM Lee also pretended care the old! Should FIRE him too! “Try send to him, no charge on me! He’s an idiot can't solve anything for me! Included his…. dogs! Corrupted Northeast CDC didn't help me get job quick! They pretend working! Fire them, too!” Never give up their seats, so… thick skin! (死坐位子, 真够厚脸皮!)

Our Singapore culture, No one deeply care! There will be no riots! Only bunch of idiots watch dogs… Hyenas laughing along, putting up shows! No Real Man In Singapore! No true Love… Qing !

What 东东, what 东西 said wanted to kill me for preaching! But during my Hibernation, my chimpanzee till alive… making noises barking at me, for long… sleep! – Healing my broken soul!

No bodyguard should easy kill me! Unlike, our important animals had many dogs following!

You know! I can have my Hibernation for very long……. if no one disturbs me! Free remedy without drug, forget pains!  Let your imagination have free rein! Kill my enemies in my dreams! Be real me! Control dreams!

Remember: No doctors can cure your ‘Sadness’, whatever!  They money! They’ll help ruined your future! I’m an example! 


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Devils Everywhere

Another Employability Camp by E2i, 5 days @ELITC (Preparation to work in cleanroom @Edwards Lifesciences. A lesson sew on paper to roughly understand the concept!) But no train us handle 'Discriminations' should include in future! - The longest the course, greater the pains! One month long holiday! Pass for certs. again. Not for job!

Having a wonderful 2 days tour visited Edwards Lifesciences (1st day sew cow skin, 2nd day sew fabrics). Affordable varieties of food my favor in a stylish clean spacious canteen! $17 NETS FlashPay card given, easy payments! But still got many workers brought their food placed in the canteen. (Like junk storeroom with colorful packaging!) Don’t they afraid Perverts (Devil Minded) poisoning their food to get… cancers, diseases? In return, helped Authorities gain more $profits when you sick! (Singapore too many bad news related to perverts!)

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No serious warning SIM Card inactive will charge fee!!! They just immobilized me due to no Top-up made!!!”

Made me tenser (confusing me) after received an email no solution to get back my number, simply replied "…you can walk in any hello shop to apply for a new prepaid card with SingTel." – Singtel did not update their customer's needs! (Repeated my story talking to different parties!) No instant email (took days… reply!)

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I got skin issues but looked normal. I don't have steady prints. My fingers prints will change after certain time. Good thing, I can change my identity! (Like, Secret Underworld Society) Disadvantages mainly at work, companies using Time Clock Fingerprint Sensor! 🙁 - 猪油 contamination! Unhygienic, everyone pressing on the same screen with naked skin! (Muslims ban it! I also don't like it.)

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